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Joe Cruttenden

Date of birth:13. 3. 1990
Great Britain


Starts total:82
Retirements: 21 (25.6%)


flagRally North Wales National B flagDelaney Tom#79icon Suzuki Swift331.6. class 3
flagGrizedale Stages Rally flagDelaney Tom#64icon Suzuki Swift2OTL
flagKenotek by CID LINES Ypres Rally
Belgium Junior
flagBrown Jamie#66icon Ford Fiesta R2TRC446.43. ERC
34. Belgium
3. Belgium Junior
16. class RC4
flagWoodstoxx Motul Rally van Wervik
Flanders Div 3
flagBrown Jamie#14icon Ford Fiesta R2T3G19.15. Flanders Div 3
3. class 3G
flagTAC Rally
Belgium Junior
flagBrown Jamie#52icon Ford Fiesta R2TRC4Retired
flagRally van Haspengouw
Belgium Junior
flagBrown Jamie#32icon Ford Fiesta R2TRC4Retired
flagNHMC Cadwell Stages Junior Rally flagDelaney Tom#103icon Suzuki AltoJ2.2. Junior 1000 (GB)
2. class J
flagGlyn Memorial Junior Rally flagDelaney Tom#105icon Suzuki AltoF3.3. Junior 1000 (GB)
3. class F
flagPeter Lloyd Junior Stages flagDelaney Tom#62icon Suzuki Alto92.2. Junior 1000 (GB)
2. class 9
flagPaperclix Jersey Rally flagFossey Edward#61icon Vauxhall NovaBRetired
flagTrackrod Forest Stages
BTRDA Gold Star
BTRDA Mixed Surface Challenge
flagBilham Sam#95icon Nissan MicraRF 1.4
Rally First
64.47. BTRDA Gold Star
7. BTRDA Mixed Surface Challenge
5. class RF 1.4
6. class Rally First
flagSolway Coast Stages Junior Rally flagDelaney Tom#12icon Suzuki AltoJ10006.6. Junior 1000 (GB)
5. class J1000
flagSolway Coast Rally flagDelaney Dominic#81icon Peugeot 2051Retired
flagKenotek Ypres Rally
flagBrown Jamie#62icon Ford Fiesta R2RC431.31. ERC
15. Belgium
10. class RC4
flagMidsummer Caerwent Junior Rally flagDelaney Tom#87icon Suzuki Alto102.2. Junior 1000 (GB)
2. class 10
flagKeith Frecker Memorial Junior 1000 Stages flagFossey Edward#103icon Citroën C16Retired
flagLee Holland Memorial Junior Stages flagDelaney Tom#109icon Suzuki AltoJ2.2. Junior 1000 (GB)
2. class J
flagMalcolm Wilson Rally
BTRDA Gold Star
flagSouth Christian#172icon Ford Fiesta R2B1063.47. BTRDA Gold Star
7. class B10
flagRoskirk Junior Stages flagDelaney Tom#109icon Suzuki Alto612.12. Junior 1000 (GB)
12. class 6
flagWeir Engineering Wyedean Forest Rally
BTRDA Gold Star
flagSouth Christian#86icon Ford Fiesta R2B1068.45. BTRDA Gold Star
5. class B10
flagRed Kite Stages flagSouth Christian#129icon Ford Fiesta R2217.4. class 2
flagHall Trophy Rally Junior Stages flagDelaney Tom#108icon Suzuki AltoJ1Engine
flagCheviot Keith Knox Rally
MSA Tarmac
flagBorthwick Mark#19icon Ford Escort MK2B12Differential
flagGlyn Memorial Junior Stages flagDelaney Tom#122icon Suzuki AltoJ115.10. Junior 1000 (GB)
15. class J1
flagPendragon Stages
Scottish Tarmac
flagBorthwick Mark#14icon Ford Escort4Retired
flagEventsigns Woodpecker Stages Rally flagMcClure Aaron#210icon Ford Focus1400SRetired
flagADAC Rallye Deutschland
flagBrown Jamie#147icon Ford Fiesta R2RC448.48. WRC
16. class RC4
flagRallijsprints Gulbis
Latvia Rally Sprint
flagCornwell Josh#20icon Ford Fiesta R22WD Open22.18. Latvia Rally Sprint
6. class 2WD Open
flagGeko Ypres Rally
Belgium Junior
flagBrown Jamie#64icon Ford Fiesta R2RC4Off road
flagJim Clark Rally
Great Britain
flagMcClure Aaron#17icon Ford Fiesta R22Didn´t start 2. leg
flagRallye de Wallonie
flagBrown Jamie#65icon Ford Fiesta R2RC434.30. Belgium
3. Fiesta Sport Trophy (B)
9. class RC4
flagTAC Rally
Belgium Junior
flagBrown Jamie#51icon Ford Fiesta R2RC412.11. Belgium
2. Belgium Junior
2. class RC4
flagLee Holland Memorial Junior Stages flagThompson Kay#112icon Nissan MicraJ11.11. Junior 1000 (GB)
11. class J
flagTour of Epynt flagBoardman Daniel#75icon Honda Civic Type-RB1137.8. class B11
flagRally Alūksne flagCornwell Josh#44icon Ford Fiesta R2A-2WD Open19.2. class A-2WD Open
flagHall Trophy Junior Stages flagCornwell Josh#102icon Nissan Micra
Major Motorsport
F10003.3. Junior 1000 (GB)
flagGlyn Memorial Junior Stages flagCornwell Josh#106icon Nissan MicraF10002.2. Junior 1000 (GB)
flagCambrian Rally flagFriend Ben#125icon Ford Escort MK2H2Engine mounting
flagPeter Lloyd Junior Rallying Stages flagCornwell Josh#75icon Nissan MicraF10003.3. Junior 1000 (GB)
flagEast Belgian Rally
Belgium Junior
flagBrown Jamie#58icon Ford Fiesta R2633.30. Belgium
7. Fiesta Sport Trophy (B)
