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23. Coates Hire Rally Australia 2014

11. 9. – 14. 9. 2014, Coffs Harbour • gravel 304,34 km • Other years
WRC #10WRC 2 #10WRC 3 #10
Ford Fiesta RRC
Yazeed Racing

Entry photos from this event


Stage results

1. legTimePos.km/hs/kmOverallPos. after
SS1Hydes Creek I10.73 km6:50.614.94.12.246:50.614.
SS2Bellingen I10.72 km6:49.714.94.22.1913:40.314.
SS3Newry I24.91 km15:
SS4Hydes Creek II10.73 km6:43.315.95.82.1835:48.712.
SS5Bellingen II10.72 km6:38.512.96.82.1142:27.211.
SS6Newry II24.91 km15:12.511.98.32.0057:39.712.
"We do very good results and Michael has helped a lot. We can still attack and are not taking risks." / "Skvělý výsledek, spolujezdec Michael hodně pomáhá. Útočíme, ale neriskujeme."
SS7SSS I1.56 km1:42.314.54.93.2759:22.012.
SS8SSS II1.56 km1:42.416.54.84.361:01:04.412.
2. leg
SS9Nambucca I48.92 km28:40.711.102.32.031:29:45.111.
SS10Valla I (Live TV Stage)8.96 km4:42.314.114.32.081:34:27.411.
SS11Nambucca II48.92 km28:27.714.103.12.212:02:55.112.
SS12Valla II8.96 km4:
SS13SSS III1.56 km1:44.714.53.62.502:09:19.012.
SS14SSS IV1.56 km2:
3. leg
SS15Shipmans I24.72 km13:46.914.107.62.432:25:16.113.
SS16Bucca I 10.86 kmCooling
Stopped in stage / Zastavil v RZ
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