57. Vodafone Rally de Portugal 2024

WRC #5WRC2 #5WRC2 Challenger #5WRC3 #5WRC Masters Cup #5Portugal #4Portugal 2RM #4
9. 5. – 12. 5. 2024, Matosinhos • Automóvel Club de Portugal • gravel 337.04 km • total distance including road sections - 1690.12 km • Other years
WRC2 Challenger
WRC Masters Cup
Portugal 2RM
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Run #4
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Baltar − 4.61 km − 08:01 - 9. 5.


1. #6 flag Sordo Dani
- Carrera Cándido
icon Hyundai i20 N Rally1 Hybrid 2:53.12:51.22:53.0
2. #8 flag Tänak Ott
- Järveoja Martin
icon Hyundai i20 N Rally1 Hybrid 2:54.52:51.710:00.0
3. #11 flag Neuville Thierry
- Wydaeghe M.
icon Hyundai i20 N Rally1 Hybrid 2:55.22:52.110:00.0
4. #17 flag Ogier Sébastien
- Landais V.
icon Toyota GR Yaris Rally1 Hybrid 2:56.12:52.22:56.0
5. #16 flag Fourmaux Adrien
- Coria Alexandre
icon Ford Puma Rally1 Hybrid 2:57.42:53.810:00.02:52.3
6. #18 flag Katsuta Takamoto
- Johnston Aaron
icon Toyota GR Yaris Rally1 Hybrid 2:54.22:52.410:00.0
7. #69 flag Rovanperä Kalle
- Halttunen J.
icon Toyota GR Yaris Rally1 Hybrid 2:52.72:53.32:53.5
8. #33 flag Evans Elfyn
- Martin Scott
icon Toyota GR Yaris Rally1 Hybrid 2:55.92:52.710:00.0
9. #13 flag Munster Grégoire
- Louka Louis
icon Ford Puma Rally1 Hybrid 2:58.62:56.210:00.0
10. #22 flag Greensmith Gus
- Andersson Jonas
icon Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 2:57.7
11. #31 flag Loubet Pierre-Louis
- Pascaud L.
icon Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 3:00.72:58.0
12. #20 flag Solberg Oliver
- Edmondson E.
icon Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 2:58.5
13. #24 flag Pajari Sami
- Mälkönen Enni
icon Toyota GR Yaris Rally2 3:00.1
14. #27 flag Korhonen Roope
- Viinikka Anssi
icon Toyota GR Yaris Rally2 3:03.93:00.3
15. #38 flag McErlean Josh
- Fulton James
icon Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 3:00.4
16. #35 flag Meeke Kris
- Loudon Stuart
icon Hyundai i20 N Rally2 3:00.4
17. #32 flag Suninen Teemu
- Markkula Mikko
icon Hyundai i20 N Rally2 3:00.6
18. #36 flag Zaldivar F.
- Der Ohannesian M.
icon Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 3:00.7
19. #25 flag Gryazin Nikolay
- Aleksandrov K.
icon Citroën C3 Rally2 3:00.9
20. #29 flag Joona Lauri
- Hussi Janni
icon Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 3:01.2
21. #43 flag Teodósio Ricardo
- Teixeira J.
icon Hyundai i20 N Rally2 3:05.23:01.3
22. #21 flag Rossel Yohan
- Dunand Arnaud
icon Citroën C3 Rally2 3:01.53:04.2
23. #34 flag Bulacia Marco
- Vallejo Diego
icon Citroën C3 Rally2 3:03.93:01.8
24. #28 flag Solans Jan
- Sanjuan Rodrigo
icon Toyota GR Yaris Rally2 4:36.83:02.5
25. #39 flag Creighton William
- Regan Liam
icon Ford Fiesta Rally2 3:05.33:04.23:02.8
26. #37 flag Kogure Hikaru
- Luhtinen Topi
icon Toyota GR Yaris Rally2 3:10.03:04.1
27. #26 flag Linnamäe Georg
- Morgan James
icon Toyota GR Yaris Rally2 3:04.2
28. #46 flag Bates Lewis
- McLoughlin Anthony
icon Toyota GR Yaris Rally2 3:11.43:04.3
29. #53 flag Mauro Sánchez A.
