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60. AA Circuit of Ireland 1999

Ireland Tarmac #2
2. 4. – 5. 4. 1999 • asphalt 422.94 km • Other years

Event stats

Ireland Tarmac
total entries45
finished24 (53.3%)
Stage winners
SS1Castle Park 1flag Fisher Bertie103.4 km/h
SS2Deadmans Hill 1flag Nesbitt Andrew101.2 km/h
SS3Drumbunion 1flag Nesbitt Andrew97.2 km/h
SS4Black Hill 1flag Fisher Bertie99.7 km/h
SS5Deadmans Hill 2flag Greer Ian102.8 km/h
SS6Drumbunion 2flag Nesbitt Andrew98.7 km/h
SS7Black Hill 2flag Nesbitt Andrew100.5 km/h
SS8Glenasmoleflag Fisher Bertie103.6 km/h
SS9Sally Gapflag Fisher Bertie118.3 km/h
SS10Goldmine River 1flag Nesbitt Andrew106.4 km/h
SS11Kilmacrea 1flag Fisher Bertie114.9 km/h
SS12Stump of the Castle 1flag Nesbitt Andrew113.3 km/h
SS13Goldmine River 2flag Nesbitt Andrew109.2 km/h
SS14Kilmacrea 2flag Fisher Bertie116.4 km/h
SS15Stump of the Castle 2flag Nesbitt Andrew117.2 km/h
SS16Tallaght Squareflag Boland Eamonn45.6 km/h
SS17Clogharinka 1flag Fisher Bertie123.4 km/h
SS18Bonfire Hill 1flag Fisher Bertie117.4 km/h
SS19Ballynagore 1flag Fisher Bertie
flag Nesbitt Andrew
157.0 km/h
SS20Clogharinka 2flag Fisher Bertie
flag Greer Ian
flag Nesbitt Andrew
125.3 km/h
SS21Bonfire Hill 2flag Nesbitt Andrew119.1 km/h
SS22Ballynagore 2flag Fisher Bertie157.4 km/h
SS23White Mountainflag Fisher Bertie106.8 km/h
SS24Blackhall Crossflag Fisher Bertie109.2 km/h
SS25Castle Park 2flag Fisher Bertie
flag Greer Ian
flag Nesbitt Andrew
101.6 km/h
SS26Buck's Headflag Fisher Bertie109.7 km/h
SS27Lough Island 1flag Fisher Bertie
flag Greer Ian
flag Nesbitt Andrew
flag McGarrity Derek
122.2 km/h
SS28Ballydoo 1flag Fisher Bertie114.1 km/h
SS29Slieve Roosley 1flag Fisher Bertie104.7 km/h
SS30Lough Island 2flag Fisher Bertie121.9 km/h
SS31Ballydoo 2flag Fisher Bertie113.3 km/h
SS32Slieve Roosley 2flag Fisher Bertie104.3 km/h
Stage results
Ireland Tarmac
Overall positions
drivers 269 636
codrivers 391 233
events 73 481
entries 3 078 150
video 29 909
photos 601 552
car plates 991 598