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17. Rally Guanajuato México 2020

12. 3. – 15. 3. 2020, León • gravel 324,85 km - (cancelled 73,25 km) • Other years
WRC #3NACAM #1WRC 2 #3WRC 3 #3
Sunday cancelled to avoid travel restrictions to Europe due to COVID-19.

Llano Grande − 5.51 km − 10:01 - 12. 3.


1.#33flagEvans Elfyn
- Martin S.
iconToyota Yaris WRC3:50.73:46.03:42.53:41.8
2.#11flagNeuville T.
- Gilsoul N.
iconHyundai i20 Coupe WRC3:53.93:45.13:43.83:42.4
3.#17flagOgier S.
- Ingrassia J.
iconToyota Yaris WRC3:52.63:46.23:42.5
4.#8flagTänak O.
- Järveoja M.
iconHyundai i20 Coupe WRC4:01.63:43.03:43.4
5.#69flagRovanperä K.
- Halttunen J.
iconToyota Yaris WRC3:51.43:44.63:43.73:43.0
6.#6flagSordo D.
- del Barrio C.
iconHyundai i20 Coupe WRC3:50.73:44.53:44.4
7.#3flagSuninen T.
- Lehtinen J.
iconFord Fiesta WRC3:50.13:47.23:45.2
8.#4flagLappi E.
- Ferm J.
iconFord Fiesta WRC3:52.53:46.03:48.03:48.4
9.#44flagGreensmith G.
- Edmondson E.
iconFord Fiesta WRC3:59.83:50.23:46.83:46.93:46.63:46.9
10.#23flagSolberg O.
- Johnston A.
iconVolkswagen Polo GTI R54:04.53:59.33:55.5
11.#22flagTidemand P.
- Barth P.
iconŠkoda Fabia R5 evo4:04.23:59.53:55.83:57.3
12.#20flagGryazin N.
- Fedorov Y.
iconHyundai i20 R54:05.84:01.2
13.#28flagHeller A.
- Díaz J.
iconFord Fiesta R5 MkII4:04.14:02.1
14.#26flagGuerra jr. B.
- Cué D.
iconŠkoda Fabia R54:07.94:04.0
15.#27flagBulacia Wilkinson M.
- Bernacchini G.
iconCitroën C3 R54:06.64:04.4
16.#21flagVeiby O.
- Andersson J.
iconHyundai i20 R54:07.74:47.8
17.#32flagFernández E.
- Garcia R.
iconŠkoda Fabia R5 evo4:19.44:08.7
18.#34flagMcKenna B.
- Fulton J.
iconŠkoda Fabia R54:14.1
19.#43flagBlock K.
- Gelsomino A.
iconFord Escort RS Cosworth4:25.5
20.#30flagLinari G.
- Arena N.
iconFord Fiesta R54:43.7
21.#25flagKajetanowicz K.
- Szczepaniak M.
iconŠkoda Fabia R5 evo4:56.9
22.#42flagSuriani M.
- Garcia Z.
iconRenault Clio RSR Rally 55:07.14:57.6
23.#46flagName Guzzy F.
- Zapata A.
iconRenault Clio RSR Rally 55:11.25:01.1
24.#45flagUriostegui G.
- Hernández D.
iconRenault Clio RSR Rally 55:54.2
Neuville SS15
Greensmith SS14
Neuville SS9
Neuville SS9
Sordo SS7
Lappi SS7