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58. Ardeca Ypres Rally Belgium 2022

WRC #9WRC2 Open #9WRC2 Junior #9WRC2 Masters #9WRC3 Open #9Belgium #6Belgium Junior #6Master Cup (B) #6
18. 8. – 21. 8. 2022, Ypres • Superstage • asphalt 281.58 km • total distance including road sections - 687.24 km • Other years
Belgium Junior
Master Cup (B)
WRC2 Junior
WRC2 Masters
WRC2 Open
WRC3 Open
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Nieuwkerke − 7.34 km − 16:01 - 18. 8.


1.#11flagNeuville Thierry
- Wydaeghe Martijn
iconHyundai i20 N Rally13:55.33:48.13:45.13:44.4
2.#69flagRovanperä Kalle
- Halttunen Jonne
iconToyota GR Yaris Rally13:59.03:47.93:45.0
3.#2flagSolberg Oliver
- Edmondson Elliott
iconHyundai i20 N Rally14:01.43:51.43:48.03:45.7
4.#33flagEvans Elfyn
- Martin Scott
iconToyota GR Yaris Rally14:00.63:50.13:45.93:45.7
5.#42flagBreen Craig
- Nagle Paul
iconFord Puma Rally14:01.53:52.73:48.63:46.03:46.3
6.#4flagLappi Esapekka
- Ferm Janne
iconToyota GR Yaris Rally13:58.03:51.13:48.33:46.1
7.#16flagFourmaux Adrien
- Coria Alexandre
iconFord Puma Rally14:04.03:55.83:51.23:49.63:46.6
8.#8flagTänak Ott
- Järveoja Martin
iconHyundai i20 N Rally14:00.33:49.73:47.93:46.8
9.#18flagKatsuta Takamoto
- Johnston Aaron
iconToyota GR Yaris Rally14:09.93:53.13:49.53:48.4
10.#44flagGreensmith Gus
- Andersson Jonas
iconFord Puma Rally14:06.03:57.33:52.03:51.03:50.0
11.#50flagBedoret Sébastien
- Gilbert F.
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo4:15.64:08.74:05.44:02.94:03.0
12.#24flagLefebvre Stéphane
- Malfoy Andy
iconCitroën C3 Rally24:09.04:03.74:03.9
13.#35flagLinnamäe Georg
- Morgan James
iconVolkswagen Polo GTI R54:13.44:08.14:03.9
14.#20flagMikkelsen Andreas
- Eriksen Torstein
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo4:15.54:04.2
15.#31flagIngram Chris
- Drew Craig
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo4:12.34:06.74:04.7
16.#26flagVerschueren Vincent
- Cuvelier Filip
iconVolkswagen Polo GTI R54:12.34:06.94:05.0
17.#25flagMunster Grégoire
- Louka Louis
iconHyundai i20 N Rally24:13.44:06.0
18.#30flagCracco P.
- Vermeulen J.
