1. Tour de la Manche 1972

France others
15. 10. 1972 • asphalt • Other years
France others

Final results

1.?flag Lehoux ClaudeiconRenault Dauphine Proto
2.?flag Le Gall iconRenault 8 Gordini
3.?flag Renouf J.P.iconRenault 8 Gordini
4.?flag Pillon iconAlpine-Renault A110
5.?flag Guerin J.L.iconFord Escort Mexico
6.?flag Douchin iconSimca 1100 S
7.?flag Goulhot iconBMW
8.?flag Trimoreau M.iconRenault 8 Gordini
9.?flag Fonnard J.iconSimca 1000 Rallye
10.?flag Jaumier iconRenault Dauphine Proto
11.?flag Onffroy de Verez iconRenault Dauphine Proto
12.?flag Gaillard iconRenault 12 Gordini
13.?flag Leclerc iconSimca 1000
14.?flag Colin iconPeugeot 204
15.?flag Courval iconAlpine-Renault A110
16.?flag Ecourtemer iconRenault 8 Gordini
17.?flag Durel iconRenault Dauphine Proto
18.?flag Lefillatre iconSimca 1000
19.?flag Prevost iconRenault 8 Gordini
20.?flag Leneveu iconBMW
21.?flag Lars iconFiat 128
22.?flag Poulain iconFiat 850
23.?flag Touroude iconSimca 1000
24.?flag Jardin iconRenault 8 Gordini
25.?flag Renouf B.iconSimca 1100 S


Added by: Nicolas Hémery [21. 9. 2022]

Kalle Rovanperä is one stage away from his chance to make history, with the Rally New Zealand powerstage offering him the opportunity to become the...


This story comes to you live from a tent at the side of the Rally New Zealand powerstage. Welcome to Jack’s Ridge. This, my friends,...


Ott Tänak won the powerstage dress rehearsal around Jacks Ridge, as Kalle Rovanperä remains in the lead of Rally New Zealand and on course to...


Kalle Rovanperä has started a potentially historic day with fastest time, leading Rally New Zealand by 29.6 seconds over Toyota team-mate Sébastien Ogier. With closest...


On the face of it Craig Breen’s Rally New Zealand has been an utter disaster, like so many other rallies this year. There was so...

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