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71. Secto Rally Finland 2022

WRC #8WRC2 Open #8WRC3 Open #8WRC2 Masters #8WRC2 Junior #8
4. 8. – 7. 8. 2022, Jyväskylä • AKK Sports Ltd. • gravel 322.61 km - (cancelled 21.69 km) • total distance including road sections - 1427.47 km • Other years
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SS18 Vekkula 2 - 20.65 km
- 6. 8. 18:38
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"I really enjoyed the afternoon stages. The grip in the afternoon was good. This last one was a bit tricky with stones but we did OK.
"It has been fun! It's nice to be part of this. There has been incidents all right, and the steering wheel is a bit skewed. We hit something on the previous stage. Now we'll head to service to have a look at it."
"It's better and better. This stage was so rough and I was very cautious. I just drove through - happy to be here."
"It was a successful day. We gained more experience of rainy conditions. The rest of the day was OK even though it was a bit rough. We managed without punctures or any major trouble. It was nice to get to drive these nice stages also in dry conditions and it's great to see so many specators there. We will try to continue the same way tomorrow."
"I think it's one of those jumps on the last two stages. We just landed flat on the belly. Anyway, I'm quite happy with my day, it's all been progressive and learning the roads so I'm happy."
"A nice day, no problems, we had a lot of fun. Everything is OK."
"A good day but I didn't like this stage so much. We did some changes for the car and it's more stable so we could enjoy even the rough parts. We enjoyed the day as a whole. A beautiful day!"
"We had difficulties in the rain this morning. The second loop was better. We are happy to be here because that's not obvious in Finland."
"The sun was dazzling me at the beginning, but elsewhere it was not so bright. We have been just driving through; nothing special."
"The morning went better but we had a puncture in the afternoon and after that we haven't been able to push."
"I think overall quite a good saturday for us. In the past the Saturday hasn't been very good for us so getting through without any punctures was crucial for us."
"I have to say, Teemu has been really on it and maybe I'm not so confident with the car in these conditions, I was better in the morning. I don't know, I'm quite happy with the day."
"In the morning we had some challenges. We managed them quite well. Overall a good day"
"It was something on the damper. It's a shame because I feel like I could have gone faster, but at the same time if we did it might not have held together."
"It was the worst. When the sun is very low then sometimes there is really no visibility. We were not brave enough to even clean the windscreen in case we broke it more, so it's also very dirty. It was a nightmare, but we are here."
"It's still a bit of a surprise where we are at the moment, but definitely it's been a good day considering the conditions that we had. We really thought we would lose a lot more and actually we are doing good."
"We lost quite a lot of time yesterday, but today we have been trying our best to catch it. It's not easy because the gaps are so small but the main thing is that we are at the end of the day. We have good points coming and tomorrow we have to finish the job."
"The rear just snapped at quite high speed. It was stupid, but nothing really to say."
"In general, the car was behaving much better today than yesterday. We have no reason to push and I know that in this rally I can't fight with the guys at the front. We are in a constant rhythm, driving through and still having fun."
"I enjoyed it. Gus is faster than me, so it's not so good to feel that but that's how it is. For me everything is fine, but I need a bit more commitment everywhere to try and catch a bit of time."
Damaged suspension from SS17
"The afternoon has been really enjoyable - I just need to improve my mornings. Maybe I need to have more coffee!"
"When you check the times it's not okay, but if you ignore the times then it's a nice feeling in the car."
"It was okay and a clean stage for us. We will see."
Lappi SS21
Lappi SS21
Heino SS3
McErlean SS3
Solberg SS2
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