iconHyundai i20 N Rally24:15.14:10.64:08.04:06.5
19.#21flagRossel Yohan
- Sarreaud Valentin
iconCitroën C3 Rally24:16.14:07.4
20.#32flagMcErlean Josh
- Fulton James
iconHyundai i20 N Rally24:11.34:07.4
21.#36flagKremer Armin
- Gottschalk Timo
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo4:19.34:12.74:08.2
22.#28flagLoix Freddy
- Tsjoen Pieter
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo4:15.34:08.7
23.#53flagCachón Alejandro
- Vela Ángel Luis
iconCitroën C3 Rally24:23.34:11.54:09.3
24.#48flagBux Gino
- Gilsoul Nicolas
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo4:12.84:09.4
25.#52flagCasier Bernd
- Vyncke Pieter
iconFord Fiesta Rally24:15.04:10.44:12.5
26.#34flagReynvoet Niels
- Pattyn Diederik
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo4:23.64:19.44:14.44:12.74:10.54:11.1
27.#29flagBulacia Marco
- Vallejo Diego
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo4:14.54:10.9
28.#49flagPotty Maxime
- Herman Renaud
iconCitroën C3 Rally24:11.4
29.#27flagVanneste Davy
- D'alleine Kris
iconCitroën C3 Rally24:14.4
30.#23flagHuttunen Jari
- Lukka Mikko
iconFord Fiesta Rally24:14.5
31.#58flagPajari Sami
- Mälkönen Enni
iconFord Fiesta Rally34:23.74:15.8
32.#51flagVerstappen Jos
- van Koppen Harm
iconCitroën C3 Rally24:23.14:15.9
33.#37flagBurri Olivier
- Levratti Anderson
iconHyundai i20 N Rally24:29.54:19.14:17.2
34.#38flagSimpson Neil
- Gibson Michael
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo4:24.24:17.7
35.#39flagFukunaga Osamu
- Saida Misako
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo4:29.74:22.24:19.2
36.#54flagBécaert Steve
- Vandersarren Jochen
iconFord Fiesta R54:33.14:25.04:29.1
37.#85flagRensonnet Tom
- Dumont Loïc
iconRenault Clio Rally44:31.04:25.0
38.#22flagGryazin Nikolay
- Aleksandrov K.
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo4:43.34:25.6
39.#76flagMolle Amaury
- Walbrecq Thomas
iconAlpine A110 Rally RGT4:32.94:26.94:26.2
40.#66flagSyx Bjorn
- Vanrobaeys Ari
iconBMW M3 E304:35.14:26.54:28.04:28.0
41.#45flagČerný Jan
- Woodburn Tom
iconFord Fiesta Rally34:32.94:26.6
42.#84flagPyck Gilles
- Mourisse Emile
iconRenault Clio Rally44:32.34:28.0
43.#87flagDolfen Steven
- Pierpont Niels
iconOpel Corsa Rally44:38.94:29.14:45.7
44.#75flagMaeyaert Pieter-Jan
- Dewulf Yves
iconBMW M3 E304:38.54:30.44:49.9
45.#41flagDíaz-Aboitiz Miguel
- Hereu Jordi
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo5:12.94:41.84:37.34:30.7
46.#46flagBrazzoli Enrico
- Fenoli Manuel
iconFord Fiesta Rally34:49.94:37.14:32.0
47.#47flagLászló Zoltán
- Kürti Tamás
iconFord Fiesta Rally34:55.34:46.34:38.14:33.64:32.3
48.#72flagLietaer Paul
- Knockaert Wouter
iconAlpine A110 Rally RGT4:43.54:33.1
49.#86flagDewilde Jonas
- Vandenbussche Jeffrey
iconPeugeot 208 Rally44:39.54:33.5
50.#55flagFernandes Steve
- Leroy Christophe
iconŠkoda Fabia R54:33.6
51.#79flagMerlevede Cedriek
- Callens Laury
iconBMW M3 E304:40.14:34.94:49.2
52.#60flagRoussel Frédéric
- Coulombel A.
iconCitroën DS3 R54:44.34:37.54:37.54:36.4
53.#98flagNielsen Casper
- Hanssens Ward
iconRenault Clio Rally54:45.34:40.3
54.#73flagVanwijnsberghe Didier
- Valcke Victor
iconBMW M3 E304:52.54:40.54:41.2
55.#64flagVerbeke Etienne
- Boussery Hervé
iconFord Fiesta Rally25:02.14:40.74:49.5
56.#70flagJanssens Glenn
- Prévot Stéphane
iconPorsche 991 GT34:40.94:42.5
57.#74flagPrinzie Stefaan
- Vermeulen Sharon
iconAlpine A110 Rally RGT4:47.24:43.2
58.#40flagBoland Eamonn
- MJ
iconFord Fiesta Rally24:49.24:43.7
59.#77flagMerlevede Christophe
- Vandromme G.
