4. Rally Ireco Motorsport 2020

Tarmac Masters - RO (PL) #1
20. 6. – 21. 6. 2020, Nowa Ruda • Global Sport • asphalt 44.13 km - (cancelled 8.25 km) • total distance including road sections - 114.52 km • Other years
Event has been postponed from original date 28-29.03.2020 due to ongoing concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIIicon
DKL 41707
Final results
Stage results
1. legTimePos.km/hs/kmOverallPos. after
SS1 Dzikowiec (8.25 km)7:27.567.
10. class PRO1

58. Tarmac Masters - RO (PL)
10. class PRO1

58. Tarmac Masters - RO (PL)
SS2 Kosmos (6.46 km)5:05.166.
10. class PRO1

57. Tarmac Masters - RO (PL)
10. class PRO1

57. Tarmac Masters - RO (PL)
SS3 Dzikowiec (8.25 km)5:15.44.
1. class PRO1

1. Tarmac Masters - RO (PL)
10. class PRO1

56. Tarmac Masters - RO (PL)
SS4 Kosmos (6.46 km)Retired
Tarmac Masters - RO (PL)
Entry photos from this event

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