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53. Azores Airlines Rallye 2018

22. 3. – 24. 3. 2018, Ponta Delgada • gravel 207,44 km • Other years
ERC #1ERC 2 #1ERC 3 #1ERC Ladies #1ERC Junior U27 #1ERC Junior U28 #1Portugal #2Azores #1Portugal 2L/2WD #2
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X
Russian Performance Motorsport

Final results

25. overall - 21. class RC2 - 24. ERC - 2. ERC 2

Stage results

1. after
SS1Lagoa Stage2.14 km1:45.952.72.75.611:45.951.
SS2Vila Franca São Brás 117.08 km14:12.436.72.14.7215:58.337.
SS3Grupo Marques 13.95 km3:37.330.65.42.9619:35.632.
SS4Pico da Pedra Golfe 17.02 km4:53.331.86.23.7724:28.932.
SS5Feteiras MEO 17.46 km6:
SS6Sete Cidades 123.87 km19:02.530.75.24.8650:16.435.
SS7Pico da Pedra Golfe 27.02 km4:49.326.87.43.7955:05.730.
SS8Feteiras MEO 27.46 km6:06.625.73.35.381:01:12.328.
SS9Sete Cidades 223.87 km18:58.826.75.55.991:20:11.125.
2. leg
SS10Graminhais 121.28 km16:37.335.76.84.801:36:48.425.
SS11Tronqueira 121.99 km19:
SS12Grupo Marques 23.95 km3:
SS13Vila Franca São Brás 217.08 km13:55.427.73.63.952:13:58.024.
"Good. Last loop, but the gap is really small. I don't want to end like last year, but I want to both finish and win the rally."
SS14Graminhais 221.28 km16:48.527.76.06.002:30:46.524.
SS15Tronqueira 221.99 km23:
Driving slowly trough the stage
"We hit a rock in the same place where Lucas went off last year. I was affraid we lost a wheel but we are here."

Entry photos from this event