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55. Vodafone Rally de Portugal 2022

WRC #4WRC2 Open #4WRC2 Junior #4WRC2 Masters #4WRC3 Junior #3WRC3 Open #4Portugal #4Portugal 2RM #4Peugeot Rally Cup Ibérica #3
19. 5. – 22. 5. 2022, Matosinhos • Automóvel Club de Portugal • gravel 338.34 km • total distance including road sections - 1522.89 km • Other years
WRC3 Junior
WRC2 Junior
WRC2 Masters
WRC2 Open
WRC3 Open
Portugal 2RM
Peugeot Rally Cup Ibérica
TGR Iberian Cup
The best time
Run #1
Run #2
Run #3
Run #4
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Paredes − 4.55 km − 09:01 - 19. 5.


1.#33flagEvans Elfyn
- Martin Scott
iconToyota GR Yaris Rally12:58.62:57.12:56.1
2.#42flagBreen Craig
- Nagle Paul
iconFord Puma Rally13:01.12:57.52:56.5
3.#8flagTänak Ott
- Järveoja Martin
iconHyundai i20 N Rally12:59.22:57.32:56.8
4.#11flagNeuville Thierry
- Wydaeghe Martijn
iconHyundai i20 N Rally12:59.52:59.12:56.9
5.#7flagLoubet Pierre-Louis
- Landais Vincent
iconFord Puma Rally12:59.52:57.22:58.2
6.#6flagSordo Dani
- Carrera Cándido
iconHyundai i20 N Rally12:58.32:57.72:57.3
7.#1flagOgier Sébastien
- Veillas Benjamin
iconToyota GR Yaris Rally13:00.62:58.32:57.4
8.#69flagRovanperä Kalle
- Halttunen Jonne
iconToyota GR Yaris Rally12:59.52:57.72:57.6
9.#44flagGreensmith Gus
- Andersson Jonas
iconFord Puma Rally13:00.42:59.82:58.13:00.9
10.#19flagLoeb Sébastien
- Galmiche Isabelle
iconFord Puma Rally13:03.83:01.62:58.5
11.#18flagKatsuta Takamoto
- Johnston Aaron
iconToyota GR Yaris Rally12:59.72:58.93:33.9
12.#16flagFourmaux Adrien
- Coria Alexandre
iconFord Puma Rally13:05.73:01.93:14.3
13.#21flagSuninen Teemu
- Markkula Mikko
iconHyundai i20 N Rally23:05.13:03.5
14.#23flagSolberg Oliver
- Edmondson Elliott
iconHyundai i20 N Rally23:07.43:04.0
15.#24flagBulacia Marco
- Der Ohannesian M.
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo3:08.13:07.13:05.0
16.#20flagMikkelsen Andreas
- Eriksen Torstein
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo3:05.8
17.#35flagZaldivar Fabrizio
- del Barrio Carlos
iconHyundai i20 N Rally23:07.73:06.3
18.#45flagMarczyk Mikołaj
- Gospodarczyk S.
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo3:07.73:06.8
19.#29flagCamilli Eric
- de la Haye Thibault
iconCitroën C3 Rally23:07.23:13.4
20.#26flagRossel Yohan
- Sarreaud Valentin
iconCitroën C3 Rally23:09.73:07.3
21.#34flagBulacia Bruno
- Martí Marc
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo3:10.03:07.8
22.#41flagJohnston Sean
- Kihurani Alexander
iconCitroën C3 Rally23:13.73:10.43:08.2
23.#31flagLinnamäe Georg
- Morgan James
iconVolkswagen Polo GTI R53:08.5
24.#28flagSolans Jan
- Sanjuan de Eusebio R.
iconCitroën C3 Rally23:08.6
25.#30flagPietarinen Eerik
- Linnaketo Antti
iconVolkswagen Polo GTI R53:08.9
26.#38flagAraújo Armindo
- Ramalho Luís
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo3:09.93:09.3
27.#52flagTeodósio Ricardo
- Teixeira José
iconHyundai i20 N Rally23:10.63:09.7
28.#22flagGryazin Nikolay
- Aleksandrov K.
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo3:10.6
29.#51flagFernández E.
- Coronado Jiménez A.
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo3:10.7
30.#39flagGuerra jr. Benito
- Fernández Sara
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo3:11.1
31.#43flagMagalhães Bruno
- Magalhães Carlos
iconHyundai i20 N Rally23:12.1
32.#70flagVirves Robert
- Lesk Aleks
iconFord Fiesta Rally33:16.93:12.4
33.#49flagProkop Martin
- Ernst Michal
iconFord Fiesta Rally23:12.6
34.#56flagSalvi Diogo
- Ramalho Miguel
iconŠkoda Fabia R53:51.43:13.03:14.0
35.#32flagCais Erik
- Těšínský Petr
iconFord Fiesta Rally23:15.03:13.4
36.#36flagMcErlean Josh
- Fulton James
iconHyundai i20 N Rally23:13.5
37.#48flagAlmeida Pedro
- Castro Mário
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo3:27.83:13.8
38.#59flagVillanueva A.
