3. Rallye Régional de l'Agora Thibérien 2018

France Cup
25. 11. 2018, Thiviers • asphalt 40.00 km • Other years
Renault Clio RS R3T icon
Final results
Stage results
1. leg Time Pos. km/h
Overall Pos. after
SS1 Vaunac 1 (8.20 km) 6:41.7 78.
9. class R3

78. France Cup
73.5 km/h
10.74 s/km
6:41.7 78.
9. class R3

78. France Cup
SS2 Saint Romain 1 (7.70 km) 5:08.2 18.
3. class R3

18. France Cup
89.9 km/h
3.77 s/km
11:49.9 52.
8. class R3

52. France Cup
SS3 Vaunac 2 (8.20 km) Mechanical
France Cup

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