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65. Rally Sweden 2017

9. 2. – 12. 2. 2017, Karlstad, Torsby • snow - ice 331,74 km - (cancelled 31,60 km) • Other years
WRC #2WRC 2 #2WRC Trophy #2WRC 3 #2


9. 2. 2017 08:00 [9. 2. 08:00 GMT+1] − 7.23 km − Skalla
1.#14flagØstberg Mads
- Fløene Ola
iconFord Fiesta WRC '17 4:19.04:12.04:11.6
2.#8flagBreen Craig
- Martin Scott
iconCitroën C3 WRC4:19.54:15.54:11.7
3.#4flagPaddon Hayden
- Kennard John
iconHyundai i20 Coupe WRC4:23.24:15.94:12.1
4.#7flagMeeke Kris
- Nagle Paul
iconCitroën C3 WRC4:17.84:14.14:12.2
5.#6flagSordo Dani
- Martí Marc
iconHyundai i20 Coupe WRC4:14.04:56.94:58.1
6.#5flagNeuville Thierry
- Gilsoul N.
iconHyundai i20 Coupe WRC4:16.74:14.54:53.5
7.#3flagEvans Elfyn
- Barritt Daniel
iconFord Fiesta WRC '17 4:23.34:17.94:15.1
8.#2flagTänak Ott
- Järveoja Martin
iconFord Fiesta WRC '17 4:16.15:04.75:10.2
9.#15flagLefebvre S.
- Moreau G.
iconCitroën DS3 WRC4:33.44:21.04:16.1
10.#10flagLatvala J.
- Anttila M.
iconToyota Yaris WRC4:18.64:16.24:18.7
11.#17flagSolberg Henning
- Menkerud C.
iconŠkoda Fabia R54:30.64:23.94:23.74:20.0
12.#40flagCamilli Eric
- Veillas B.
iconFord Fiesta R54:30.04:26.54:22.2
13.#31flagSuninen Teemu
- Markkula M.
iconFord Fiesta R54:31.04:23.3
14.#32flagTidemand P.
- Andersson J.
iconŠkoda Fabia R54:24.0
15.#11flagHänninen J.
- Lindström K.
iconToyota Yaris WRC4:28.44:55.25:07.2
16.#16flagGorban Valeriy
- Larens S.
iconMini John Cooper Works WRC4:35.44:49.34:32.74:29.8
17.#1flagOgier S.
- Ingrassia J.
iconFord Fiesta WRC '17 4:29.95:02.64:40.4
18.#45flagGreensmith Gus
- Parry Craig
iconFord Fiesta R54:36.44:30.3
19.#36flagBrynildsen E.
- Fredriksson A.
iconFord Fiesta R54:32.44:38.6
20.#37flagBertelli L.
- Scattolin S.
iconFord Fiesta RS WRC4:33.54:43.74:34.7
21.#33flagLoubet P.
- Landais V.
iconCitroën DS3 R54:34.04:33.5
22.#84flagTempestini S.
- Bernacchini G.
iconCitroën DS3 R54:40.44:34.4
23.#44flagArai Hiroki
- MacNeall Glenn
iconFord Fiesta R54:34.9
24.#39flagBergkvist Emil
- Sjöberg J.
iconCitroën DS3 R54:35.84:37.0
25.#42flagLukyanuk Alexey
- Arnautov A.
iconFord Fiesta R54:36.828:45.9
26.#43flagKatsuta T.
- Salminen M.
iconFord Fiesta R54:37.3
27.#82flagJirvelius M.
- Appelskog H.
iconFord Fiesta R54:41.5
28.#38flagKołtun J.
- Pleskot I.
iconFord Fiesta R54:47.84:42.6
29.#93flagSolberg Oscar
- Barth Patrik
iconFord Fiesta R2T5:00.84:59.54:56.1
30.#85flagBlomberg R.
- Andersson L.
iconFord Fiesta R55:12.94:57.0
31.#35flagGrøndal A.
- Eilertsen R.
iconFord Fiesta R54:57.55:06.1
32.#92flagLario Taisko
- Ryynänen Sami
iconPeugeot 208 R25:05.2
33.#91flagLevin Andreas
- Nilsson B.
iconCitroën DS3 R3T5:05.9
34.#34flagVeiby O.
- Skjærmoen S.
iconŠkoda Fabia R55:14.9
35.#96flagÅberg Anders
- Johansson B.
iconPeugeot 208 R25:20.3
36.#87flagRoman Joakim
- Bäck C.
iconCitroën DS3 R55:25.4
37.#61flagCook Louise
- Davis Stefan
iconFord Fiesta R25:55.3
Lukyanuk with broken suspension
Tempestini crash SS14
Neuville, SS15, broken steering
Meeke SS14 off
Meeke SS14 off
Veiby big jump
Solberg rolled SS9
Brynildsen SS9
Hänninen parked near SS5 finish, rally2 for today
Wheel went missing... who is its owner? :)
Results of Hänninen´s tree kiss in SS5
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