54. Lewis & Hunter Contracting Cambrian Rally 2009

BTRDA Gold Star #8
16. 10. – 17. 10. 2009, Llandudno • North Wales Car Club • gravel • Other years


47 (47 on list)
SS3 #2 flag Nicholls Will
- Broom Nick
icon Subaru Impreza S9 WRC '03 S100 WRT WR1 Retired
SS4 #4 flag Burton Andy
- Rogerson Shelley
icon Peugeot Cosworth Q476 YUJ WR1 Engine
SS4 #5 flag Wright David
- Wilkinson Michael
icon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX T20 GPM N4 Oil pressure
SS5 #8 flag Brynildsen Eyvind
- Giraudet D.
icon Škoda Fabia S2000 90S 66E N4 Retired
SS4 #14 flag Cole Damian
- Drew Craig
icon Hyundai Accent WRC3 X19 HMC WR1 Retired
SS2 #23 flag Parry Keith
- Loveluck Aled
icon Subaru Impreza B13 Engine
SS2 #24 flag Bailey Tristan
- How James
icon Subaru Impreza STi V812 MJM N4 Retired
SS1 #26 flag Jones Mick
- Furniss Dale
icon Ford Escort MK2 B11 Engine
SS5 #31 flag Robinson David
- Rumney Kath
icon Ford Escort WRC P6 FMC WR1 Mechanical
SS4 #42 flag Ellis Carwyn
- Jones Edgar
icon Ford Escort MK2 VEC 100V B11 Engine
SS4 #45 flag Roberts John 'Bont'
- Dodd A.
icon Toyota Corolla AE86 B431 PKS B10 Off road
SS4 #47 flag Morton Simon
- McCosker Eunan
icon Subaru Impreza WRX T427 BFC B13 Fuel pump
SS3 #48 flag Hall Rory
- Boucard Jonathan
icon Ford Fiesta ST PV55 BBX N3 Accident
SS4 #49 flag Al-Mansoori Ahmed
- Duffy Killian
icon Ford Fiesta ST BAR 11Y N3 Rolled
SS4 #53 flag Williams Andy
- Link Stephen
icon Subaru Impreza N941 JDM B13 Brakes
SS5 #56 flag Mawdsley Malcolm
- Bardon Kevin
icon Subaru Impreza K888 RAL B11 Differential
SS5 #68 flag Wheeler Robert
- Wheeler Chris
icon Volkswagen Golf I GTI SPA 188X B10 Over time limit
SS1 #81 flag Hughes Euros
- Roberts Paul
icon Vauxhall Astra B12 Driveshaft
SS2 #83 flag Edwards Paul
- Hotty Ray
icon Peugeot 205 GTI B10 Lost wheel
SS4 #202 flag Pinchin Darren
- Jenkins-Watts K.
icon Proton Satria N981 OHB 1400S Accident
SS2 #204 flag Jones Geoff
- Davies Chris
icon MG ZR 1400L Engine
SS2 #205 flag Scott Gary
- Weaver Neil
icon Vauxhall Corsa 1400S Driveshaft
SS1 #209 flag Jenkins Nigel
- Jenkins Colin
icon Vauxhall Nova 1400S Retired
SS3 #210 flag Jones Chris
- Spilsted Chris
icon Volkswagen Lupo 1.4 N1 UPO RF 1.4 Accident
SS4 #216 flag Evans Euros
- Lewis Dylan
icon Vauxhall Nova C194 AWS 1400C Retired
SS2 #220 flag Auden-Row Jayne
- Auden David
icon MG ZR 1400S Radiator
SS2 #230 flag Knapp Paul
- Williamson Carl
icon Citroën C2 GT DK04 WTP 1400S Clutch
SS3 #231 flag Rixon Chris
- English Andy
icon MG ZR BU53 RVP 1400L Retired
SS5 #233 flag Mustoe Roger
- Perkins Alison
icon Volkswagen Polo W759 KBD 1400L Retired
SS5 #237 flag Wright Gary
- Thomas Glyn
icon MG ZR MK03 JWL 1400L Fuel
SS4 #240 flag Lewis Wayne
- Lewis Huw
icon Vauxhall Nova J441 SBH 1400C Off road
SS5 #242 flag Williams Dafydd
- Spilsted Phil
icon Nissan Micra M928 PBU RF 1.0 Retired
SS2 #243 flag Cook John
- Phipps Matt
icon Nissan Micra R932 BKW RF 1.4 Driveshaft
SS1 #249 flag Williams Geraint Wyn
- Jones S.
icon Vauxhall Corsa RF 1.4 Fuel pump
SS2 #250 flag Evans Leonard
- Thomas Mark
icon Renault 5 Alpine B704 MDL 1400C Gearbox
SS1 #257 flag Payton Martin
- Aram Paul
icon MG ZR 1400L Retired
SS4 #301 flag Waite Graham
- Reynolds Mike
icon Volvo Amazon 122 S KWD 383D H1 Engine
SS5 #302 flag King Clive
- Ward Bob
icon Austin Mini Cooper S JNP 637C H1 Over time limit
SS1 #353 flag Stokes David
- Weaver Guy
icon Ford Escort RS 1600 H2 Transmission
SS3 #354 flag Brown Terry
- Morris Eilir
icon Ford Escort MK2 HOD 500N H3 Codriver ill
SS5 #356 flag Tysoe Simon
- Simmons Cliff
icon Ford Escort RS 1800 MKII DMK 728V H3 Retired
SS5 #359 flag Clarke Stewart
- Davies Elgan
icon Ford Escort RS 2000 MKII RLL 28R H3 Retired
SS1 #360 flag Stuart Mal
- Hughes Mike
icon Talbot Sunbeam H2 Engine
SS4 #362 flag Lloyd-Roberts David
- Jones Dei
icon Ford Escort RS 2000 MKII Q325 PDE H3 Overheated engine
SS5 #365 flag Bentley Mark
- Bentley Ed
icon Ford Escort RS 1800 MKII MKR 482P H3 Steering
SS2 #367 flag Farrell Chris
- Jones Philip
icon Ford Escort MK2 UEY 125T H3 Gearbox
SS4 #370 flag Thompson Jason
- Thompson Hugh
icon BLMC Mini Cooper 393 UTW H2 Electrical

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