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66. EKO Acropolis Rally Greece 2022

WRC #10WRC2 Open #10WRC2 Junior #10WRC2 Masters #10WRC3 Junior #5 [coef 2]WRC3 Open #10
8. 9. – 11. 9. 2022, Lamia • Motorsport Greece + OMAE • gravel 303.30 km • total distance including road sections - 1189.42 km • Other years
WRC2 Junior
WRC2 Masters
WRC2 Open
WRC3 Open
WRC3 Junior
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Lygaria − 3.62 km − 08:01 - 8. 9.


1.#8flagTänak Ott
- Järveoja Martin
iconHyundai i20 N Rally12:47.12:40.72:37.9
2.#11flagNeuville Thierry
- Wydaeghe Martijn
iconHyundai i20 N Rally12:46.62:39.92:38.2
3.#42flagBreen Craig
- Nagle Paul
iconFord Puma Rally12:46.52:41.12:38.8
4.#6flagSordo Dani
- Carrera Cándido
iconHyundai i20 N Rally12:44.82:41.72:39.0
5.#4flagLappi Esapekka
- Ferm Janne
iconToyota GR Yaris Rally12:47.22:42.02:39.3
6.#69flagRovanperä Kalle
- Halttunen Jonne
iconToyota GR Yaris Rally12:50.82:41.52:39.6
7.#7flagLoubet Pierre-Louis
- Landais Vincent
iconFord Puma Rally12:45.22:41.32:40.0
8.#33flagEvans Elfyn
- Martin Scott
iconToyota GR Yaris Rally12:48.52:41.92:40.1
9.#44flagGreensmith Gus
- Andersson Jonas
iconFord Puma Rally12:45.12:41.52:40.3
10.#19flagLoeb Sébastien
- Galmiche Isabelle
iconFord Puma Rally12:46.42:41.9
11.#18flagKatsuta Takamoto
- Johnston Aaron
iconToyota GR Yaris Rally12:52.42:44.72:42.4
12.#21flagRossel Yohan
- Sarreaud Valentin
iconCitroën C3 Rally22:51.22:47.1
13.#25flagLindholm Emil
- Hämäläinen Reeta
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo2:47.2
14.#22flagSuninen Teemu
- Markkula Mikko
iconHyundai i20 N Rally22:49.22:47.6
15.#28flagLinnamäe Georg
- Morgan James
iconVolkswagen Polo GTI R52:48.2
16.#30flagGill Gaurav
- Morales Gabriel
iconŠkoda Fabia R52:52.62:48.8
17.#20flagMikkelsen Andreas
- Eriksen Torstein
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo2:49.3
18.#27flagBulacia Bruno
- Martí Marc
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo2:49.6
19.#31flagMunster Grégoire
- Louka Louis
iconHyundai i20 N Rally22:55.02:50.12:50.2
20.#36flagMartínez Fontena J.
- Alvarez Nicholson A.
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo2:50.4
21.#29flagZaldivar Fabrizio
- Der Ohannesian M.
iconHyundai i20 N Rally22:51.3
22.#32flagProkop Martin
- Ernst Michal
iconFord Fiesta Rally22:54.22:51.4
23.#60flagVirves Robert
- Thulin Julia
iconFord Fiesta Rally32:54.42:51.8
24.#35flagKremer Armin
- Gottschalk Timo
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo2:58.02:52.4
25.#9flagSerderidis Jourdan
- Miclotte F.
iconFord Puma Rally13:02.32:57.82:53.2
26.#48flagPanagiotis Roustemis
- Bakloris C.
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo2:53.82:53.9
27.#41flagCastro Eduardo
- Mussano Fernando
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo2:54.4
28.#59flagArmstrong Jon
- Hoy Brian
iconFord Fiesta Rally32:54.6
29.#58flagPajari Sami
- Mälkönen Enni
iconFord Fiesta Rally32:54.9
30.#23flagGryazin Nikolay
- Aleksandrov K.
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo2:55.5
31.#38flagRieu Jonathan
- Escartefigue Jules
iconCitroën C3 Rally23:00.72:55.6
32.#64flagDominguez Jr. Diego
- Peñate Rogelio
iconFord Fiesta Rally33:00.22:55.9
