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35. ADAC Rallye Deutschland 2017

17. 8. – 20. 8. 2017, Bostalsee • asphalt 309,17 km • Other years
WRC #10WRC 2 #10WRC Trophy #10JWRC #5WRC 3 #10
Škoda Fabia R5
BRR Baumschlager Rallye & Racing Team

Final results

17. overall - 8. class RC2 - 17. WRC - 8. WRC 2

Stage results

1. after
SS1SSS Saarbrücken2.05 km2:
"I'm really happy to be able to open this stage. So many people here. I think my soft tyres were done after one and a half laps."
SS2SSS Wadern-Weiskirchen I9.27 km5:40.422.98.03.047:55.619.
SS3Mittelmosel I22.00 km13:
SS4Grafschaft I18.35 km11:31.915.95.52.2733:26.517.
"That was okay. Running much better on two hard tyres crossed." / "Mnohem lepší, máme dvě tvrdé do kříže."
SS5SSS Wadern-Weiskirchen II9.27 km5:
SS6Mittelmosel II22.00 km14:
SS7Grafschaft II18.35 km12:12.718.90.23.121:05:39.415.
SS8SSS Wadern-Weiskirchen III9.27 km6:21.420.87.52.861:12:00.814.
2. leg
SS9SSS Arena Panzerplatte I2.87 km1:
SS10Panzerplatte I41.97 km29:25.540.85.66.811:43:20.321.
stopped. EDIT: moving again / zastavil, pokračuje
"I got a front-right puncture. When I realised I went off and got stuck in a ditch." / "Defekt PP. Když jsem si to uvědomil, šli jsme ven a zůstali v příkopu."
SS11Freisen I14.78 km9:37.417.92.22.541:52:57.720.
"Good. A nice rhythm and I pushed more. The pressure is off me now."
SS12Römerstraße I12.28 km6:46.516.108.82.651:59:44.220.
SS13SSS Arena Panzerplatte II2.87 km1:52.322.92.03.142:01:36.520.
SS14SSS Arena Panzerplatte III2.87 km1:51.921.92.32.962:03:28.420.
SS15Panzerplatte II41.97 km25:27.815.98.92.282:28:56.218.
puncture / defekt
SS16Freisen II14.78 km9:24.319.94.32.672:38:20.518.
SS17Römerstraße II12.28 km6:
3. leg
SS18Losheim am See I13.02 km7:
SS19St. Wendeler Land I12.95 km6:56.314.112.02.612:59:09.917.
SS20Losheim am See II13.02 km7:00.516.111.52.393:06:10.417.
"A good one. Close to the fastest time so I am happy." / "Dobré, čas blízko těm nejlepším, jsem spokojen."
SS21St. Wendeler Land II [Power Stage]12.95 km6:

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