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37. International Rally of the Lakes 2016

30. 4. – 1. 5. 2016, Killarney • asphalt • Other years
Celtic Rally Trophy #2Ireland Tarmac #4Ireland Historic #4Ireland Tarmac Modified #4
The results are combined International, National and Historic categories.
Škoda Fabia S2000
KI 205 DH

Final results

19. overall - 8. class 5 - 9. Ireland Tarmac - 10. Celtic Rally Trophy

Stage results

1. after
SS10.00 km11:26.639.0.011:26.638.
SS20.00 km11:59.436.0.023:26.032.
SS30.00 km11:40.544.0.035:06.530.
SS40.00 km11:37.735.0.046:44.227.
SS50.00 km6:13.547.0.052:57.728.
SS60.00 km5:
SS70.00 km6:00.932.0.01:04:48.628.
SS80.00 km5:41.845.0.01:10:30.429.
2. leg
SS90.00 km10:
SS100.00 km9:44.623.0.01:30:25.226.
SS110.00 km7:57.919.0.01:38:23.122.
SS120.00 km9:51.520.0.01:48:14.623.
SS130.00 km9:
SS140.00 km7:51.416.0.02:05:46.020.
SS150.00 km7:37.620.0.02:13:23.618.
SS160.00 km7:52.319.0.02:21:15.919.