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Ford Escort WRC


Chassis #WRC-300

Previous owners:
Tamás Szeleczky - 1998
flag WRC-300
Home built Escort WRC, built at the end of 1997 or early 1998, based on Szeleczky's Gr.A Escort Cosworth from 1997, with WRC parts and engine.
Engine is 2000 specification, rear suspension is WRC, front is Gr.A (1996-97).
The car has an old 6-speed gearbox, and no active differential.

A German collector bought the car in 2011 (or 2012) for his collection, the car placed between an ex-McRae Focus WRC and an ex-Sainz Escort Gr.A.

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Starts total: 42
Retirements: 26 (61.9 %)
Total victories: 1 (2.4 %) Show winning events
Podiums: 9 (21.4 %)
First victory:Allianz Hungária Rallye 2001
First podium: Rallye Prešov 1999
Best result (first time): 1. – Allianz Hungária Rallye 2001
First event: Rallye VSŽ Košice 1998
First finished event: Rallye Prešov 1999
Last event: AKÁCMÉZES & RUTIN Baranya Kupa 2011
Last finished event: Szilveszter Rally 2006
Stage wins: 1
First stage win:Mikona Rally 2000, SS3 Koliba 1