- Murado González J.
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo3:20.33:15.93:13.8
39.#54flagSimões Lucas
- Almeida Nuno
iconHyundai i20 R53:16.33:14.0
40.#66flagPajari Sami
- Mälkönen Enni
iconFord Fiesta Rally33:15.3
41.#67flagJoona Lauri
- Korhonen Mikael
iconFord Fiesta Rally33:19.53:15.8
42.#46flagFontes José Pedro
- Ponte Inês
iconCitroën C3 Rally23:16.2
43.#53flagAl-Rashed Rakan
- Magalhães Hugo
iconVolkswagen Polo GTI R53:22.63:18.73:17.9
44.#27flagIngram Chris
- Drew Craig
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo3:18.1
45.#68flagCreighton William
- Regan Liam
iconFord Fiesta Rally33:20.73:19.0
46.#65flagArmstrong Jon
- Hoy Brian
iconFord Fiesta Rally33:20.6
47.#47flagKremer Armin
- Gottschalk Timo
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo3:21.2
48.#25flagKajetanowicz Kajetan
- Szczepaniak M.
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo3:22.1
49.#82flagCastro Manuel
- Cunha Ricardo
iconŠkoda Fabia R53:22.33:25.6
50.#78flagBurger Kees
- Arminen Teemu
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo3:23.83:23.33:22.5
51.#79flagRieu Jonathan
- Escartefigue Jules
iconCitroën C3 Rally23:31.73:23.4
52.#57flagDéjean Patrick
- Jammes Yannick
iconFord Fiesta R53:28.53:25.0
53.#97flagGabeiras Fraga Iago
- Casal Vilar N.
iconPeugeot 208 Rally43:34.93:29.13:26.1
54.#75flagPetch Stephen
- Wilkinson Michael
iconFord Fiesta Rally23:28.4
55.#89flagSousa Ricardo
- Marques Luís
iconPeugeot 208 Rally43:30.73:28.4
56.#107flagCosta Ricardo
- Vilaça Rui Daniel
iconToyota GR Yaris RZ3:30.73:46.0
57.#87flagPalomo Ortíz Óscar
- Moreno Xavi
iconPeugeot 208 Rally43:34.43:33.23:30.7
58.#98flagBlach Núñez Roberto
- Barreiro M.
iconPeugeot 208 Rally43:37.63:33.83:31.2
59.#76flagBattut Laurent
- Gressens Eric
iconHyundai i20 R53:49.43:32.0
60.#83flagFilipe Ricardo
- Almeida Fernando
iconFord Fiesta R53:35.53:32.1
61.#90flagRuiloba Diego
- Blanco Andrés
iconPeugeot 208 Rally43:36.03:33.93:32.2
62.#63flagArengi Bentivoglio Fabrizio
- Bosi M.
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo3:40.83:36.43:33.1
63.#77flagDuffy Pauric
- Case Jeff
iconHyundai i20 N Rally23:33.2
64.#96flagLopes Hugo
- Neves Tiago
iconPeugeot 208 Rally43:34.13:33.3
65.#85flagFotia Anthony
- Dunand Arnaud
iconRenault Clio Rally43:39.63:33.5
66.#88flagCunha Ernesto
- Raimundo Rui
iconPeugeot 208 Rally43:39.33:34.1
67.#58flagCaldeira Paulo
- Gonçalves Ana
iconCitroën C3 Rally23:42.23:36.4
68.#101flagCampos Miguel
- Rodrigues da Silva N.
iconToyota GR Yaris RZ3:37.4
69.#109flagMiranda Hélder
- Pereira Hugo
iconRenault Clio RS R3T3:42.43:37.9
70.#64flagDíaz-Aboitiz Miguel
- Hereu Jordi
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo3:39.1
71.#92flagLoureiro José
- Cardoso Valter
iconPeugeot 208 Rally43:43.63:39.2
72.#91flagMorais Luís
- Silva Paulo
iconPeugeot 208 Rally43:43.03:39.7
- Mouta Sofia
iconFord Fiesta Rally33:52.03:40.1
74.#61flagRowley Paul
- Hayes Andy
iconHyundai i20 N Rally23:40.8
75.#72flagKimathi McRae
- Loudon Stuart
iconFord Fiesta Rally33:42.74:33.5
76.#93flagRoque Paulo
- Teixeira Tiago
iconPeugeot 208 Rally44:00.03:52.3
77.#62flagRosati Frédéric
- Prévot Stéphane
iconHyundai i20 N Rally23:53.5
78.#60flagTeixeira Francisco
- Serôdio João
iconŠkoda Fabia Rally2 evo4:37.83:55.6
79.#110flagSalin Maxime
- Salin David
iconRenault Clio Rally54:06.33:56.3
80.#86flagRoussel Frédéric
- Coulombel A.
iconPeugeot 208 Rally44:21.04:20.04:12.5
WRC Rally Highlights : WRC Vodafone…
FIA World Rally Championship]
WRC Rally Highlights : Vodafone Ral…
FIA World Rally Championship]
WRC Rally Highlights : WRC Vodafone…
FIA World Rally Championship]
WRC Rally Highlights : WRC Vodafone…
FIA World Rally Championship]
Suninen SS21
Solberg SS14
Ogier SS11
Greensmith SS10
Kimathi SS8

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