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47. Vodafone Rally de Portugal 2013

11. 4. – 14. 4. 2013, Faro • gravel 386,73 km • Other years
WRC #4WRC 2 #4JWRC #1WRC 3 #4Portugal #2Rally Gold Cup (P) #1
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SS15 Almodovar 2 [Power Stage] - 52.30 km
- 14. 4. 13:38

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12flagKościuszko M. - Szczepaniak M.iconMini John Cooper Works WRCRetired
15flagKuipers Dennis - Buysmans R.iconFord Fiesta RS WRCRetired
45flagVillanueva A. - Sánchez Ó.iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo XRetired
88flagLehessaari M. - Hartikainen L.iconSubaru Impreza STi R4Accident
89flagBurger Kees - Teiskonen MiikaiconSubaru Impreza WRX STi 4 D R4Retired
83flagMagalhães B. - Rodrigues da Silva N.iconPeugeot 207 S2000Wheel


52flagGilbert Quentin - Galmiche I.iconCitroën DS3 R3T0:20 Late (2 min) at TC


flagOgier Sébastien - Ingrassia Julien
Perfect start, we are continue, I was complicated weekend, luckily it went better and better, all the team did good job.
flagProkop Martin - Ernst Michal
It was good, we managed the rally. No big mistakes, finally im happy, that we managed it, we have points for the championship.
flagAl-Qassimi Khalid - Martin Scott
It went well. The most important thing are last two stages.
flagØstberg Mads - Andersson Jonas
I start to push little bit early and at the end my tyres were completely done. I want to pass Lappi and Al-Qassimi, hopefully it is enough to get some points. It has been very good, we know the reasons for the crash and think that these things just happen. Unfortunately, but I think we done a good rally.
flagKuipers Dennis - Buysmans Robin
Engine stopped, electrical problem
flagNeuville Thierry - Gilsoul Nicolas
Good rythm, but I was late on the corner, we damaged the tyre and had to change.
flagSordo Dani - del Barrio Carlos
Difficult for the tyres, it was really hot. I am not happy with the rally, I make a mistake, but I am happy with the team.
flagNeuville Thierry - Gilsoul Nicolas
Stopped on the stage
flagNeuville Thierry - Gilsoul Nicolas
Neuville is stopping to let Dani past
flagNeuville Thierry - Gilsoul Nicolas
Neuville has hit something on the right rear wheel & driving slowly in SS15!

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