60. Rallye Le Touquet - Pas-de-Calais 2020

France Tarmac #1Amateur R5 Trophy (F) #1Amateur Trophy (F) #1France Tarmac 2WD #1Junior (F) #1Women (F) #1
13. 3. – 14. 3. 2020, Le Touquet • Touquet Auto Club • asphalt 205.56 km • Other years


47 (47 on list)
SS3#3flag Lefebvre Stéphane
- Baud Lucie
iconVolkswagen Polo GTI R5H VW 318R5Accident
SS13#4flag Wagner William
- Millet Kévin
iconCitroën C3 R5FJ-593-CTR5Accident
SS15#8flag Roché Pierre
- Roché Martine
iconCitroën C3 R5FJ-606-CTR5Accident
SS9#10flag Gal Ludovic
- Combe Geoffrey
iconHyundai i20 R5ALZ R 543R5Didn't start 2. leg
SS16#11flag Arzeno Mathieu
- Roche Romain
iconVolkswagen Polo GTI R502R 0117R5Accident damage
SS3#12flag Amourette Marc
- Gauduin Anaïs
iconCitroën C3 R5EZ-977-FSR5Accident
SS5#18flag Prenveille David
- Contentin Philippe
iconFord Fiesta R5R5Mechanical
SS12#20flag Crétien Jérémy
- Jacquemoud Lilian
iconCitroën DS3 WRCBF-911-XBA8WMechanical
SS9#22flag Lapouille Hugues
- Devienne Philippe
iconCitroën DS3 R5CW-218-KDR5Mechanical
SS16#23flag Houssin Jean-Benoît
- Gozet A.
iconCitroën DS3 R5CW-589-KCR5Mechanical
SS9#24flag Lance Marc
- Lance Freddy
iconCitroën DS3 R5CA-012-YFR5Didn't start 2. leg
SS8#25flag Heuninck Victorien
- Geerlandt F.
iconCitroën DS3 R51-NKN-585R5Mechanical
SS14#26flag Alemany Sébastien
- Bigot Chloé
iconŠkoda Fabia R511R 0375R5Accident
SS9#34flag Martel Anthony
- Coulombel Antoine
iconRenault Clio R3R3Didn't start 2. leg
SS17#36flag Emeriau Hervé
- Gilbert François
iconRenault Clio R3R3Accident
SS11#38flag Rousselin Johann
- Malfoy Andy
iconPeugeot 208 R2R2Accident
SS18#39flag Flahaut Julien
- Parzys Fabien
iconPeugeot 208 R2R2Mechanical
SS9#40flag Mahier Sylvain
- Mahier Daniel
iconPeugeot 208 R2R2Didn't start 2. leg
SS11#41flag Demaux Mickaël
- Kubicki Frédéric
iconCitroën C2 R2 MaxR2Mechanical
SS16#45flag Callea Terence
- Maillefert Alexis
iconFord Fiesta R2T NationalR2JAccident
SS14#46flag Chatillon Mattéo
- Desnoyer Alexia
iconFord Fiesta R2T NationalR2JMechanical
SS11#55flag Santelli Enzo
- Vilmot Maxime
iconFord Fiesta R2T NationalR2JMechanical
SS10#56flag Todeschini Florent
- Barral Florian
iconFord Fiesta R2T NationalKR 2X467R2JAccident
SS11#57flag Vanson Tom
- Brulé Antoine
iconFord Fiesta R2T NationalR2JAccident
SS5#63flag Colombel Laura
- Caremel Adeline
iconRenault Clio RagnottiA7Mechanical
SS6#65flag Audet Dimitri
- Simonet Cédric
iconPeugeot 106 S16F2/13Mechanical
SS7#67flag Petitjean Léo
- Magnin Marine
iconCitroën Saxo VTSN2Mechanical
SS9#70flag Bricout Christophe
- Montigny C.
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo VIA8Didn't start 2. leg
SS11#83flag Pontier François
- Brognard David
iconRenault Mégane RSN4Mechanical
SS1#91flag Seray Sylvain
- Andrieu Vincent
iconRenault Clio III RSF2/14Mechanical
SS9#92flag Jacobus Antoine
- Jacobus Maxime
iconPeugeot 206 RCF2/14Didn't start 2. leg
SS9#93flag Schwab Stan
- Folny Clément
iconPeugeot 206F2/14Didn't start 2. leg
SS15#94flag Laroche Dimitri
- Ramon Steven
iconCitroën C2 ChallengeA6KAccident
SS5#95flag Danel Kévin
- Wallet Nicolas
iconPeugeot 206 XSA6KMechanical
SS14#97flag Blanchemain Marc-Antoine
- Tamberi A.
iconPeugeot 208 R2R2Mechanical
SS12#99flag Petit Sébastien
- Fossé Céline
iconPeugeot 208 R2R2Accident
SS15#100flag Durand Louis
- Bruyère Kévin
iconCitroën C2 R2 MaxR2Mechanical
SS18#104flag Lefrancois Claude
- Leroy Christophe
iconRenault Twingo RS R2R2Accident
SS13#115flag Senecat Maxime
- Pillain Justin
iconPeugeot 206 XSF2/13Accident
SS1#118flag Delepierre Rémi
- Vasseur Sophie
iconPeugeot 106 S16F2/13Mechanical
SS5#119flag Crepy Erwan
- Bailleul Thibault
iconPeugeot 106 S16F2/13Mechanical
SS11#121flag Dubuffet Frédéric
- Sieuw Alexandra
iconHonda Civic VTiF2/13Mechanical
SS10#122flag Gromez Damien
- Gianessi Pierre
iconAlfa Romeo 145F2/13Mechanical
SS12#123flag Merral Rodrigue
- Lecerf François
iconPeugeot 106 S16F2/13Mechanical
SS16#131flag Delassus Rodrigue
- Lejosne Thomas
iconCitroën Saxo VTSN2Mechanical
SS16#132flag Ilczyszyn J.
- Ilczyszyn F.
iconPeugeot 106 S16N2Accident
SS13#133flag Hupez Augustin
- Milleville Patrick
iconCitroën Saxo VTSN2Mechanical

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