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57. Rallye d'Antibes - Côte d'Azur 2022

TER #2Alps Rally Trophy #3TER 2WD #2TER Junior #2TER Ladies #2TER Production #2France Tarmac #3Amateur Trophy (F) #3Amateur Trophy Premium (F) #3
21. 5. – 22. 5. 2022, Antibes • ASA Antibes • asphalt 210.69 km • total distance including road sections - 664.35 km • Other years
France Tarmac
France Tarmac 2WD
Amateur Trophy (F)
Women (F)
Clio Trophy France Tarmac
Amateur Trophy Premium (F)
Alps Rally Trophy
TER Junior
TER Production
TER Ladies
Alpine Trophy (F)
The best time
Run #1
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Run #3
Run #4
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Saint-Martin-du-Var − 3.35 km − 09:00 - 20. 5.


1.#4flagBonato Yoann
- Boulloud Benjamin
iconCitroën C3 Rally22:03.12:03.12:01.42:02.1
2.#2flagGiordano Quentin
- Parent Kévin
iconVolkswagen Polo GTI R52:03.82:03.12:02.2
3.#5flagRoché Pierre
- Malfoy Andy
iconCitroën C3 Rally22:06.32:06.32:03.1
4.#1flagCiamin Nicolas
- Roche Yannick
iconHyundai i20 N Rally22:06.42:04.32:03.52:03.1
5.#6flagWagner William
- Millet Kévin
iconVolkswagen Polo GTI R52:06.62:03.32:03.22:09.9
6.#9flagMargaillan Hugo
- Marsault Laëtitia
iconCitroën C3 Rally22:06.72:05.12:04.02:03.2
7.#3flagRobert Cédric
- Duval Matthieu
iconAlpine A110 Rally RGT2:07.52:05.22:05.72:06.2
8.#8flagBernardi Florian
- Combe Geoffrey
iconFord Fiesta Rally22:08.72:06.4
9.#7flagSaunier Julien
- Vauclare Frédéric
iconAlpine A110 Rally RGT2:19.62:12.92:11.82:07.2
10.#10flagRouillard Patrick
- Gamboni Cédric
iconVolkswagen Polo GTI R52:10.42:11.52:08.92:07.6
11.#21flagFontalba Grégory
- Hermet Stéphan
iconAlpine A110 Rally RGT3:03.52:10.12:09.52:08.5
12.#11flagCasciani Frédérik
- Delaplanche V.
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo2:10.82:10.02:08.8
13.#12flagCasier Bernd
- Vyncke Pieter
iconFord Fiesta Rally22:12.32:09.02:09.9
14.#15flagFernandes Steve
- Leroy Christophe
iconŠkoda Fabia R52:13.62:11.62:09.6
15.#28flagDi Fante Romain
- Chiappe Patrick
iconRenault Clio Rally42:17.12:12.72:14.02:11.4
16.#25flagBaffoun Philippe
- Quartini Charlyne
iconAlpine A110 Rally RGT2:26.52:11.72:14.22:12.8
17.#89flagCalascione Fabrice
- Toppi Anthony
iconPeugeot 306 Maxi2:17.72:14.12:11.82:12.2
18.#75flagGodard Ludovic
- Mahinc Enzo
iconRenault Clio III RS2:23.82:24.92:16.72:15.2
19.#34flagPieri Tom
- Borderie Amandine
iconRenault Clio Rally52:19.82:17.42:16.82:16.3
20.#19flagYoung Rory
- Cathers Allan
iconFord Fiesta Rally22:21.12:19.82:18.62:17.0
21.#20flagRaymond Cyril
- Salmon Valentin
iconAlpine A110 Rally RGT2:17.2
22.#33flagChauffray T.
- Chauffray-Vaultier P.
iconRenault Clio Rally52:21.42:21.42:18.12:19.3
23.#29flagRumeau Sarah
- Amblard Julie
iconOpel Corsa Rally42:28.72:25.12:20.12:18.3
24.#36flagMagnou Patrick
- Vilanova Anthony
iconRenault Clio Rally52:21.82:19.12:20.22:18.3
25.#51flagAscenzi Valentin
- Silvestre Corentin
iconRenault Clio Rally52:22.62:19.02:18.82:19.1
26.#42flagClairay Yann
- De Turckheim Gilles
iconRenault Clio Rally52:22.32:19.02:18.9
27.#22flagLambert Yoann
- Therry Patrick
iconAlpine A110 Rally RGT2:47.42:20.62:19.12:19.1
28.#35flagJuif Styve
- Biegalke Maxime
iconRenault Clio Rally52:25.82:19.52:23.4
29.#40flagStirling Benjamin
- Wehrey Florence
iconRenault Clio Rally52:26.62:20.82:19.52:19.6
30.#16flagNiboli Simone
- Brunetti Battista
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo2:24.42:20.2
31.#37flagCorberand Yoan
- Faivre Emeline
iconRenault Clio Rally52:28.92:25.62:23.12:21.1
32.#52flagConstant Louis
- Coppa Mathieu
iconRenault Clio Rally52:30.92:23.22:21.92:21.1
33.#41flagFostier Romain
- Abchiche Ophélie
iconRenault Clio Rally52:27.02:24.22:21.3
34.#38flagSarhy Jérémy
- Declerck Loïc
iconRenault Clio Rally53:47.42:23.12:22.42:21.4
35.#55flagRoché Arthur
- Faure Julie
iconRenault Clio Rally52:34.62:31.12:21.9
36.#57flagFrancisci Yannick
- Vinciguerra L.
