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62. Rallye Automobile de Monte-Carlo 1994

22. 1. – 27. 1. 1994, Monte Carlo • asphalt - snow 588.43 km • total distance including road sections - 3058.00 km • Other years
Crews on positions 100.+ didn't run the last leg, but were classified according a time penalty. Same with retired crews. All penalties were added by default on the stage 21 and 22, as we didn't have them before on official documents.


SS22#7flag McRae Colin
- Ringer Derek
icon Subaru Impreza 555
555 Subaru WRT
SS21#10flag Ragnotti Jean
- Thimonier Gilles
icon Renault Clio Williams
Société Diac
SS21#20flag Gregis Michele
- Chiapponi Massimo
icon Lancia Delta HF IntegraleA811:00
SS21#25flag Postillon Patrick
- Ceccarelli Bruno
icon Ford Sierra RS Cosworth 4x4A86:30
SS21#32flag Gambino Didier
- Stabile Guy
icon Ford Escort RS CosworthN41:30
SS22#41flag Donguès Bernard
- Ader Gilles
icon Renault Clio 16SA73:00:00
SS21#47flag Jaussaud Bernard
- Robert Gilbert
icon Renault Clio 16SN34:30
SS21#49flag Du Castel Xavier
- Sabatier Daniel
icon BMW M3 E30A84:00
SS22#52flag Kühlewein Günter
- Kühlewein C.
icon Honda CivicA610:00
SS21#53flag Brechet Laurent
- Germain Elisabeth
icon Lancia Delta HF IntegraleA80:30
SS22#53flag Brechet Laurent
- Germain Elisabeth
icon Lancia Delta HF IntegraleA81:00
SS21#58flag Chevalier Gilles
- Hahn Jean-Francois
icon Renault 5 GT TurboN42:00
SS21#62flag Leoni Jean-Marie
- Borlat C.
icon Lancia Delta HF IntegraleN413:30
SS21#71flag Demogue Michel
- Fois Marcel
icon Lancia Delta IntegraleA82:00
SS22#71flag Demogue Michel
- Fois Marcel
icon Lancia Delta IntegraleA81:30
SS21#75flag Bosse Peter
- von Skopnik Andreas
icon Opel Kadett GSI 16VA74:00
SS21#76flag Mallen Eric
- Payen Benoît
icon Mitsubishi Galant VR-4N47:30
SS21#84flag Pianezzola Sergio
- Celi Franco
icon Fiat CinquecentoA50:30
SS21#94flag Ussai Walter
- Barchi Roberto
icon Fiat CinquecentoA52:30
SS21#100flag Klein Kurt
- Walter Dietmar
icon Opel CorsaA53:00
SS22#103flag Bressan Christian
- Launois Didier
icon Peugeot 205 GTI 1.6A62:30
SS21#104flag Pigeon Jean-Luc
- Marquiran P.
icon Peugeot 106 XSIA61:00
SS21#107flag Ficoń Mariusz
- Gac Grzegorz
icon Fiat CinquecentoA51:00
SS22#108flag Cesbron Jacky
- Giraud Paul
icon Renault Clio RNA50:30
SS21#110flag Missbauer Laurent
- Guyot Laurent
icon Suzuki Swift GTiA50:30
SS21#115flag Fournier Jean-Jacques
- Pierot D.
icon Citroën AX SportA510:00
SS22#119flag Le Corre Eric
- Jully Henri
icon Fiat CinquecentoA513:30
SS21#124flag Abbiati Marino
- De Mitri Lelio
icon Ford Escort RS CosworthN45:30
SS21#142flag Roche Stephen
- Smyth Bernard
icon Seat Ibiza GTi 16VN32:00
SS21#145flag Liénard Jean-Claude
- Courmontagne M.
icon Seat Ibiza GTi 16VN30:30
SS22#155flag Malegarie Alain
- Malegarie Catherine
icon Peugeot 309 GTIN36:00
SS21#163flag Pihl Lars
- Pihl Leo
icon Peugeot 309 GTIN32:00
SS21#179flag Isselin Gérard
- Blanc Hervé
icon Honda Civic VTiN20:30
SS21#180flag Mjåland Ivar
- Torjussen Harald
icon Opel CorsaN24:00
SS21#188flag Schmidt Christian
- Tiffe Heidrun
icon Suzuki Swift GTiN18:00
SS21#194flag Lallemant Jean-Robert
- Jarrot P.
icon Peugeot 205 RallyeN11:30
SS21#197flag Rondot Christophe
- Moullet Christelle
icon Peugeot 106 RallyeN14:30
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