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Chris Sharpe-Simkiss

Date of birth:
Great Britain


Starts total:92
Retirements: 18 (19.6%)


flagGet It Sideways Stages flagRansley Chris#1icon BMW M3 E36DAccident
flagAGBO Historic Stages Rally flagMoon Darren#1icon Ford Escort RS 1800 MKIIC
Category 3
2.2. class C
2. class Category 3
flagTour of Epynt
MSA Tarmac
flagFossey Edward#67icon Peugeot 208 R2221.13. MSA Tarmac
9. King of Epynt
2. class 2
flagSwift Signs Croft Christmas Stages flagHutchings Tom#83icon Proton Satria Gti330.2. class 3
flagGrizedale Stages Rally flagThayne Martin#56icon Suzuki Swift249.15. class 2
flagGlyn Memorial Stages flagSmith Brandon#5icon Darrian T90 GTRDRetired
flagPokerstars Stages flagCafaero Nathan#33icon Citroën DS3 R5 (DQ-549-JE)ERetired
flagRoberts Garages Ltd. Jersey Rally flagFossey Edward#40icon Toyota YarisA13.3. class A
flagAdgespeed Stages flagRansley Chris#4icon BMW M3 E36E7.4. class E
flagTrackrod Forest Stages
BTRDA Gold Star
BTRDA Silver Star
MSA English
flagFossey Edward#62icon Toyota Yaris1400S31.25. BTRDA Gold Star
25. MSA English
1. BTRDA 1400
13. BTRDA Silver Star
1. class 1400S
flagWoodpecker Stages
BTRDA Gold Star
MSA English
BTRDA Silver Star
flagFossey Edward#87icon Toyota Yaris1400S51.34. BTRDA Gold Star
33. MSA English
3. BTRDA 1400
17. BTRDA Silver Star
3. class 1400S
flagRainworth Škoda Dukeries Rally flagRansley Chris#10icon BMW M3 E36432.14. class 4
flagNicky Grist Stages
BTRDA Gold Star
MSA English
flagFossey Edward#77icon Toyota Yaris1400S57.32. BTRDA Gold Star
14. MSA English
4. BTRDA 1400
3. class 1400S
flagJRT Enville Stages flagRansley Chris#9icon BMW M3D10.5. class D
flagAbingdon CAR-nival Stages flagRansley Chris#8icon BMW M3 E36D6.4. class D
flagRed Dragon IT Stages flagRansley Chris#12icon BMW M3 E36DAccident damage
flagPlains Rally
BTRDA Gold Star
flagFossey Edward#73icon Toyota Yaris1400S60.36. BTRDA Gold Star
3. BTRDA 1400
3. class 1400S
flagChris Kelly Memorial Rally flagCollister Kyle#39icon Peugeot 106 RallyeB4.13. Manx
1. class B
flagCorinium Stages flagRansley Chris#9icon BMW M3D2.1. class D
flagHoriba D'Isis Rally flagRansley Chris#6icon BMW M3D3.3. class D
flagSomerset Stages
BTRDA Gold Star
MSA English
flagFossey Edward#82icon Toyota Yaris1400S21.19. BTRDA Gold Star
7. MSA English
1. BTRDA 1400
1. class 1400S
flagGet it Sideways Stages flagRansley Chris#7icon BMW M3D1.1. class D
flagMoritz Rally Costa Brava flagHolmes Mark#75icon MG Metro 6R4 (Q491 VHR)RegionalMechanical
flagMalcolm Wilson Rally
BTRDA Gold Star
flagFossey Edward#114icon Toyota Yaris1400S88.54. BTRDA Gold Star
9. BTRDA 1400
7. class 1400S
flagLegend Fires North West Stages flagLeech Andy#31icon BMW M3DExcluded - incorrect route
flagCambrian Rally flagFossey Edward#97icon Toyota Yaris1400S Event stopped
flagHall Trophy Stages flagSmith Brandon#6icon Darrian T946.5. class 4
flagPokerstars Rally flagCollister Kyle#18icon Peugeot 106B9.7. Manx
1. class B
flagMEM Malton Forest Rally flagCrossle John#71icon Ford Escort RS 2000 MKII342.10. class 3
flagAdgespeed Stages flagSmith Brandon#4icon Darrian T9E4.3. class E
flagHeroes Stages Rally flagLeech Andy#12icon BMW M3DRetired
flagIsle of Man National B Rally flagCollister Kyle#87icon Peugeot 106N219.8. Manx
3. class N2
flagGareth Hall Stages flagSmith Brandon#32icon Volkswagen Polo120.2. class 1
flagJRT Enville Stages flagKeeble Trevor#41icon Ford EscortC42.18. class C
flagKeith Frecker Memorial Stages flagLeech Andy#14icon BMW M3 E3655.5. class 5
flagJohn Overend Memorial Stages flagO'Donnell Mike#25icon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX614.9. class 6
flagCetus Stages flagSmith Brandon#3icon Darrian T9E2.2. UK others
1. class E
flagManx National Rally flagOrmond-Smith Steven#68icon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIB1352.16. Manx
12. class B13
flagHarlech Stages flagSmith Brandon#8icon Darrian T954.2. class 5
flagMonaghan Stages Rally flagOrmond-Smith Steven#74icon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI1575.3. class 15
flagRoskirk Stages flagSmith Brandon#6icon Darrian T952.1. class 5
flagMalcolm Wilson Rally flagReed Mike#71icon Ford Escort MK2H252.2. class H2
flagJack Neal Memorial Stages flagMorris Andrew#31icon Ford Escort327.11. class 3
flagLegend Fires North West Stages flagLeech Andy#41icon BMW M3D22.2. class D
