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Rally Liepāja 2016

16. 9. – 18. 9. 2016, Liepāja • gravel 203,60 km • Other years
ERC #9ERC 2 #9ERC 3 #9ERC Junior #6ERC Ladies #9
Peugeot 208 R2
Ritmus ASE

Stage results

1. after
SS1Kuldīga (Padure) 112.70 km7:59.538.95.36.807:59.538.
SS2Castrol Edge Supercar (Īvande)17.89 km11:07.837.96.46.7219:07.337.
SS3Neste (Alsunga) 128.75 km17:
First time on gravel, so I have to learn. We didn't have test before the rally, so it's difficult. But I enjoy it.
SS4Neste (Alsunga)227.40 km16:13.334.101.37.2252:34.834.
SS5Kuldīga (Padure) 212.70 km7:58.633.95.57.101:00:33.433.
SS6Great Amber (asfalt) 11.67 km1:
SS7Great Amber (asfalt) 21.67 km1:
2. leg (Podnieki) 110.29 km6:50.836.90.27.121:10:53.633.
SS9Liepāja Iedvesmo (Tebra) 117.07 km10:48.332.94.87.151:21:41.930.
SS10NPK Expert (Vecpils) 123.05 km14: (Podnieki) 2 10.29 kmMechanical