33.#61flagJoona Lauri
- Korhonen Mikael
iconFord Fiesta Rally32:56.4
34.#62flagCreighton William
- Regan Liam
iconFord Fiesta Rally32:57.5
35.#71flagAthanassopoulos Giorgos
- Bardakis S.
iconŠkoda Fabia R53:06.13:00.32:57.9
36.#45flagSalvi Diogo
- Magalhães Hugo
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo3:03.03:00.12:58.4
37.#51flagKarellis Chrisostomos
- Mahaeras L.
iconCitroën C3 Rally22:59.3
38.#50flagTsouloftas Alexandros
- Whittock Ross
iconVolkswagen Polo GTI R53:00.0
39.#40flagArengi Bentivoglio Fabrizio
- Bosi M.
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo3:08.63:01.93:00.7
40.#55flagPuskádi János
- Gódor Barnabás
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo3:02.83:01.0
41.#70flagPyck Filip
- Dehouck Peter
iconŠkoda Fabia R53:02.33:01.9
42.#54flagHalkias Efthimios
- Vigkos Andreas
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo3:02.2
43.#39flagRosati Frédéric
- Pascaud Loris
iconHyundai i20 N Rally23:08.33:02.43:03.2
44.#65flagKaranikolas Epaminondas
- Kakavas G.
iconFord Fiesta Rally33:07.73:03.63:02.4
45.#26flagIngram Chris
- Drew Craig
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo3:02.7
46.#53flagVelanis Vassileios
- Velanis Ioannis
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo3:02.7
47.#66flagIsmailos Panos
- Harryman Allan
iconFord Fiesta Rally33:10.83:08.43:06.7
48.#47flagKehagias Giorgos
- Sainis Dimitris
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo3:08.8
49.#43flagCovi Carlo
- Lorigiola Michela
iconŠkoda Fabia R53:15.43:18.23:10.0
50.#72flagCampagnoli Gabriele
- Arena Nicola
iconFord Fiesta Rally33:17.83:12.5
51.#56flagVassilakis George
- Soukoulis K.
iconFord Fiesta R53:18.23:13.8
52.#49flagAthanassoulas Lambros
- Zakheos N.
iconHyundai i20 N Rally23:15.5
53.#57flagSpanos Dionyssis
- Gotovos Sotiris
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo3:26.13:19.6
54.#63flagKimathi McRae
- Kioni Mwangi
iconFord Fiesta Rally33:25.8
55.#46flagDíaz-Aboitiz Miguel
- Hereu Jordi
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo3:33.33:36.6
56.#76flagMauro Sánchez A.
- Sanjuan de Eusebio D.
iconRenault Clio Rally43:35.3
57.#52flagStefanis Manos
- Stefanis K.
iconHyundai i20 N Rally23:53.8
58.#80flagKaltsounis Haris
- Mataliotakis A.
iconOpel Corsa Rally44:19.54:04.6
59.#79flagKanellopoulos Anastasios
- Kofinas K.
iconPeugeot 208 Rally44:17.04:27.3
Ingram on SS8, photo from Pantelis Tsiaperas
Ingram on SS8, photo from Pantelis Tsiaperas
Raoux SS11, photo Radim Slonka
Karellis SS10
Damage on Rovanpera car
kosei00 [8. 9. 21:39:16]
what a mess andreas... this is not the way anybody wants to start a rally
swaayyz [9. 9. 07:42:04]
i think loeb is gonna destroy everything
Artem Tatyanchenko [9. 9. 08:49:25]
Loubet is a pleasant surprise.
satrky19 [9. 9. 10:09:04]
What happened with Pajari? Puncture?
satrky19 [9. 9. 10:27:43]
I`ll reply myself then - two punctures and retired for the day.
swaayyz [9. 9. 15:50:44]
loubet is incredible today
Artem Tatyanchenko [10. 9. 09:28:21]
Ford fell down - it's a shame.
André Oliveira [10. 9. 10:11:15]
Poor M-Sport. What a shame 😥
Artem Tatyanchenko [11. 9. 13:13:45]
Hyundai 👏👏👏

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