72. Safari Rally Kenya 2024

WRC #3WRC2 #3WRC2 Challenger #3WRC3 #3WRC Masters Cup #3
28. 3. – 31. 3. 2024, Naivasha • WRC Safari Rally Kenya • gravel 367.76 km • total distance including road sections - 1259.09 km • Other years
2. leg
3. leg
WRC2 Challenger
WRC Masters Cup
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SS8 Soysambu 1 - 29.32 km
- 30. 3. 08:01
1. flag
Anwar Hamza
- Din Adnan

Ford Fiesta Rally3
RC3 22:29.3 78.2
1. flag
Anwar Hamza
- Din Adnan

Ford Fiesta Rally3
RC3 3:06:56.0
Other info
Weather: slightly cloudy. Stage is dry.
"Not easy for sure. I tried to be a bit careful, there's so many rocks. Not easy to find the limit. I had a bit of dust and lost a few seconds in the dust."
"Seemed to have a rear left puncture, didn't feel like it at first and then sure enough it was. It was too long to drive it out.."
"I have a bigger problem with my eyes, I don't know.. I really hate this fesh-fesh.. I can't open my eyes. Blind rally! It's not easy!"
"Was a good stage. I'm happy with my stage, always tried to keep it in the middle of the road."
"I don't know about [Munster]. I had a clean stage and I really slowed down at the rocky part."
Stopped at 12.7km. Changing a puncture, continuing.
"We had some mistake on the back [on road section] so we had to work a bit. We also lost power after fesh-fesh and had to slow."
Stopped, continuing very slowly. Rear left suspension broken.
"We had a very busy road section with loads of work and the bonnet pin was our mistake, just realised it didn't click correctly."
"Pretty good. Grip was fine, for sure some powder on the top but generally really nice."
Front left tyre off the rim
Bonnet loose on the right side. Stopped for about a minute to close it.
Fourmaux SS13
Lappi SS13
#35 SS7
Munster SS8
Evans SS8
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3389 [30. 3. 09:32:52] [translated from cs]
Yes beautiful scenery , they are a bit hot , the shots are great , the animals on the track are probably looking more than the people The giraffe has a view. . Rally2 HAVE protective frames in front of the radiators, interesting that the WRC don't have it again they have clogged mesh from the grass, how does it cool down at 37 km rz. Nice shots from the service, how they disassemble the car in 5 min.
Mirus [30. 3. 09:52:19] [translated from cs]
And maybe I find the nature horrible, uninteresting and I don't like these African competitions all the time... but I still think they belong in the World Championship...
Tom_Ass [30. 3. 09:55:01] [translated from cs]
How many of these African competitions are there in the World Cup? I think it's a great boost among other destinations.
Mirus [30. 3. 10:02:36] [translated from cs]
I mean, all the time I've been interested in rallying, I've never been into that, same with the Ivory Coast back in the day. I understand that someone has a different opinion and I'll take it...
Kuda 08 [30. 3. 10:17:52] [translated from cs]
I also agree. Safari Rally belongs to the WRC and the cars themselves, modified for this event, are a highlight of the season. It's a rally and it's being run everywhere...
Zdenda17 [30. 3. 10:17:10] [translated from sk]
When you write that nature is terrible, that's not an opinion, it's dementia, sorry. It doesn't mean anything to me and I don't need to see it, but it's a fact that there is TOP nature and wilderness...
Mirus [30. 3. 10:52:02] [translated from cs]
So I'm a dick and as a dick I like the nature in Italy for example - ok?
PepaJH [30. 3. 14:22:53] [translated from cs]
Nature? -- all piles of rocks, water mains loose on the surface around the RZ and barbed wire fences. And high tension poles everywhere, perhaps denser than here!! The shot of the elephants and giraffe was (I hope) far enough away from the track. But zebras are apparently everywhere, as Greg Munster found out.
Halford [30. 3. 19:13:25] [translated from cs]
Well man I've been there, even to some places around Naivasha where this rally is held and read that the scenery is terrible.... I'm not saying you have to be an Africa lover, but at least the nature there is still okay somewhere. Beautiful animals, landscapes, views unspoiled by development, etc...
Mirus [31. 3. 08:55:57] [translated from cs]
Ok, ok, I like something else, I think about watching rally... I just like cars on asphalt, I don't like watching this. But as I wrote, the rally has a point!