- Pérez Fernández A.
icon Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 3:23.03:05.8
30. #41 flag Araújo Armindo
- Ramalho Luís
icon Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 3:10.23:06.7
31. #45 flag Daprà Roberto
- Guglielmetti L.
icon Škoda Fabia Rally2 evo 3:10.13:06.7
32. #30 flag Yamamoto Yuki
- Salminen Marko
icon Toyota GR Yaris Rally2 3:06.8
33. #48 flag Almeida Pedro
- Castro Mário
icon Škoda Fabia Rally2 evo 3:13.53:08.03:06.8
34. #54 flag Salvi Diogo
- Magalhães Carlos
icon Škoda Fabia Rally2 evo 3:10.83:07.4
35. #44 flag Fontes José Pedro
- Ponte Inês
icon Citroën C3 Rally2 3:07.53:08.0
36. #40 flag Prokop Martin
- Ernst Michal
icon Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 3:08.4
37. #23 flag López Pepe
- Vázquez David
icon Ford Fiesta Rally2 3:08.93:09.23:30.2
38. #65 flag Bulacia Bruno
- Morales Gabriel
icon Ford Fiesta Rally3 3:14.53:11.13:09.8
39. #57 flag Lafay Pierre
- Quartini Charlyne
icon Citroën C3 Rally2 3:16.53:10.2
40. #64 flag Chatillon Mattéo
- Cornuau M.
icon Renault Clio Rally3 3:57.23:13.03:11.6
41. #68 flag Pieri Tom
- Maillefert Alexis
icon Renault Clio Rally3 3:17.83:12.63:11.9
42. #52 flag Simões Lucas
- Cardoso Valter
icon Ford Fiesta Rally2 3:13.0
43. #62 flag Černý Jan
- Krajča Ondřej
icon Ford Fiesta Rally3 3:14.73:13.0
44. #50 flag Neto Paulo
- Mota Ribeiro Nuno
icon Škoda Fabia Rally2 evo 3:17.93:13.6
45. #58 flag Cunha Ernesto
- Raimundo Rui
icon Škoda Fabia Rally2 evo 3:15.83:13.7
46. #60 flag Alonso Villarón D.
- López A.
icon Ford Fiesta Rally2 3:20.03:13.8
47. #63 flag Domínguez Diego Jr.
- Peñate R.
icon Ford Fiesta Rally3 3:14.1
48. #66 flag Rossi Ghjuvanni
- Sarmezan Kylian
icon Renault Clio Rally3 4:54.03:16.0
49. #51 flag Déjean Patrick
- Jammes Yannick
icon Ford Fiesta R5 3:20.03:18.9
50. #55 flag Granados Miguel
- Martí Marc
icon Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 3:29.33:19.0
51. #61 flag Raoux Jean-Michel
- Galmiche I.
icon Toyota GR Yaris Rally2 3:19.8
52. #59 flag Peralta J.
- Pérez Couto V.
icon Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 3:31.03:20.5
53. #56 flag Leckey James
- McAuley Stephen
icon Citroën C3 Rally2 3:26.13:22.23:21.5
54. #72 flag Fontana Matteo
- Arnaboldi A.
icon Peugeot 208 Rally4 3:26.4
55. #70 flag Caetano Nuno
- Mouta Sofia
icon Ford Fiesta Rally3 3:29.73:43.8
56. #79 flag Cardeira Rafael
- Boiça Luís
icon Peugeot 208 Rally4 3:32.23:31.2
57. #80 flag Roque Paulo
- Macedo Marco
icon Peugeot 208 Rally4 3:35.63:33.1
58. #71 flag Šekuljica Slaven
- Petrović D.