flagLee Holland Memorial Trophy Rally (2016) flagSmith Brandon#11icon Darrian T9DRetired
flagHall Trophy Stages flagBayliss Andrew#4icon BMW M3 Compact45.5. class 4
flagNetwork Q WRGB National Rally flagAmbler Jon#263icon Ford Fiesta STB357.14. class B3
flagNeil Howard Memorial Stages flagStamper Nick#39icon Subaru ImprezaD234.10. class D2
flagRainworth Škoda Dukeries Rally flagBayliss Andrew#17icon BMW M3 Compact410.5. class 4
flagCambrian Rally
BTRDA Gold Star
flagAmbler Jon#145icon Ford Fiesta STN392.28. BTRDA Gold Star
2. class N3
flagFODMC Rally Time Trial flagGibson Ryan#35icon Citroën C2 GT226.8. class 2
flagRally Isle of Man flagOrmond-Smith Steven#91icon BMW 325B421.8. class B4
flagPrima Motorsport Smeatharpe Stages flagAmbler Jon#62icon Ford FiestaC28.9. class C
flagEventsigns Woodpecker Stages Rally
BTRDA Gold Star
flagAmbler Jon#147icon Ford Fiesta STN3
Silver Star
flagCentenary Stages flagBayliss Andrew#7icon BMW M3 Compact43.1. class 4
flagNicky Grist Quinton Stages
BTRDA Gold Star
flagAmbler Jon#150icon Seat ArosaRF 1.4
Rally First
flagDMACK Carlisle Stages Rally
BTRDA Gold Star
flagAmbler Jon#110icon Seat ArosaRF 1.4Retired
flagPlains Rally
BTRDA Gold Star
flagAmbler Jon#143icon Seat ArosaRF 1.4101.64. BTRDA Gold Star
6. class RF 1.4
flagCetus Stages flagFagan Ryan#42icon Peugeot 306 S16D39.15. class D
flagSomerset Stages
BTRDA Gold Star
flagAmbler Jon#127icon Seat ArosaRF 1.491.66. BTRDA Gold Star
7. class RF 1.4
flagAlan Healy Memorial Stages flagBayliss Andrew#6icon BMW CompactDRetired
flagMalcolm Wilson Rally
BTRDA Gold Star
flagAmbler Jon#171icon Seat ArosaRF 1.473.51. BTRDA Gold Star
3. class RF 1.4
flagJack Neal Memorial Stages flagBayliss Andrew#11icon BMW M3 Compact45.1. class 4
flagWeir Engineering Wyedean Forest Rally
BTRDA Gold Star
flagAmbler Jon#240icon Seat ArosaRF 1.4106.68. BTRDA Gold Star
8. class RF 1.4
flagLegend Fires North West Stages flagStamper Nick#55icon Subaru ImprezaE31.21. class E
flagChris Kelly Memorial Rally flagKermode-Reeder Ben#46icon Peugeot 106 RallyeARetired
flagJack Frost Stages Rally flagFagan Ryan#89icon Proton Satria Kit Car255.13. class 2
flagRockingham Stages Rally flagBayliss Mike#17icon BMW M3 Compact425.5. class 4
flagHall Trophy Rally flagPickles Michael#18icon Peugeot 205320.4. class 3
flagNHMC Cadwell Park Stages flagBayliss Andrew#7icon BMW M3 Compact59.2. class 5
flagMEM Malton Forest Rally flagBell Oliver#126icon Nissan Micra145.6. class 1
flagLynn Stages Rally flagBayliss Chris#14icon BMW M3 CompactD9.2. class D
flagAdgespeed Stages flagAndrews Jamie#38icon Vauxhall CorsaB36.4. class B
flagHeroes Stages Rally flagLewin Ean#32icon Ford Fiesta STC11.4. class C
flagPromenade Stages Rally flagHewlett Jason#69icon Vauxhall Astra3Retired
flagHutton Kitchens Brands Hatch Summer Stages flagBayliss Andrew#12icon BMW CompactDEngine
flagWilkinson Maintenance Tyneside Stages Rally
MSA Tarmac
flagSlinger Richard#63icon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIB13Retired
flagJRT Enville Stages flagSlinger Richard#23icon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VID7.4. class D
flagWolds Rally flagBayliss Andrew#19icon BMW Compact5Retired
flagMini Epynt Stages flagRees Keegan#74icon Nissan Micra145.6. class 1
flagJohn Overend Memorial Rally flagBell Oliver#53icon Nissan Micra137.1. class 1
flagTJS Self Drive Alan Healy Memorial Rally flagBayliss Andrew#50icon BMW M3 CompactD6.1. class D
flagMerrills Motor Services SMC Stages flagBarnard Richard#9icon Subaru Impreza STi N8D3.2. class D
flagFlying Fortress Stages flagNeal Kevan#50icon Peugeot 205 GTI2Retired
flagRoskirk Stages flagWhiting Tim#4icon Ford Escort540.14. class 5
flagJack Neal Memorial Rally flagBayliss Andrew#18icon BMW M3 Compact46.3. class 4
flagLegend Fires North West Stages flagHewlett Jason#67icon Vauxhall AstraC44.10. class C
flagAdgespeed Stages flagPickles Michael#59icon Ford EscortD18.8. class D
flagStobart Rail Pendragon Stages flagHewlett Jason#85icon Vauxhall Astra GTE347.11. class 3
flagPromenade Stages Rally flagHewlett Jason#78icon Vauxhall Astra GTE353.14. class 3
flagRainworth Skoda Centenary Stages flagNeal Kevan#72icon Peugeot 205164.10. class 1
flagSMC Stages flagLeech Andy#21icon BMW M3D6.4. class D
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