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Mark Welch

Date of birth:
Great Britain


Starts total:38
Number of retirements: 12 (31.6%)


flagChallenger StagesflagNorris Mark#1icon Subaru ImprezaE2.1. class E
flagWethersfield StagesflagNorris Mark#10icon Subaru ImprezaE4.3. class E
flagSubaru WRC Spares TSH StagesflagHollingham Andy#17icon Subaru ImprezaERetired
flagSubaru WRC Spares TSH StagesflagHollingham Andy#16icon Subaru ImprezaE7.4. class E
flagBovington StagesflagNorris Mark#4icon Subaru ImprezaE7.5. class E
flagHoriba D'Isis RallyflagHollingham Andy#4icon Ford Escort RS CosworthD2.2. class D
flagBovington Stages RallyflagNorris Mark#2icon Ford Escort RS CosworthEDifferential
flagRally of the MidlandsflagHounslow Keith#4icon Ford Escort RS CosworthE3.
flagHoriba D'Isis RallyflagHounslow Keith#7icon Ford Escort RS CosworthDRetired
flagBovington StagesflagNorris Mark#5icon Ford Escort RS CosworthE3.1. class E
flagBoconnoc Motorsport CarnivalflagHounslow Keith#2icon Ford Escort RS CosworthE8.5. class E
flagRally Mini MidlandsflagHounslow Keith#6icon Ford Escort RS CosworthDRetired
flagLondon Rally HeroesflagHounslow Keith#3icon Ford Escort RS CosworthB132.2. UK others
1. class B13
flagJRT Enville StagesflagHounslow Keith#12icon Ford Escort RS CosworthD7.
flagLovell Rally of the Midlands
MSA Tarmac
flagHounslow Keith#8icon Ford Escort RS CosworthB13Electrical
flagBovington StagesflagWynn Andy#3icon Ford Escort RS CosworthERetired
flagEventsigns Mewla RallyflagWynn Andy#22icon Ford Escort RS CosworthB1312.4. class B13
flagTour of CaerwentflagWynn Andy#7icon Ford Escort RS Cosworth411.
flagPatriot StagesflagWynn Andy#9icon Ford Escort RS Cosworth45.
flagMillbrook National RallyflagRoberton Hollie#5icon Ford Escort RS CosworthE4.4. class E
flagAbingdon CAR-nival Stages RallyflagSunderland James#5icon Ford Escort RS CosworthE5.
flagVospers Tour of Cornwall RallyflagSunderland James#5icon Ford Escort RS CosworthS27Retired
flagEmerald Stages RallyflagNorris Mark#19icon Ford Escort RS Cosworth68.
flagOmloop van Vlaanderen
flagSunderland James#9icon Ford Escort WRC (Q596 DPG)A815.15. Belgium
10. class A8
flagMewla National Rally
MSA Tarmac
flagSunderland James#15icon Ford Escort WRC (Q596 DPG)B12Retired
flagMillbrook National Stages RallyflagNorris Mark#7icon Ford Escort RS CosworthB12Retired
flag MSA Tarmac − 9.
wins − 1×
points − 0
stage wins − 3×
flagMewla National Rally
MSA Tarmac
flagWynn Andy#19icon Ford Escort RS CosworthB124.1. MSA Tarmac
3. class B12
flagElckerlyck Rallysprint
MSA Tarmac
flagWynn Andy#136icon Ford Escort RS CosworthA89.7. MSA Tarmac
4. class A8
flagMillbrook National Stages Rally
MSA Tarmac
flagNorris Mark#136icon Ford Escort RS CosworthB129.8. MSA Tarmac
8. class B12
flagTour of Cornwall Rally
MSA Tarmac
flagNorris Mark#9icon Ford Escort RS CosworthB128.7. MSA Tarmac
5. class B12
flagTour of Epynt
MSA Tarmac
flagWynn Andy#20icon Ford Escort RS CosworthB12Engine
flagOmloop van Vlaanderen???icon Ford Escort RS CosworthA8Retired
flagMewla National Rally
MSA Tarmac
flagWynn Andy#24icon Ford Escort RS CosworthB127.5. MSA Tarmac
6. class B12
flagElckerlyck Rallysprint
National Rallysprint (B)
???icon Ford Escort RS CosworthA8Retired
flagTour of Epynt
MSA Tarmac
flagWynn Andy#32icon Ford Escort RSB1216.16. UK others
13. MSA Tarmac
12. class B12
flagSimoniz Tour of Cornwall Rally
MSA Tarmac
flagHollingham Paul#34icon Ford Escort RS CosworthB129.7. MSA Tarmac
7. class B12
flagChequered Flag Imber Stages Rally
MSA Tarmac
flagNorris Mark#14icon Ford Escort RS CosworthI8.6. MSA Tarmac
6. class I
flagGoodwood: 'Would Be Good' Tarmac StagesflagNorris Mark#1icon Ford Escort RS Cosworth51.1. class 5
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