PepaJH [31. 3. 12:13:54] [translated from cs]
"Views unspoiled by development" - facilities for tourists
PepaJH [31. 3. 12:15:30] [translated from cs]
Thus - every tourist contributes to the destruction of what is left.
hujer [31. 3. 12:00:27] [translated from cs]
The spacing is already big.No need to hunt it before power.
PepaJH [31. 3. 12:07:59] [translated from cs]
That's what I thought too, but - FIM first wanted to eliminate "boredom" at the end, so they introduced PS. But that was causing "boredom" on Sunday in case of "spacing". So they introduced separate scoring for Sunday - but the points were almost the same as for PS. So it's "boring" before PS. And that's supposed to attract?
genianální dífka [31. 3. 12:22:58] [translated from cs]
FIM is a pretty motorcycle federation...and yet rally is still about thinking beyond the next corner. If you're bored today, buy a Raccoon Bear...
Medvěd [31. 3. 12:33:36] [translated from cs]
If it wasn't meant to be that they keep coming up with all sorts of "improvements/more attractive" scoring, but it's different in real life anyway...
PepaJH [31. 3. 13:29:48] [translated from cs]
Yeah. I figured it out early, but there's no "button" to correct comments already posted. But I was hoping readers would figure out that I meant "supremacy" from the rally.
Tomáš Tkadlec [31. 3. 14:12:09]
Body za Safari: Rovanpera 21, Katsuta 18, Formaux 17, Evans 16, Neuville 19, …. Tannak 12, Lappi 3, Munster 2
mmicka1 [31. 3. 14:03:13] [translated from cs]
Adrien's doing great, head on. And that's a box, big congrats, the season in R5 did him good. Before that his shots were dangerous, he was in a similar position to Meeke when he was fired from Citroen.
lukeska [31. 3. 14:05:55] [translated from cs]
At the beginning of the season I wouldn't have thought that Adrien would have more podiums than Ott in 3 races.
Kuda 08 [31. 3. 14:12:16] [translated from cs]
Ott was the same. How many chances did Malcolm give him in the WRC. Then he drove steady results, moved to Toyota and the title was his. Last year his results were more or less due to Puma's unreliability and unfortunately he's not doing well this year. But Adrien has been a pleasant surprise this season...
Medvěd [31. 3. 14:10:36] [translated from cs]
Who gets the seventh place for today? Will it be decided by the thousands like in the PS?
Tomáš Tkadlec [31. 3. 14:13:03] [translated from cs]
I suppose Kalle, because he had a better time than Lappi in today's first RZ;
Tomáš Tkadlec [31. 3. 14:24:07] [translated from cs]
So Lappi had a better time in the 14th RZ, I was wrong, i.e. overall Rovanpera has 20
genianální dífka [31. 3. 18:37:47] [translated from cs]
In case anyone doesn't remember what a Safari rally is...well, what it was - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rF9DjFF6-jc&t=346s
mmicka1 [31. 3. 13:28:40] [translated from cs]
Does anyone know if the interior headlight leds on these fabs flash on purpose?
mmicka1 [31. 3. 13:29:55] [translated from cs]
They said something about it now, I didn't really catch it, because of the animals?
Melky [31. 3. 16:08:10] [translated from cs]
According to me the lights themselves don't blink, it's a standard phenomenon, when you film an LED light on video, almost every one of them blinks :) practically every LED blinks, it's just invisible to the naked eye, on camera it's visible :)
mmicka1 [31. 3. 21:12:04] [translated from cs]
But here it was only one segment of light.
Kuda 08 [31. 3. 16:15:13] [translated from cs]
Yeah, they were strobe lights for the animals. Something similar is last year's Hyundai
lukeska [31. 3. 20:32:11] [translated from cs]
Do you also feel that the ms in rally is slowly dying "slowly"? :-(
Tyvoleondra [31. 3. 21:31:44] [translated from cs]
Well, I would rather say that it is the specificity of the weekend and also the competition because if we remember that it is Easter and the starting line was as it was so many people skipped it and devoted themselves to family (I'm not saying that safari is a bad competition at all) so if Croatia is going to go, the numbers will be higher than before because if I look at Monte or Sweden, the attendance was so high here on ewrc and not to mention the night section on Monte where seeing the amount of flares and people at the track was something unreal
lukeska [31. 3. 21:41:37] [translated from cs]
I understand... Monte at night is absolute perfection, the atmosphere, god, god.. ❤️
Tyvoleondra [31. 3. 21:54:21] [translated from cs]
I'm glad that my bullshit I spouted could be understood 😅😅👍🏿👍🏿
lukeska [31. 3. 22:14:55]
:-D . ;-)
lukeska [31. 3. 14:12:01] [translated from cs]
Kalle destroyed everyone again... :-)
PepaJH [1. 4. 21:39:05] [translated from cs]
And that's why he has "a whole" 2 points more than Neuville😂
Martin_wrc [31. 3. 12:32:33] [translated from cs]
It's true that Sunday stages are boring and Safari with huge intervals is very boring with waiting for PS. In my opinion, it's a long term problem when 2-3 teams go MS... WRC is interesting for a few fools like us here on ewrc, but WRC is in my opinion at a dead end
lukeska [31. 3. 12:36:45] [translated from cs]
Nicely/accurately written.. :-)
Karhanek [31. 3. 13:03:00] [translated from cs]
Above is a plate of other years. So go there and see what are the usual differences at rallies in Africa. The whole thing is just a specific event, so stop crying about how you don't like it, how there are not enough factories and how the asphalt is better and all that. You're like little children....