icon Ford Fiesta Rally3 3:49.43:45.9
59. #77 flag Saraiva Kevin
- Pinto Beatriz
icon Renault Clio Rally4 3:50.9
60. #67 flag Charpentier Tristan
- Barral F.
icon Ford Fiesta Rally3 6:56.4
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Dejean SS22
Meeke SS17
Solberg SS11
Rovanpera SS11
Pieri SS7
Zlaty_dred2 [12. 5. 13:37:02] [translated from cs]
How come Gryazin didn't win?
kajikk [12. 5. 13:34:08] [translated from cs]
bulhar doesn't score?
hoblinkubas [12. 5. 13:37:05] [translated from cs]
No, he thought he had a better chance elsewhere :)
CARLOS.V [12. 5. 13:47:17] [translated from cs]
it would be best if RC 2 and RC 1 had the same scoring including Power _stage ...scoring overall and special Saturday and Sunday ...just count all the events and not to pick and choose and count only some ...this way Gryazin lost a bunch of points just because he did not have this rally among the scored ones;
pelikan [12. 5. 13:51:58] [translated from cs]
You have to take it that WRC2 is run by privateers. And if what you write is true it could happen that someone wins the title just because they have a bigger budget. On the other hand, the factory teams have to go all out. The last exception was Skoda.
Shacki [12. 5. 13:53:05] [translated from cs]
it's done for cost reasons, private drivers in WRC2 can't afford to do all the events. Gryazin going the extra mile is his choice.
haq [12. 5. 14:10:35] [translated from cs]
Was this Dani Sordo's last race?
Medvěd [12. 5. 14:11:21] [translated from cs]
He shouldn't be.
hoblinkubas [12. 5. 14:11:30]
akter.wrc [12. 5. 14:13:48] [translated from sk]
He's not going to Sardinia.
mmicka1 [12. 5. 14:16:17] [translated from cs]
Ogi is a god, I can't believe the talent she has. In so many years, on a part-time program, two races won in a row.
genianální dífka [12. 5. 14:13:07] [translated from cs]
The PS type didn't work out for me, and it seems that Ott will get the most points for Portugal overall...who can calculate it accurately?
Medvěd [12. 5. 14:15:04] [translated from cs]
Ogier and Tanak both 26 points, if I'm calculating right.
Medvěd [12. 5. 14:16:18]
Tak Ogier asi 25 a neuville 24.
Tomáš Tkadlec [12. 5. 14:16:21] [translated from cs]
For me, Ogi 25, Tanna 26, Neuville 24
Radko.jr [12. 5. 14:17:57]
Pdole stránek WRC Neuville 24, Tanak 26, Ogier 25
Shacki [12. 5. 10:24:25] [translated from cs]
Martin Prokop is getting on nicely with Fabiona, she obviously suits him much better than Fiona
Antonín [12. 5. 16:35:29] [translated from cs]
I respectfully disagree, he rode better with Fiona...
Ruba [12. 5. 14:29:26] [translated from cs]
So this contest was won by Tanak 😃
Medvěd [12. 5. 14:32:34] [translated from cs]
No, it's not. It's the only one he got the most points from...
Tomáš Tkadlec [12. 5. 15:12:57] [translated from cs]
Basically, yes, I understand your irony. There were basically three winners - Ogier on Saturday and overall, Tannak in points and Super Sunday and Neuville won the PS. As I've written here a few times (and I won't comment any more), for me this year's points are completely wrong. Sure, Sunday got more glamour, but at what cost!!! Of the elite eight, six riders raced today (Sordo didn't, Rovanpera only at PS), in a normal situation the top five would have ridden, but elsewhere it would have been maybe only three. It's just that the unevenness of the scoring is glaring. In the first two days (270km of stages) you can take 18 points and still the first rider has to worry that if he does something on Sunday he will lose them. For Sunday (60 km of stages, but only 40 km in Sardinia) even a rider who drops out on Friday morning can take 12 points. Nonsense! For me the only solution to this absurd situation. If it has come to such a radical change, then a regular competition for two whole days (Fri + Sat), maybe 250-300 km RZ and on Saturday you can race maybe late into the night. In the evening, close the competition as such, scoring last year's points with emphasis on the winners (25-18-15-12-...). And on Sunday, for non-rally spectators, something in the style of Cyprus (2010-11) Golden Stage(s), maybe just two longer stages (20-25 km), so no PS. And scoring for the top eight (8-7-6-5-...), there are no more quality drivers in RC1 anyway. Two 1,5 hour broadcasts would be enough for rally fans, but there is too much to watch on Friday and Saturday. And they would all be racing to their hearts content, not like in Sweden where Lappi was just finishing for the overall win.
