Shakedown Rallye Automobile de Monte-Carlo 2018
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86. Rallye Automobile de Monte-Carlo 2018

25. 1. – 28. 1. 2018, Gap • asphalt - snow 388,59 km • Other years
WRC #1WRC 2 #1WRC 3 #1RGT Cup #1


24. 1. 2018 16:00 [24. 1. 16:00 GMT+1] − 3.35 km − Gap


1.#5flagNeuville T.
- Gilsoul N.
iconHyundai i20 Coupe WRC2:00.22:00.82:02.42:01.42:03.9
2.#6flagSordo D.
- Del Barrio C.
iconHyundai i20 Coupe WRC2:00.32:01.52:01.42:06.0
3.#8flagTänak O.
- Järveoja M.
iconToyota Yaris WRC2:00.82:00.72:01.52:04.62:03.5
4.#10flagMeeke Kris
- Nagle Paul
iconCitroën C3 WRC2:01.92:01.72:00.92:03.6
5.#4flagMikkelsen A.
- Jæger A.
iconHyundai i20 Coupe WRC2:01.02:02.72:02.8
6.#7flagLatvala J.
- Anttila M.
iconToyota Yaris WRC2:02.82:02.62:02.52:01.52:02.0
7.#1flagOgier S.
- Ingrassia J.
iconFord Fiesta WRC2:02.82:01.62:02.72:03.1
8.#2flagEvans E.
- Barritt D.
iconFord Fiesta WRC2:02.42:02.12:02.72:04.0
9.#11flagBreen Craig
- Martin S.
iconCitroën C3 WRC2:02.92:03.22:05.32:03.02:05.8
10.#9flagLappi E.
- Ferm J.
iconToyota Yaris WRC2:04.72:03.92:04.42:02.92:04.4
11.#3flagBouffier B.
- Panseri X.
iconFord Fiesta WRC2:07.72:06.52:06.82:06.3
12.#31flagCamilli E.
- Veillas B.
iconFord Fiesta R52:16.32:13.9
13.#73flagRovanperä K.
- Halttunen J.
iconŠkoda Fabia R52:21.72:16.62:14.1
14.#33flagSuninen T.
- Markkula M.
iconFord Fiesta R52:21.62:18.02:16.1
15.#71flagVeiby O.
- Skjærmoen S.
iconŠkoda Fabia R52:21.12:18.92:20.12:20.12:16.7
16.#34flagAbbring K.
- Tsjoen P.
iconFord Fiesta R52:18.12:16.92:17.62:17.6
17.#32flagKopecký J.
- Dresler P.
iconŠkoda Fabia R52:18.42:17.1
18.#76flagSarrazin S.
- Renucci J.
iconHyundai i20 R52:23.82:19.1
19.#74flagGiordano Q.
- Landais V.
iconŠkoda Fabia R52:19.82:21.2
20.#72flagBurri O.
- Levratti A.
iconŠkoda Fabia R52:25.72:21.9
21.#35flagde Mevius G.
- Louka L.
iconPeugeot 208 T162:24.62:22.6
22.#23flagCiamin N.
- de la Haye T.
iconAbarth 124 Rally RGT2:32.82:34.42:23.3
23.#75flagArzeno M.
- Roche R.
iconŠkoda Fabia R52:28.52:24.22:23.6
24.#36flagSciessere E.
- Zanella F.
iconCitroën DS3 R52:29.32:27.92:25.7
25.#18flagVilla Manuel
- Michi D.
iconFord Fiesta RS WRC2:33.42:27.92:25.8
26.#25flagNucita A.
- Vozzo M.
iconAbarth 124 Rally RGT2:35.52:32.02:26.4
27.#92flagBonato Y.
- Boulloud B.
iconPeugeot 208 R22:36.22:31.42:30.2
28.#63flagFranceschi J.
- Courbon R.
iconFord Fiesta R2T2:44.42:35.32:31.9
29.#101flagJocius D.
- Zvicevičius D.
iconPeugeot 208 R22:50.92:38.02:32.9
30.#95flagLatil N.
- Nesta A.
iconPeugeot 208 R22:38.52:36.6
31.#62flagLario T.
- Hämäläinen T.
iconPeugeot 208 R22:39.12:38.4
32.#61flagBrazzoli E.
- Beltrame L.
iconPeugeot 208 R22:44.92:43.32:38.42:38.4
33.#104flagDolce R.
- Ayasse J.
iconPeugeot 208 R22:43.92:41.4
34.#112flagRenchet N.
- Amoros C.
iconPeugeot 208 R22:50.42:42.6
35.#111flagOberti D.
- Escartefigue T.
iconPeugeot 208 R22:44.52:43.3
36.#84flagVuistiner I.
- Kummer F.
iconRenault Clio RS R3T2:53.82:43.3
37.#82flagBoland E.
- Morrissey M.
iconFord Fiesta R52:43.5
38.#97flagGreensmith G.
- Parry C.
iconFord Fiesta R2T2:46.42:44.9
39.#108flagScherrer L.
- Achard S.
iconPeugeot 208 R22:56.22:51.72:47.7
40.#64flagMolle A.
- Herman R.
iconPeugeot 208 R22:51.62:48.23:01.6
41.#100flagFostier R.
- Abchiche O.
iconPeugeot 208 R22:52.42:49.2
42.#79flagVossen H.
- van Hoek R.
iconFord Fiesta R53:07.32:53.82:51.3
43.#113flagFortunato F.
- Neto L.
iconCitroën C2 R2 Max2:55.52:51.5
44.#105flagPavlidis N.
- Harryman A.
iconPeugeot 208 R22:53.7
45.#99flagMétiffiot S.
- Métiffiot P.
iconPeugeot 208 R22:55.5
46.#93flagBaffoun P.
- Yonnet F.
iconPeugeot 208 R22:59.02:55.5
47.#114flagStuder S.
- Studer M.
iconPeugeot 208 R23:07.62:59.92:58.2
48.#88flagBailey J.
- Peterson S.
iconRenault Clio RS R3T3:10.03:01.32:58.6
49.#78flagCarret C.
- Mathias O.
iconŠkoda Fabia R53:02.4
50.#96flagCovi Carlo
- Ometto P.
iconPeugeot 208 R23:30.43:10.33:04.8
51.#106flagTondut T.
- Beylouni R.
iconPeugeot 208 R23:05.3
52.#91flagCapanna S.
- Doussan R.
iconRenault Clio R33:15.9
53.#103flagJaussaud L.
- Jaussaud C.
iconRenault Twingo RS R23:20.5
54.#118flagDesbordes R.
- Fustier J.
iconCitroën DS3 R13:26.9
55.#109flagVilly J.
- Villy R.
iconCitroën C2 R2 Max3:42.1
Lappi of SS17
Neuville spin SS11
Sarrazin lost wheel SS7
Ogier off SS7
Ogier off SS7
Suninen - off road
Kalle Rovanpera
Road section to SS4 - Mikkelsen retired - alternator
SS4 Suninen off
SS3 - Neuville puncture
Neuville off on SS1
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