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26. Kennards Hire Rally Australia 2017

17. 11. – 19. 11. 2017, Coffs Harbour • gravel 318,16 km - (cancelled 30,89 km) • Other years
WRC #13WRC 2 #13WRC Trophy #13WRC 3 #13
Citroën C3 WRC
Citroën Total Abu Dhabi WRT

Entry photos from this event


Stage results

1. legTimePos.km/hs/kmOverallPos. after
SS1Pilbara I9.71 km5:
"Okay, but it took me too long to get started in here. The stage time is in the ball park, we'll keep the push on."
SS2Eastbank I18.92 km10:
"You need big confidence here, big Kahunas! You have to push as hard as you can. We need to keep pushing to get a good position for tomorrow."
SS3Sherwood I26.59 km12:
"That was awesome. When it all comes together it's just absolutely perfect. I love what I do."
SS4Pilbara II9.71 km5:
I think it happened near the start. I have four hard tyres and one soft - that tyre was coming off anyway. I'm really happy with my choice for the whole loop."
SS5Eastbank II18.92 km9:
"Not really satisfied, I had to leave the soft tyre on for this stage."
SS6Sherwood II26.59 km12:
“I had a fairly huge jump near the end," he explains. "I had a bad feeling near the start, a bad vibration, I hit a bale."
SS7SSS Destination NSW I1.27 km1:
SS8SSS Destination NSW II1.27 km1:
"I made a silly mistake on the first pass but that was much better. We've had a couple of things go against us this afternoon but otherwise for our first day down under no so bad."
2. leg
SS9Nambucca1748.89 km27:
"Feeling great. The grip was good but it's my first time here so I couldn't show my full potential." / "Jedu tu poprvé, tak se ode mě nedají čekat zázraky."
SS10Newry17 I20.86 km12:
"I really enjoyed it. The last 10km were familiar, a much better flow than Nambucca and fully dry."
SS11SSS Raceway1.37 km1:
"It's been an okay morning, but you can't beat experience here."
SS12Welshs Creek33.49 km17:
"Not so bad. The end of the stage - the last 2km - was a little messy but overall not so bad."
SS13Argents Hill12.33 km6:
“I wasn't as committed in that one. Also I had a butterfly in front of me for much of the stage - all part of the jungle experience."
SS14Newry17 II 20.86 kmStage cancelled
SS15SSS Destination NSW III1.27 km1:
SS16SSS Destination NSW IV1.27 km1:
3. leg
SS17Pilbara Reverse I10.03 km5:
"The rain is starting to come down really heavily in the stage now. The next stage should be a bit more consistent for everybody." / "Začalo opravdu hodně pršet, další zkouška bude férovější pro všechny."
SS18Bucca16 31.90 kmRolled
WRC TV crew reports a stop for Breen in the early section. He has rolled.
SS20Pilbara Reverse II 10.03 kmStage cancelled
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