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5. Corona Rally Mexico 2008

28. 2. – 2. 3. 2008 • gravel 353,75 km - (cancelled 22,30 km) • Other years
Citroën C2 S1600

Stage results

1. Leg
Special after
SS1Alfaro 122.96 km16: 
SS2Ortega 123.83 km16:30.917.86.65.8433:03.117. 
SS3El Cubilete 118.87 km13:18.515.85.14.6146:21.616.arrow
"Je to ok, ale jedeme hodně v prachu, neškodilo by, kdyby mezi auty byl rozestup dvě minuty. Máme trochu problém s trakcí./Ok, but there are lot of dust, two minutes between cars will be better. We have problems with traction."
SS4Alfaro 222.96 km16:
SS5Ortega 223.83 km16:15.414.88.05.681:18:45.013.arrow
SS6El Cubilete 218.87 km13:09.414.86.14.451:31:54.413. 
"Vyjeli jsme ze zatáčky a za ní seděl vprostřed cesty ohromný balvan. / We came out of the corner and there was a big stone sitting in the middle of the road."
SS7Super Special 12.21 km2:00.418.66.18.461:33:54.813. 
SS8Super Special 22.21 km1:57.418.67.86.971:35:52.213. 
2. Leg
Special after
SS9Ibarilla 129.90 km21:36.817.83.06.061:57:29.013. 
SS10Duarte 123.27 km20:54.316.66.86.652:18:23.313. 
SS11Derramadero 123.28 km16:27.316.84.96.132:34:50.614.arrow
SS12Ibarilla 229.90 km21:06.612.85.05.542:55:57.213.arrow
SS13Duarte 223.27 km20: 
SS14Derramadero 223.28 km16:28.615.84.86.693:32:44.013. 
"Dveře se samy od sebe otevřeli, nedokázali jsme je znovu zavřít, auto je plné prachu a písku. / The door just got opened and we just couldn't close it again, the car is full dust and sand."
SS15Super Special 32.21 km1:59.321.66.77.873:34:43.313. 
SS16Super Special 42.21 km1:56.517.68.37.103:36:39.812.arrow
3. Leg
Special after
SS17Leon16.09 km12:29.416.77.36.593:49:09.212. 
SS18Guanajuatito 22.30 kmStage cancelled
SS19Comanjilla17.88 km11:57.418.89.75.864:01:06.613.arrow
SS20Super Special 54.42 km3:

Entry photos from this event

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