iconRenault Clio Rally52:25.42:22.1
37.#70flagSpitalier Patrice
- Spitalier Nicolas
iconRenault Clio Rally52:33.22:28.32:26.52:23.9
38.#66flagDehni Elias
- Maroun Rony
iconRenault Clio Rally52:30.72:26.92:24.1
39.#30flagDalmasso Pauline
- Delon Marine
iconRenault Clio Rally42:33.62:25.72:25.92:24.2
40.#31flagBregeon Julien
- Arrivé Amélie
iconRenault Clio Rally42:29.12:25.52:25.4
41.#100flagCalzia Simone
- Filicicchia Fabrizio
iconPeugeot 208 R22:30.12:25.8
42.#39flagMyr Louis
- Flajolet Camille
iconRenault Clio Rally52:29.62:27.42:25.9
43.#47flagBaltolu Pierre-Paul
- Bellotti Lucas
iconRenault Clio Rally52:31.72:28.82:26.0
44.#99flagAnassarette Gianni
- Moncada A.
iconPeugeot 208 R22:33.12:29.52:26.22:26.2
45.#60flagBarnouin Benjamin
- Avon Lionel
iconRenault Clio Rally52:29.42:26.4
46.#86flagDommerdich Sébastien
- James Jessica
iconPeugeot 306 S162:31.62:26.5
47.#95flagGoetz Kévin
- Simonet Charlotte
iconPeugeot 207 RC R3T2:30.82:26.7
48.#104flagRumebe Jérémy
- Bou-Meunier C.
iconPeugeot 208 R22:31.32:28.52:28.52:26.7
49.#32flagRota Rémy
- Biagetti Loan
iconRenault Clio Rally42:34.12:30.12:26.82:27.7
50.#98flagBarré Simon
- Peccolo Kévin
iconPeugeot 208 R22:36.52:35.12:29.32:26.8
51.#65flagPicchioni Florian
- Bellavarde M.
iconRenault Clio Rally52:31.22:29.42:27.4
52.#73flagBonche Mathieu
- Boiron Pierre
iconRenault Clio Rally52:39.92:35.12:27.6
53.#56flagRoyère Eric
- Dini Gilbert
iconRenault Clio Rally52:35.02:29.32:27.6
54.#43flagRambaud Sébastien
- Maillefert A.
iconRenault Clio Rally52:27.9
55.#103flagRiu Jérémy
- Bernardi Marc
iconPeugeot 208 R23:23.02:28.82:30.12:30.2
56.#71flagPatenotte Dominique
- Gandre Romain
iconRenault Clio Rally52:31.82:31.02:28.8
57.#102flagHayek Albert
- Sakr Louai
iconPeugeot 208 R22:40.32:31.92:29.0
58.#74flagLattion Sarah
- Greppin Charlène
iconRenault Clio Rally52:29.72:30.42:29.2
59.#69flagPassaquet Maxence
- Damian Michel
iconRenault Clio Rally52:37.52:33.32:29.3
60.#48flagLucotte Enzo
- Desrayaud Candice
iconRenault Clio Rally52:33.72:29.5
61.#44flagBonnet Guillaume
- Santini Cédric
iconRenault Clio Rally52:32.72:29.7
62.#27flagVidueira Mireille
- Michelier A.
iconFord Fiesta Rally32:33.82:30.0
63.#67flagViano A.
- Simonpieri-Bourgeois S.
iconRenault Clio Rally52:36.42:32.2
64.#46flagLucas Calvin
- Houry Amandine
iconRenault Clio Rally52:37.62:38.42:32.52:33.2
65.#61flagJanny Sylvain
- Guy Mireille
iconRenault Clio Rally52:42.82:34.9
66.#72flagSuzzarini Matthieu
- Postel Sonny
iconRenault Clio Rally52:36.0
67.#50flagApchie Théo
- Vedrine Aurélie
iconRenault Clio Rally52:44.72:47.82:43.2
68.#82flagRoger Quentin
- Poillon Alysée
iconPeugeot 208 R23:01.12:50.42:47.82:48.0
Rallye Antibes 2022
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