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37. YPF Rally Argentina 2017

27. 4. – 30. 4. 2017, Villa Carlos Paz • gravel 357,59 km • Other years
WRC #5WRC 2 #5WRC Trophy #5WRC 3 #5
Škoda Fabia R5
SL2 90E
Motorsport Italia

Final results

12. overall - 3. class RC2 - 12. WRC - 3. WRC 2

Stage results

1. after
SS1SSS Ciudad de Cordoba1.75 km2:
"A fantastic event - this was my first rally outside Mexico in 2007. I love the rally. This stage is really nice."
SS2San Agustin - Villa General Belgrano 119.95 km14:11.614.84.34.4816:12.814.
SS3Amboy - Santa Monica 120.44 km11:51.316.103.54.5328:04.115.
"No good. I'm overheating the brakes. The same problem I had in Mexico."
SS4Santa Rosa - San Agustin 123.85 km21:
stopped / stojí
SS5SSS Fernet Branca 1 (2 Laps)6.04 km11:55.919.30.471.591:01:41.019.
retired in SS4 / odstoupil v RZ4
SS6San Agustin - Villa General Belgrano 219.95 km20:39.516.57.924.241:22:20.519.
SS7Amboy - Santa Monica 220.44 km18:18.917.67.023.381:40:39.419.
SS8Santa Rosa - San Agustin 223.85 km21:47.416.65.720.482:02:26.819.
SS9SSS Fernet Branca 2 (2 Laps)6.04 km12:02.317.30.171.672:14:29.119.
2. leg
SS10Tanti - Villa Bustos 120.80 km12:00.312.104.02.892:26:29.418.
"A good time - I feel it's okay. Yesterday a [wheel] bearing took us out of the rally. It wasn't my fault. I hope for a better day today." / "Dobrý čas. Včera nás vyřadila závada ložiska kola, nebyla to moje chyba. Doufám, že to dnes bude lepší."
SS11Los Gigantes - Cantera El Condor 138.68 km21:42.512.106.92.612:48:11.915.
SS12Boca del Arroyo - Bajo del Pungo 120.52 km14:
SS13Tanti - Villa Bustos 220.80 km11:40.812.106.82.543:14:30.915.
SS14Los Gigantes - Cantera El Condor 238.68 km21:39.312.107.22.943:36:10.214.
SS15Boca del Arroyo - Bajo del Pungo 220.52 km14:
3. leg
SS16El Condor - Copina16.32 km14:11.313.69.03.944:04:31.114.
SS17Mina Clavero - Giulio Cesare22.64 km20:01.916.67.85.164:24:33.013.
SS18El Condor [Power Stage]16.32 km14:

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