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53. Rally Princesa de Asturias - Ciudad de Oviedo 2016

8. 9. – 10. 9. 2016, Oviedo • asphalt 194,36 km • Other years
Iberian Rally Trophy #3Spain #8Asturias #3Suzuki Swift Cup (E) #5Dacia Sandero Cup (E) #6European Clio R3T - Iberia #5 (coef 1)
Stages 4-5-6 not count for Asturias championship
Switch on - autorefresh (60 s)

SS12 Colunga - Piloña / Alchersan - 24.88 km
- 10. 9. 16:26

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1flagVallejo Sergio - Vallejo D.iconCitroën DS3 R5Brakes
14flagCastro Lois J. - Álvarez Rivas D.iconRenault Clio R3Mechanical
122flagGómez Noriega R. - Gómez Torre R.iconSuzuki Swift Sport Mk5Off road
232flagFernández Pérez D. - Bernardo Menéndez N.iconPeugeot 205 RallyeMechanical
235flagJunquera Vega D. - Suárez Losada I.iconCitroën ZX 16VAccident
243flagMariño Domínguez A. - De La Iglesia S.iconPeugeot 206 XSRetired


flagBurgo Pedro - Burgo Marcos
"We want fun and amuse. Minimum to say goodbay to the Porsche. Now, to wish that new owner enjoy it"
flagGarcía Martínez Cristian - Liso Rebeca
"Before the time lost yesterday we was going testing some things, thinking in Llanes. Before yesterday all is good. I wish go to Llanes"
flagSolans Jan - Barreiro Mauro
"Very happy for me and for my team"
flagPaniceres Fuentes Ángel - Álvarez Francisco Javier
"Before all suffering we deserve it, all the time before accident of Esteban"
flagCima Artime Fran - Sanjuan de Eusebio Diego
"We can't do more, we hadn't more tyres. Congratulations to Pernía, great to both these battles"
flagMora José Manuel - Pérez Fernández Adrián
"We came here to finish, not time to big moments. The feeling is good, we are learning"
flagAres Iván - Pintor Bouzas José Antonio
"Very excited too see all people here. You don't win this rally all days. Thanks for all people who help me to be here"
flagMonzón Luis - Déniz José Carlos
"I'm very happy, thanks to my team for the oportunity to run here. Too, thanks to RMC the car was perfect here"