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26. Rajd Rzeszowski 2017

3. 8. – 5. 8. 2017, Rzeszów • asphalt 214,63 km • Other years
ERC #5ERC 2 #5ERC 3 #5ERC Ladies #5ERC Junior U27 #3ERC Junior U28 #3CEZ #5Poland #3Poland 2WD #3
Škoda Fabia R5
01R 0352
ACCR Czech Team

Final results

12. overall - 12. class RC2 - 12. ERC - 5. CEZ - 6. ERC Junior U28

Stage results

1. after
SS1Grudna 123.83 km12:51.713.111.21.7412:51.713.
" I'm not happy with the pacenotes, we are too slow. There is some dirt and lot of crests, if you are not confident on this here you can't be quick."
SS2Pstrągowa 124.56 km13:59.417.105.32.0626:51.112.
SS3Grudna 223.83 km12:36.313.113.41.3339:27.412.
"It was better for sure, but with only 30 minutes service you can not change everything. We need to improve more."
SS4Pstrągowa 224.56 km13:52.816.106.22.1653:20.212.
"The second loop was better, but wothout correct pacenotes it's impossible to get faster. Over the night we have to check the recce onboards and correct the pacenotes."
SS5Rzeszów4.05 km3:
2. leg
SS6Lubenia 122.55 km13:
SS7Korczyna 116.05 km9:20.911.103.01.231:19:24.410.
SS8Wysoka 118.30 km10:49.815.101.42.381:30:14.212.
SS9Lubenia 222.55 km13:13.312.102.31.141:43:27.511.
"I don't feel confidence, my driving is not good. Good experience but the times are rally bad."
SS10Korczyna 216.05 km9:
SS11Wysoka 218.30 km10:36.614.103.51.772:03:27.312.
"We learned a lot, but we are not happy with the results. Before the rally we wanted to be on the junior podium, but we are the last ones. But we know where is the problem. Now we will prepare everything for the Barum rally."

Entry photos from this event