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24. Rallye Régional du Printemps de Bords 2022

France Cup
15. 5. 2022, Bords • ASA Sport Automobile Océan • asphalt 39.27 km • Other years


24 (24 on list)
SS3#5flag Thibaudeau Jimmy
- Pilet Dimitri
iconPorsche 997 GT3 CupGT+Mechanical
SS6#7flag Etié Laurent
- Etié Florine
iconPeugeot 306 XSIF2/14Mechanical
SS5#11flag Buran David
- Porcheron Giovanni
iconRenault Clio RSF2/14Mechanical
SS5#15flag Cottereau Fabien
- Arnaud Dylan
iconPeugeot 306 S16F2/14Mechanical
SS3#17flag Birard Alexis
- Gaudin Maxime
iconPeugeot 206 RCF2/14Mechanical
SS1#19flag Le Gouellec Romain
- Janssens Fabien
iconRenault Clio III RSF2/14Mechanical
SS3#20flag Martin Christophe
- Grassiot A.
iconPeugeot 206 RCF2/14Mechanical
SS3#28flag Perrocheau Bertrand
- Dupe Yann
iconRenault 5 GT TurboN4Mechanical
SS5#39flag Grassiot Steven
- Lavoie Alexy
iconCitroën C2 GTA6KMechanical
SS5#44flag Millet Kévin
- Boyer Pauline
iconPeugeot 208 R2R2Mechanical
SS1#59flag Froger Tony
- Froger Harmony
iconPeugeot 206 RCA7Mechanical
SS5#64flag Beletier Benoît
- Gaillard Loïc
iconRenault Clio RSA7Mechanical
SS3#71flag Serceau Romain
- Robin Wesley
iconRenault Clio RagnottiN3Personal
SS6#80flag Boudeau Rémi
- Boudeau Philippe
iconCitroën Saxo VTSA6Mechanical
SS1#82flag Decoin Pascal
- Herve Mathieu
iconCitroën Saxo VTSA6Mechanical
SS5#88flag Etie Michaël
- Laussel Claudie
iconSimca Rallye 3F2/12Mechanical
SS2#92flag Galin Billy
- Martinet Laurent
iconPeugeot 205 RallyeF2/12Mechanical
SS3#93flag Grenon Jérémy
- Gouin Damien
iconPeugeot 205 RallyeF2/12Mechanical
SS1#96flag Rimbert Gaëtan
- Vrignaud Sébastien
iconCitroën AX SportF2/12Mechanical
SS3#98flag Guinot Mickaël
- Dacenko Sam
iconPeugeot 106 XSIA5Mechanical
SS1#99flag Gassuau Arnaud
- Beneteaud Paul
iconPeugeot 106 XSIA5Mechanical
SS3#103flag Lecuona Emmanuel
- Rullier Vincent
iconPeugeot 205 RallyeA5Mechanical
SS6#110flag Boisseau Frédéric
- Boisseau Xavier
iconPeugeot 205 GTI 1.6N2Mechanical
SS3#120flag Laussel David
- Gachinard Clara
iconCitroën Saxo VTSN2SAccident

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