iconBMW M3 E304:55.94:44.34:47.3
60.#56flagHodenius Roger
- Thierie Davy
iconCitroën C3 Rally24:46.2
61.#65flagVan Parijs Timothy
- Heyndrickx Kurt
iconPorsche 997 GT3 Cup4:46.85:05.6
62.#97flagPerrard Frédéric
- Leclercq Francis
iconRenault Clio Rally54:51.34:46.9
63.#61flagSoete Maxime
- Delepierre Jeroen
iconŠkoda Fabia R54:51.34:47.54:55.4
64.#101flagvan den Brink Mitchel
- Bakker L.
iconRenault Clio Rally54:51.04:48.1
65.#94flagGuibert Jean-Christophe
- Gracial L.
iconFord Fiesta Rally44:58.54:49.14:53.0
66.#100flagPerrard Grégory
- Daghelet Bertrand
iconRenault Clio Rally55:02.34:51.0
67.#43flagVossen Henk
- van Goor Hans
iconFord Fiesta R54:52.44:54.4
68.#91flagBauwens Kim
- Vandamme Tony
iconFord Fiesta Rally44:57.64:52.6
69.#82flagSobry Bart
- Breyne Jeannick
iconFord Fiesta Rally35:10.94:54.6
70.#88flagBerville Frédéric
- Kammersgaard D.
iconOpel Adam R24:59.54:55.7
71.#92flagBrown Jamie
- Blondeel Frank
iconFord Fiesta Rally45:03.74:57.0
72.#63flagDavroux Pierre
- Milleville Patrick
iconŠkoda Fabia R55:25.94:58.75:27.2
73.#89flagMerlevede Manuel
- Cloet Thomas
iconPeugeot 208 R25:55.75:01.2
74.#99flagDhaene Lander
- Geerlandt François
iconRenault Clio Rally55:08.55:01.6
75.#83flagVerstraete Vincent
- Dewickere C.
iconFord Fiesta Rally35:04.45:07.8
76.#96flagDepredomme Johan
- Van De Vivere Eddy
iconFord Fiesta Rally45:23.35:29.6
77.#57flagStampaert Nicola
- Doublet Christophe
iconFord Fiesta R510:00.010:00.0
Ollevier SS16
Pajari SS15
Neuville SS15
Reynvoet SS15
Neuville SS15
Artem Tatyanchenko [16. 8. 11:05:41]
The rally is forecast to be rainy or at least wet.
Shacki [19. 8. 10:56:34]
it will be interesting with many surprises
Artem Tatyanchenko [19. 8. 11:25:06]
Pity Kalle
swaayyz [19. 8. 12:13:27]
kalle rolled, it's good for neuville
poekäru [19. 8. 12:20:44]
good old thierry and ott vs hyundai
Timo Leinonen [19. 8. 11:05:09]
Seems like Citroen has done its home work in R2 ..
Shacki [19. 8. 12:46:53]
Citroen is always better on tarmac 😀
Shacki [19. 8. 20:45:19]
Huttunen retired in service, somebody knows why?
Shacki [20. 8. 10:53:05]
engine 😯
André Oliveira [20. 8. 11:36:54]
Great work to control that fire. 🚒
André Oliveira [20. 8. 11:41:48]
Stage interrupted after Breen's off. ⚠️
Artem Tatyanchenko [20. 8. 11:59:59]
Terrible rally for Ford, basically like everyone else except Monte and Italy
André Oliveira [20. 8. 17:33:45]
Neuvilleeeee 😱
swaayyz [20. 8. 17:40:54]
Artem Tatyanchenko [20. 8. 18:14:14]
Ypres does not forgive mistakes
Artem Tatyanchenko [21. 8. 12:18:10]
Malcolm Wilson will be very unhappy.
Sendaaja [21. 8. 12:51:34]
What a disaster for Msport again.

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