Marián Pilárik - Peter Šafár - Int. Rallye Tatry 1988
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20. Int. Rallye Tatry 1988

16. 9. – 18. 9. 1988, Poprad • asphalt - gravel • Other years
CoPaF #4
CoPaF teams result : 1.Czechoslovakia, 2.USSR, 3.Bulgaria, 4.Hungaria, 5.East Germany. Romania and Poland did not finish.
Škoda 130 L

Stage results

1. after
SS10.00 km2:
SS20.00 km6:
SS30.00 km3:
SS40.00 km4:
SS50.00 km7:
SS60.00 km7:
SS70.00 km6:
SS80.00 km4:
SS90.00 km3:
SS100.00 km9:
SS110.00 km2:
SS120.00 km4:
SS130.00 km7:
SS140.00 km7:
SS150.00 km8:
SS160.00 km5:
SS170.00 km5:
SS180.00 km4:
SS190.00 km7:
SS200.00 km8:
SS210.00 km10:
SS220.00 km5:
SS230.00 km3:
Penalty 1:00
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