genianální dífka [12. 5. 16:43:20] [translated from cs]
So Ogi said it a while ago...is this year's points system a joke?
lukeska [12. 5. 14:31:23] [translated from cs]
A big congratulations to Ogi, he is simply an ageless icon and a great employee to boot! :-D 3 starts this year, 2 wins and 1 second place, bravo! Otherwise, this year again the rally winner didn't get the most points, I applaud the legends who invented it...
genianální dífka [12. 5. 17:04:39] [translated from cs]
Yeah, his season this year is a selection one, but maybe I also wonder if Honza Cerny with his 4th place didn't move up to 2nd place in WRC3.
lukeska [12. 5. 08:02:09] [translated from cs]
This year the title will be Thierry's, no doubt about it. I wish it was Elfyn, but I think he was definitely broken by the 2020, 2021 years, when he always lost the title in the final race.
WRCkoŇ [12. 5. 08:41:13] [translated from cs]
Let's talk after Poland, Latvia and Finland as Neuville will take the title ;)
Martin_wrc [12. 5. 08:42:46] [translated from cs]
I still trust Tanaka...
Tom_Ass [12. 5. 08:46:43] [translated from cs]
Totally agree!
lukeska [12. 5. 08:49:47] [translated from cs]
So that Ogier doesn't take the title! :-D :-D He's going next time and I guess we can predict how it will turn out..
Martin_wrc [12. 5. 08:56:52] [translated from cs]
I was thinking the same thing. If Ogier keeps winning, if he doesn't change his mind and try for the title... That would probably hit Neuvill and co...😀
lukeska [12. 5. 09:03:26] [translated from cs]
That would be the pearl of the year, but Ogi won't be tempted into more races, too bad..
Martin_wrc [12. 5. 09:12:54] [translated from cs]
it's a paradox. the world champion this year will not be the best, but the one who runs the most races...
KP-team [12. 5. 11:39:21] [translated from cs]
Aha.. 🤣 And Neuville is only finishing the hyena, right? A sovereign win at Monte and I think he was pretty solid for the rest of the race and now Portugal for going first so a super 3rd place so far.
CeskyOndra [12. 5. 12:16:49] [translated from cs]
KP-team exactly
Martin_wrc [12. 5. 13:32:50] [translated from cs]
If you don't understand the written text, I'll try again for you. The title goes to the one who runs more events, not the best. I didn't write a letter about Neuville, but if you want to compare, then yes, in my opinion and based on the number of titles and wins, I really think Ogier is a better driver than Neuville...
Olda25772577 [13. 5. 09:23:02] [translated from cs]
So I don't know, but if someone has the potential to be a world champion, it doesn't matter what type of scoring we have in the rally world right now. Of course, as long as he goes to every World Championship event. It's just an opinion...🤷‍♂️
Olda25772577 [13. 5. 09:23:03] [translated from cs]
So I don't know, but if someone has the potential to be a world champion, it doesn't matter what type of scoring we have in the rally world right now. Of course, as long as he goes to every World Championship event. It's just an opinion...🤷‍♂️
bartes34 [12. 5. 09:28:27] [translated from cs]
So that Toyota doesn't ask him to drive more when he sees Elfyn starting to flounder and Katsuta is a two by mistake 🙂

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