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Rally Liepāja 2017

6. 10. – 8. 10. 2017, Liepāja • gravel 157,28 km • Other years
ERC #8ERC 2 #8ERC 3 #8ERC Ladies #8ERC Junior U27 #6ERC Junior U28 #6
Ford Fiesta R5
Neiksans Rally Sport

Stage results

1. Leg
Special after
SS1Optibet 1 (Kazdanga)11.49 km6: 
"When we were going to the stage something happened to the car. We have to go through the three stages and get to the service. The engine is in a safe mode."
SS2LDZ Cargo 1 (Laidi)14.90 km7:35.512.117.82.8213:59.712.arrow
"There is something wrong with the electronic, we just need to get to the service and hopefully we restart everything."
SS3Ramirent14.49 km7:31.411.115.63.0521:31.112. 
Retired (electrical problems) -> Rally2
SS4Optibet 2 (Kazdanga)11.49 km12:
SS5LDZ Cargo 2 (Laidi)13.50 km13:21.834.60.631.1147:27.934. 
SS6Liepāja City Stage 11.69 km8:28.332.12.0248.5255:56.232.arrow
SS7Liepāja City Stage 21.69 km8:28.732.12.0248.521:04:24.932. 
2. Leg
Special after
SS8Castrol EDGE Supercar 1 (Priekule)21.59 km12:
"There was a problem with one sensor yesterday, we retired having no power. We are getting used to it again today."
SS9Canon Biznesa Centrs-IB serviss 1 (Podnieki)6.44 km3:
" The stage was good, the car is perfect, nothing to complain."
SS10Neste 1 (Vecpils)15.07 km7: 
SS11Castrol EDGE Supercar 2 (Priekule)18.53 km9: 
SS12Canon Biznesa Centrs-IB serviss 2 (Podnieki)11.33 km6:
SS13Neste 2 (Vecpils)15.07 km7:

Entry photos from this event

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