24. ADAC Rallye Bad Emstal 2021

Germany others
9. 10. 2021, Wolfhagen • MSC Emstal • asphalt 60.80 km - (cancelled 4.70 km) • total distance including road sections - 166.40 km • Other years


26 (26 on list)
SS7 #6 flag Spangenberg Gerrit
- Wenning A.
icon BMW M3 E36 KS NN 3
NC1 Retired
SS6 #8 flag Mühl Werner
- Bendig Karsten
icon BMW M3 E46 BT DJ 999
NC1 Retired
SS2 #13 flag Schmitt Axel
- Riedl Andre
icon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X KS E 9886
NC1 Retired
SS3 #19 flag Schütz Sven
- Deitert Frank
icon Citroën C2 R2 Max GT SP 75
RC4 Retired
SS3 #20 flag Weber Steffen
- Weber Janika
icon Honda Civic VTi (EK4) LDK ZL 13 NC4 Accident
SS2 #21 flag Peuker Wolfgang
- Braun Jochen
icon Opel Manta 400 SO O 5H Y31 Retired
SS2 #32 flag Weidlich Kai
- Geist Hartmut
icon BMW M3 E36 Compact WÜ W 660 NC2 Retired
SS2 #34 flag Roos Jürgen
- Roos Sinja
icon BMW M3 E36 WÜ RR 38 NC2 Retired
SS6 #35 flag Saffrich Tobias
- Habicht Lucas
icon BMW 323i E36 MR QX 1
NC2 Retired
SS3 #38 flag Meyer Gerhard
- Meyer Claudia
icon Subaru Impreza GC8 ST GC 88
NC2 Retired
SS3 #40 flag Lang Sebastian
- Zettl Meike
icon Ford Fiesta Mk5 ST HR PX 2
NC3 Transmission
SS8 #42 flag Naumann Maurice
- Heilemann Lena
icon Honda Civic Type-R EP3 HR MN 7795
NC3 Excluded
SS3 #44 flag Seitz Jörg
- Günther Yannik
icon BMW 320 iS E30 MEG IS 320
NC3 Retired
SS7 #46 flag Durairajah M.
- Henneberg A.
icon Peugeot 306 S16 WOH A 777 NC3 Accident damage
SS6 #47 flag Kreutz C.
- Korintenberg S.
icon Toyota GT86 SU RF 434
NC3 Retired
SS6 #49 flag Dung Sascha
- Döhne Jana
icon Volkswagen Golf III GTi 16V KS I 1721 NC3 Retired
SS3 #50 flag Gulba Nils
- Gulba Mats
icon Peugeot 206 RC LIP RC 175
NC3 Retired
SS3 #51 flag Meisert Tobias
- Bernhardt C.
icon Renault Clio RS H RS 8005 NC3 Retired
SS2 #52 flag Plengemeyer Mirco
- Kemner Jörg
icon Ford Fiesta Mk5 ST OS LM 280
NC3 Retired
SS2 #57 flag Brinkmann Jobst
- Brunke Andreas
icon Toyota Corolla AE82 LIP B 858H NC4 Retired
SS6 #58 flag Hischke Joachim
- Pietzonka P.
icon Opel Corsa A GSi USI AJ 1
NC4 Retired
SS2 #59 flag Säckl K.
- Alvarez-Säckl S.
icon Toyota Corolla 1600 GT 2 Door AE86 KS AE 186 NC4 Retired
SS7 #61 flag Mohr Mirco
- Wohlers Pascal
icon Volkswagen Polo MK3 GTI (6N) HR MO 25
NC4 Retired
SS7 #62 flag Potthast Jan
- Nolte Cathleen
icon BMW 318 iS E36 GA IS 318
NC8 Retired
SS6 #65 flag Degenhardt Harald
- Degenhardt S.
icon BMW 318 iS E36 FZ HD 10 NC8 Retired
SS7 #66 flag Schmitt Sascha Andreas
- Kraft L.
icon BMW 318 Ti Compact E36 MR U 318 NC8 Retired

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