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15. Rally Guanajuato Mexico 2018

8. 3. – 11. 3. 2018, Leon • gravel 344,49 km • Other years
WRC #3NACAM #1WRC 2 #3WRC 3 #3
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SS13 El Brinco 1 - 9.98 km - (GMT+1 18:08 - 10. 3. 2018)

Williams Tom
- Hall Phil

Ford Fiesta R2 tyre
Williams Tom
- Hall Phil

Ford Fiesta R2 tyre (SR)


#35flagBulacia Wilkinson Marco
- Mussano Fernando
iconFord Fiesta R51:00 Late (6 min) at TC
#81flagTriviño Ricardo
- Martí Marc
iconCitroën DS3 R50:30 Late (3 min) at TC


flagRovanperä Kalle - Halttunen Jonne
"We've been really careful this morning. We're looking at the stages and learning them after what happened yesterday."
flagTidemand Pontus - Andersson Jonas
"It's been going well this morning. This stage was nice and the car is working really well. For sure, let's keep going like this."
flagSuninen Teemu - Markkula Mikko
"I was driving too carefully. I should use the grip more in the high-speed corners." / "Jel jsem moc opatrně, v rychlých zatáčkách se musím víc opřít do gripu."
flagSordo Dani - Del Barrio Carlos
"I was really happy. The balance of the car was much better. We were struggling with the traction in the slower stages this morning but this was much faster and better. I'm happy to come back a little bit." / "Jsem spokojen, nastavení vozu na tuhle zkoušku je dobré. Na předchozí pomalé nám chyběla trakce."
flagLoeb Sébastien - Elena Daniel
"I'm happy to be in the fight like this. It will be difficult to maintain the gap because I lost some time in the last two stages but we'll try to stay in front." / "Jsem spokojen s tím, kde bojuji. Budě těžké udržet náskok, na posledních dvou RZ jsem něco ztratil."
flagMeeke Kris - Nagle Paul
"I made some mistakes in here. The car stalled on me braking into a corner and then I ran wide on another corner near the finish. It was a bit scrappy, to be honest." / "Udělal jsem tu několik chyb."
flagOgier Sébastien - Ingrassia Julien
"We didn't have the starter motor but that's okay. The stage was alright but I was scared to stall on the start line. I'm already looking forward to this afternoon with a good rhythm for the second loop." / "Odešel nám startér, ale to je v pohodě, je servis. Těším se na odpoledne."
flagMikkelsen Andreas - Jæger Anders
"We had a clean stage, I can't say why we're not on the pace - the feeling is really OK." / "Nevím, proč ztrácíme, protože pocitově je to dobré."
flagNeuville Thierry - Gilsoul Nicolas
"We knew it would be difficult this weekend because of our road position. It's really frustrating for us. But it's part of the game." / "Věděli jsme, že to bude těžká soutěž vzhledem ke startovní pozici. Ale je to frustrující. Ale tak to někdy je."
Meeke SS20
Sordo puncture SS14
Loeb SS14
Neuville SS14
Meeke moment SS13