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53. Azores Airlines Rallye 2018

22. 3. – 24. 3. 2018, Ponta Delgada • gravel 207,44 km • Other years
ERC #1ERC 2 #1ERC 3 #1ERC Ladies #1ERC Junior U27 #1ERC Junior U28 #1Portugal #2Azores #1Portugal 2L/2WD #2
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SS15 Tronqueira 2 - 21.99 km - (GMT+1 18:18 - 24. 3. 2018)

Botelho Rafael
- Raimundo Rui

Citroën DS3 R3T
Neto Paulo
- Oliveira V.

Citroën DS3 R3T Max
Antunes Gil
- Correia Diogo

Renault Clio RS R3T
Botelho R.
- Raimundo R.

Citroën DS3 R3T
Neto Paulo
- Oliveira V.

Citroën DS3 R3T Max
Antunes Gil
- Correia Diogo

Renault Clio RS R3T


#12flagKoči Martin
- Schovánek Filip
iconŠkoda Fabia R5Lost wheel
#44flagWagner Simon
- Winter Gerald
iconPeugeot 208 R2Mechanical


#21flagKasperczyk Tomasz
- Syty Damian
iconFord Fiesta R50:20 Late (2 min) at TC


flagVita Mattia - Ometto Pietro Elia
"Great package of experience. Very difficult rally for me, first time on gravel, but I'm happy."
flagAlonso Juan Carlos - Monasterolo Juan Pablo
"Very happy for the crew which never gives up. We pushed every stage and this is the result. Thanks to my codriver, great during the whole weekend. We are happy."
flagKasperczyk Tomasz - Syty Damian
"It was hard weekend for me. In the last loop I had problems with overheating brakes. Good experience for next rally, incredibly tough rally."
flagLlarena Efrén - Fernández Sara
"What a weekend, we are crazy, we tried full attack now, but I think it was poor. Yes, we did it."
flagPtaszek Hubert - Szczepaniak Maciej
"I did big mistake. So slow corner and I went flat out, we hit a wall."
flagNobre Paulo - Morales Gabriel
"The accident in shakedown was good for us because if it wouldn't happen there, it would com later in the rally. It woke up us. many thanks for our team."
flagMonteiro Aloísio - Couceiro André
"It was a very tough weekend for us. Yesterday we improved lot of positions, but today we lost the front diffeential so it was very tough."
flagRemennik Sergey - Rozin Mark
"We hit a rock in the same place where Lucas went off last year. I was affraid we lost a wheel but we are here."
flagGago Diogo - Ramalho Miguel
"We did it again, so happy with this victory, I'm proud of my team, sponsors and co-driver, we worked hard to win here and we did it."
flagWagner Simon - Winter Gerald
Mechanical in road section
flagRemennik Sergey - Rozin Mark
Driving slowly trough the stage
flagMolinaro Tamara - Wydaeghe Martijn
"We got a puncture, there was a big stone in the line, we couldn't do anything about that."
flagSesks Mārtiņš - Francis Renars
"I had only first and second gear in the end of the stage."
flagKreim Fabian - Christian Frank
"Today was quite good. Our tyres are done, so it was slippery, but really good experience. We go step by step."
flagHerczig Norbert - Ferencz Ramón
"We are really happy we could finish this difficult rally. We went step by step and learnt a lot about these stages."
flagHabaj Łukasz - Dymurski Daniel
"This year was much toucgher for us. I'm really happy to be in the finish because we had quite a lot problems. The competition was hard, but we keep trying, this was difficult rally for us."
flagFontes José Pedro - Babo Paulo
"It was OK, I came here to get some confidence because last year I had big crash, but it went well and I look forward to rallies in our championship."
flagTeodósio Ricardo - Teixeira José
"We have a problem with the car now, the shifting is not working, also the rear diff is not working anymore. But we are here."
flagRego Jr. Luís - Henriques Jorge
"It was a good rally, not easy, we had some problems, but we are happy with the result in our champuinship. Thanks to my team and my co-driver."
flagLoubet Pierre-Louis - Landais Vincent
"It was a good afternoon, in the end we had a pop-off problem. We have to learn and next year it will be better."
flagLukyanuk Alexey - Arnautov Alexey
" I was so happy that I made some donuts before the end. Thanks to my team, my sponsors, they all did really great job. We will try to do our best and be clever."
flagMoura Ricardo - Costa António
"I think Alexey did great rally, he deserves it. We had some issues but we managed driving this car, for us it's quite nice, congratulations to Alex."
flagMagalhães Bruno - Magalhães Hugo
"The tyres were not correct, we are on slicks now. It was not possible to do better. It was good rally, unfortunately some small things didn't went good, but I showed my pace. I can do better but I'm quite happy."
flagIngram Chris - Whittock Ross
"Martin ripped off the wheel. Good stage for us, we were under pressure to be honest, but it was a good rally. I'm really happy with the result."
flagÅhlin Fredrik - Sjöberg Joakim
"It's good, this result is a good start to the year. We had a good weekend, I'm quite happy."
flagYates Rhys - Edmondson Elliott
"It's been really good weekend. We had few spins, but we really enjoyed it. Very tricky rally."
flagVieira Carlos - Carvalho Jorge Eduardo
" Today we were opening the road. The most important was to finish the rally and score points to the national championship."

Other info

Stage delayed one hour

Ingram SS11
Avcioglu SS11
Larsen SS11
Sousa SS10
Kasperczyk SS9
Habaj SS8