9. Belgium Junior
14. class 6
flagMark Ellis Motorsport Woodbridge Junior Stages flagCornwell Josh#106icon Nissan MicraF1000Engine
flagTodds Leap International Rally NI
Great Britain
flagBeattie Calvin#21icon Ford Fiesta ST9Retired
flagRainworth Skoda Centenary Junior Stages flagCornwell Josh#104icon Nissan MicraF10006.6. Junior 1000 (GB)
flagMid Summer Caerwent Junior Stages flagCornwell Josh#91icon Nissan MicraF1000Off road
flagJim Clark Rally Challenge
British Rally Challenge
flagJackson Matthew#222icon Nissan MicraRC112.1. class RC1
flagLawrence Landfill Dale Junior Stages flagCornwell Josh#103icon Nissan MicraF10002.2. Junior 1000 (GB)
flagPlains Forest Rally flagDean Geoff#146icon BMW 325iB1272.9. class B12
flagTAC Rally
Belgium Junior
flagBrown Jamie#61icon Ford Fiesta R26
35.29. Belgium
4. Belgium Junior
4. class 6
4. class R2B
flagLee Holland Memorial Stages flagCornwell Josh#104icon Nissan MicraF100020.3. Junior 1000 (GB)
3. class F1000
flagTour of Epynt
MSA Tarmac
flagIndri John#5icon Darrian T90 GTRB125.5. MSA Tarmac
2. class B12
flagRoskirk Junior Stages flagCornwell Josh#104icon Nissan MicraF10004.4. Junior 1000 (GB)
flagMalcolm Wilson Rally flagRutter Darren#137icon Ford Escort MK1B1064.7. class B10
flagRally van Haspengouw
Belgium Junior
flagBrown Jamie#48icon Ford Fiesta R26
22.21. Belgium
6. Belgium Junior
8. class 6
8. class R2B
flagLegend Fires North West Stages flagBroadbent Matthew#86icon Volvo 340A51.7. class A
flagCoppermines Grizedale Stages Rally flagDoherty Stephen#46icon Ford Escort MK2B1137.6. class B11
flagGlyn Memorial Junior Stages flagCornwell Josh#108icon Nissan MicraF10005.5. Junior 1000 (GB)
5. class F1000
flagCambrian Rally
BTRDA Gold Star
flagDalton Simon#237icon Volkswagen Lupo 1.4RF 1.488.
flagTodds Leap Ulster Rally Challenge 2
British Rally Challenge
flagTaylor Adam#9icon Ford Fiesta STRC45.3. class RC4
flagTodds Leap Ulster Rally Challenge 1
British Rally Challenge
flagTaylor Adam#9icon Ford Fiesta STRC48.4. class RC4
flagJim Clark Challenge Rally
British Rally Challenge
flagJackson Matthew#216icon Nissan MicraRC1Mechanical
flagPirelli International Rally
Great Britain
flagIngram Chris#23icon Renault Twingo RS R2615.6. class 6
flagCircuit of Ireland
flagIngram Chris#40icon Renault Twingo RS R2638.22. IRC
flagBulldog International Rally North Wales
Great Britain
flagIngram Chris#19icon Renault Twingo RS R2621.9. class 6
flagRoskirk Junior Stages flagGullick Jordan#106icon Nissan Micra111.11. Junior 1000 (GB)
11. class 1
flagRallye Sunseeker International
Great Britain
flagIngram Chris#26icon Renault Twingo RS R25Driveshaft
flagCoppermines Grizedale Stages Rally flagIngram Chris#106icon Toyota AygoF100014.1. class F1000
flagJLT Tempest 2WD Rally flagGriffin Matt#143icon Mazda 2131.2. class 1
flagCambrian Rally flagJones Chris#211icon Mazda 21400L51.
flagHutton Kitchens Woodbridge Stages flagBeattie Calvin#107icon Nissan MicraJ146.
flagHistoric Omloop van Vlaanderen
British Historic
flagWilliams Richard#257icon Ford Escort MexicoCategory 2
flagWoodpecker Stages Rally flagGriffin Matt#218icon Volkswagen Lupo 1.41400L91.
flagNicky Grist Quinton Stages flagGriffin Matt#219icon Volkswagen Lupo 1.41400LOff road
flagSomerset Stages Rally flagGriffin Matt#221icon Volkswagen Lupo 1.41400L74.
flagLee Holland Memorial Junior Stages flagBeattie Calvin#107icon Nissan MicraJ15.5. Junior 1000 (GB)
5. class J1
flagCambrian Rally
BTRDA Gold Star
flagParry Keith#20icon Subaru ImprezaB13Transmission
flagOmloop van Vlaanderen
flagArcher Richard#39icon Opel Corsa S1600 (SW02 UVO)A634.34. Belgium
3. class A6
flagLee Holland Memorial Stages flagGriffin Matt#15icon Volkswagen Lupo 1.4A19.
flagIsle of Man International Rally
Great Britain
flagBronkart Renaud#42icon Nissan MicraR122.22. Great Britain
6. class R1
flagYorkshire International Rally
Great Britain
flagLaverty Martin#27icon Citroën C2 R2R219.8. class R2
flagBill Gwynne Rallyschool Coracle Stages flagParry Keith#4icon Subaru Impreza64.2. class 6
flagJim Clark International Rally
Great Britain
flagLaverty Martin#45icon Citroën C2 R2R237.11. class R2
flagG-O-N Granite and Marble Cambrian Rally
BTRDA Gold Star
flagMartin Paul#243icon Peugeot 205B890.14. class B8
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