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32. Rallye National de Saintonge 2021

France Cup
17. 7. 2021, Saintes • ASA Saintonge • asphalt 134.80 km - (cancelled 9.80 km) • Other years


38 (38 on list)
SS5#4flag André Stéphane
- Passetemps Samuel
iconFord Fiesta RS WRC2132 KBYA8WDriveshaft
SS4#5flag Hernandez Nicolas
- Melocco Candice
iconŠkoda Fabia R5S WT 400R5Accident
SS3#6flag Beaubelique Jean-Charles
- Pesenti J.
iconCitroën C3 Rally2FJ-405-CTR5Mechanical
SS1#11flag Barat Franck
- Sornais Romain
iconAlpine A110 Rally RGTRGT16Personal
SS8#19flag Lézeau Romuald
- Reault Vincent
iconRenault Clio R3R3Accident
SS8#20flag Laroche Patrice
- Augustin Damien
iconRenault Clio R3R3Accident
SS1#22flag Jean Christophe
- Baudry Dimitri
iconRenault Clio R3R3Mechanical
SS4#26flag Bonnard Antonin
- Baudson Steven
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo VIIIA8Accident
SS5#29flag Defaux David
- Baron Aurélien
iconSubaru Impreza STiN4Mechanical
SS7#30flag Combret Jean-Guillaume
- Gabrielli A.
iconRenault Mégane RSN4Mechanical
SS7#31flag Barbier Christophe
- Gosse Cyril
iconRenault Mégane RSN4Mechanical
SS1#35flag De Sousa Alexandre
- Pinaud S.
iconRenault Clio RSF2/14Mechanical
SS4#37flag Nempont Stéphane
- Nempont Jimmy
iconRenault Mégane Coupé 16vF2/14Mechanical
SS3#39flag Brunet Jean-Marie
- Loizeau C.
iconPeugeot 306 S16F2/14Mechanical
SS3#41flag Gravereau Benoit
- Bohin Christophe
iconRenault Mégane Coupé 16vF2/14Retired
SS2#42flag Le Gouellec Romain
- Ferchaud Loic
iconRenault Clio III RSF2/14Excluded
SS5#44flag Grassiot Steven
- Lipinski Johan
iconCitroën C2 GTA6KMechanical
SS3#59flag Mahier Sylvain
- Mahier Daniel
iconPeugeot 208 R2R2Mechanical
SS8#60flag Cabaret Morgan
- Marcel Nicolas
iconPeugeot 206 RCA7Mechanical
SS1#61flag Dupont-Bauverie Antoine
- Cogné S.
iconHonda Civic Type-RA7Mechanical
SS4#62flag Brillaud Aurélien
- Brillaud Julie
iconRenault Clio WilliamsA7Mechanical
SS2#67flag Larribière Aymeric
- Castets Vincent
iconRenault Clio RagnottiN3Mechanical
SS1#68flag Perrain Julien
- Poitevin Arnaud
iconRenault Clio RagnottiN3Mechanical
SS7#69flag Cornueau Jimmy
- Page Grégory
iconRenault Clio RSN3Mechanical
SS7#71flag Brugier Nicolas
- Hervieu Mickaël
iconRenault Clio RagnottiN3Mechanical
SS3#73flag Rebiere Damien
- Laroque Alexandre
iconRenault Clio WilliamsN3Mechanical
SS7#79flag Decou Joris
- Besson Laurine
iconPeugeot 205 GTI 1.6F2/13Mechanical
SS3#81flag Alary Christophe
- Perrinaud Emilie
iconCitroën Saxo VTSF2/13Mechanical
SS7#88flag Lepage Laurent
- Lepage Nathalie
iconCitroën Saxo VTSA6Mechanical
SS2#89flag Delavergne Hugo
- Mercière Isabelle
iconCitroën Saxo VTSA6Accident
SS5#90flag Ménard Damien
- Jarnoux Vincent
iconPeugeot 106 S16A6Mechanical
SS3#92flag Mathe Ludovic
- Ragain Jean-Noël
iconPeugeot 106 S16A6Mechanical
SS2#93flag Gallot Frédéric
- Gallot Astrid
iconPeugeot 206 S1600A6KMechanical
SS4#101flag Raymond Romain
- Menut Geoffrey
iconPeugeot 106 S16N2Mechanical
SS1#102flag Simonnet Christian
- Pagnier Maxime
iconRenault Twingo RS R1R1Mechanical
SS7#104flag Rousseille Matthieu
- Guilloton C.
iconHonda Civic VTiN2Mechanical
SS1#107flag Dorinet Cyril
- Doucet Anthony
iconCitroën AX GTIF2/12Mechanical
SS1#112flag Condaminas Adrien
- Lavoie Alexy
iconPeugeot 106 XSIN1Accident

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