Martin_wrc [31. 3. 13:26:45] [translated from cs]
the discussion is about opinions and you are acting like a child who has a different opinion than you, so it's wrong...
Karhanek [31. 3. 13:51:27] [translated from cs]
so you can have an opinion and I can't? You have an interesting idea.....
PepaJH [31. 3. 13:45:57] [translated from cs]
What about scoring each RZ separately, the winner would be the one with the most points, some bonuses for overall ranking and deductions for dropping points? Then Kalle, Elfyn and Taka would also live on RZ 18. Someone could end up with "minus" number of points, but even that would be information for fans and team management - and it could be reflected in the standings. Hopefully they could get that minus sign in the standings table. And boredom would be eliminated.
Medvěd [31. 3. 13:55:21] [translated from cs]
Every RZ is a different length, you wouldn't like that. And if somebody makes a puncture or a mistake, then it's just going to run out and be boring.... How about giving points for every kilometre? 🤦‍♂️
Karhanek [31. 3. 14:02:40] [translated from cs]
I'm behind the jury at every turn. Speed is not taken into account, but the "beauty" and the drama of going through the turn. The rating is 1-10, with ten being the highest. The winner of the rally is the best in a weighted average of all corners, as the most consistent.
Medvěd [31. 3. 14:08:07] [translated from cs]
And the last corner in the competition will be "Powercurve" = double points... ;-)
PepaJH [31. 3. 14:31:29] [translated from cs]
Well, like in figure skating 😁. The problem was only in enough qualified judges🤣. Yeah I understand the hyperbole, but I also understand that anything is possible (if there is enough money for it). And mistakes can be found on any system. That was the talk of how removing the offside on red "will ruin hockey". And hockey didn't become "more defensive" because of it, as the fears sounded, but rather nicer by more breakaways. And most youngsters today don't even understand how something as moronic as a ban on passing "across two lines" could exist and hold up hockey. Even the hybrid "icing" is stupid on the face of it, but in recent NHL rounds it has made for some beautiful goals.
MFox [31. 3. 15:44:05] [translated from cs]
If anyone from the FIA is reading this, we have a lot to look forward to next season 😂
PepaJH [31. 3. 14:19:49] [translated from cs]
Whereas with a fault or a defect now, how is that? He still doesn't win the RZ, but he goes "on time" and here he would go for "remaining points" for the RZ. WRC runs what 9? At 10-1 (or otherwise) he would be going for the remaining points anyway. RZ lengths could be "normalized" or assign coefficients (0.5 for spectator car rallies, 1 for 8-19.9 km and x2 for +20 km. My point is that everyone should be motivated for each subsequent RZ. Maybe then there would be more of us "patients".
Karhanek [31. 3. 15:02:21] [translated from cs]
On the contrary, I would favour the corners where there are more spectators, because that is what it is all about. So I'd give a favoring coefficient according to the number of spectators in the respective turn. I would rather allow your coefficient to be a little bit reversed (10x for spectator super specials, 0,5 for 8-19,9km and of course zero for the +20km specials because nobody cares about them and the spectator needs instant fun, not some long races)
PepaJH [1. 4. 21:48:34] [translated from cs]
But then that would be rallyecross and not rally. Do you think the short SS was "the same" for both starters, or was one track more advantageous? I know, they crossed, but in the second round they went "lethally" over the start, whereas in the first round "from scratch". And the drivers say that there is nothing to be gained here, but a lot to be lost - see that upended lap by Ogier or Loeb once - I don't remember and don't want to look it up. If it was a joke, I didn't get it. I'm (almost) always serious.

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