James McDiarmid - Max Haines-Messenger - 138.com Isle of Man Rally 2017
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138.com Isle of Man Rally 2017

14. 9. – 16. 9. 2017, Douglas • asphalt 229,82 km - (cancelled 23,98 km) • Other years
Celtic Rally Trophy #5Great Britain #7Great Britain Junior #7Great Britain Ladies #7Great Britain Production Cup #7Great Britain Cadet #7
Results are combined International and National A in homologated cars.
Ford Fiesta R2T National

Stage results

1. legTimePos.km/hs/kmOverallPos. after
SS1Marine Drive 18.16 km6:03.620.80.811.646:03.621.
SS2Clannagh Road 115.82 km11:
SS3Villa Marina1.45 km1:39.319.52.620.0718:58.021.
SS4King Edward Bay3.32 km3:06.820.64.016.7822:04.820.
SS5Baldhoon7.18 km6:14.621.69.016.1628:19.420.
2. leg
SS6Little London 112.05 km8:23.619.86.29.5036:43.019.
SS7Kella 118.04 km12:32.618.86.38.6749:15.619.
SS8Tholt y Will 17.55 km5:12.519.87.010.1454:28.117.
SS9Sand Quarry 111.17 km7:
SS10Clannagh Road 2 15.82 kmStage cancelled
SS11Oatlands 18.16 km5:
3. leg
SS12Castletown Mooar3.12 km2:10.822.85.99.061:09:08.116.
SS13Castle Rushen8.18 km5:
SS14Oatlands 28.16 km5:19.721.91.98.781:20:03.017.
SS15Rhenab12.79 km10:
SS16Tholt y Will 27.55 km5:21.918.84.411.221:35:58.917.
4. leg
SS17Little London 212.05 km8:11.917.88.28.571:44:10.817.
SS18Kella 218.04 km12:07.515.89.38.011:56:18.316.
SS19Sand Quarry 221.08 km13:31.616.93.58.242:09:49.914.
SS20Marine Drive 2 8.16 kmStage cancelled
SS21Classic21.97 km14:40.417.89.89.142:24:30.314.
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