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53. Azores Airlines Rallye 2018

22. 3. – 24. 3. 2018, Ponta Delgada • gravel 207,44 km • Other years
ERC #1ERC 2 #1ERC 3 #1ERC Ladies #1ERC Junior U27 #1ERC Junior U28 #1Portugal #2Azores #1Portugal 2L/2WD #2
Ford Fiesta R5
K5 R55
Tiger Energy Drink Rally Team

Final results

33. overall - 24. class RC2 - 29. ERC - 7. ERC Junior U28

Stage results

1. after
SS1Lagoa Stage2.14 km1:37.318.79.21.591:37.318.
SS2Vila Franca São Brás 117.08 km13:24.717.76.41.9315:02.017.
SS3Grupo Marques 13.95 km3:29.910.67.71.0918:31.915.
SS4Pico da Pedra Golfe 17.02 km4:41.321.89.82.0723:13.216.
"It was quite good, not perfect, but we are still in the game."
SS5Feteiras MEO 17.46 km5:52.616.76.22.6729:05.818.
SS6Sete Cidades 123.87 km18:00.314.79.52.2547:06.116.
SS7Pico da Pedra Golfe 27.02 km4:
" I'm not happy because I know I can do better. We will see, I don't want to push and do some mistake."
SS8Feteiras MEO 27.46 km5:
SS9Sete Cidades 223.87 km38:
Rolled and blocked the road
"What can I say, I'm very sorry for guys behind. We had a roll. It seems the car is working good so we will go to service and check the car."
2. leg
SS10Graminhais 121.28 km15:55.719.80.22.851:51:54.947.
SS11Tronqueira 121.99 km18:50.820.70.02.302:10:45.743.
SS12Grupo Marques 23.95 km3:
SS13Vila Franca São Brás 217.08 km13:18.816.77.01.802:27:32.339.
SS14Graminhais 221.28 km15:59.920.79.83.712:43:32.236.
SS15Tronqueira 221.99 km19:09.422.68.94.223:03:01.633.
Penalty 0:20 - Late (2 min) at TC
"It was hard weekend for me. In the last loop I had problems with overheating brakes. Good experience for next rally, incredibly tough rally."

Entry photos from this event