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15. Rallye de la Haute Senne 2019

Luxembourg #3ASAF Rallye Div 1-2-3 #5ASAF Rallye Div 4 #5ASAF Rallye Div PH #5ASAF Rallye Div SR #5
15. 6. – 16. 6. 2019, Braine-le-Comte • asphalt 129.81 km - (cancelled 11.69 km) • Other years


45 (45 on list)
SS6#3flag Hansen Lionel
- Jalet Johan
iconPeugeot 306 MaxiGTF-3904/13Engine
SS4#4flag Cantraine Emmanuel
- Riccio Antony
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX1-KFU-0794/14Accident
SS8#8flag Devleeschauwer Christophe
- Kirsch M.
iconFord Fiesta R5PX66 DZO4/14Accident
SS3#10flag Pennartz Jos
- Salmon Lennert
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo X R441-KTR-34/14Mechanical
SS5#16flag Allerts Paul
- Pattyn Bjorn
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo VI27-DH-KV4/14Gearbox
SS9#18flag Van Craenenbroeck Stefan
- De Bock H.
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo VII1-VRB-1894/14Mechanical
SS6#21flag Masquelier Edouard-Jean
- Therin V.
iconBMW M3 E361-PEH-7614/14Lost wheel
SS11#22flag Lehoucq Bror
- Verheye Olivier
iconBMW M3 E461-RTR-9774/14Clutch
SS3#23flag Smith Allan
- Vincent Richard
iconSubaru Impreza STiR15 MYF4/14Mechanical
SS4#24flag Fiquet Didier
- Masquelier Pauline
iconNissan 350Z1-SZY-4814/14Mechanical
SS5#25flag Thomson Andrew
- Ansel Romain
iconSubaru Legacy RS4/14Mechanical
SS11#27flag Decock Johan
- Doublet Christophe
iconSubaru Impreza STi4/14Exhaust
SS3#28flag Lefevre Eric
- Galand Arnaud
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII4/14Mechanical
SS8#32flag Guichot de Fortis C.
- Ambelikopoulo J.
iconFord Fiesta Mk5 STCX07 EFE4/13Mechanical
SS12#36flag Voyeux Philippe
- Schmitz Françoise
iconRenault Clio R31-ARV-7554/13Retired
SS5#37flag Dechany Jean-Marc
- Riguelle Jerome
iconPeugeot 207 RC R3T1-GIU-8264/13Retired
SS3#38flag Christen Marco
- Tousch Joel
iconToyota GT86 CS-R34/13Mechanical
SS11#40flag Leeuw Mehdi
- Leeuw Benjamin
iconDaewoo Lanos4/13Mechanical
SS5#42flag Page Hugo
- Gibon Julien
iconPeugeot 306 GTI1-PFG-4153/10Accident
SS9#48flag Pétrisot Cédric
- Jandrain Fabian
iconPeugeot 306 GTI1-KCZ-1933/10Mechanical
SS6#49flag Verbeke Frans
- Waltzing Louise
iconRenault Clio RS3/10Accident
SS3#50flag Remilly Jonathan
- Leclercq Joël
iconRenault Clio RS3/10Radiator
SS4#55flag Vanderhauwaert Peter
- Victor Martine
iconOpel Manta i2401-UFF-8093/11Mechanical
SS4#57flag Bultreys David
- Dhyne Emmanuel
iconPeugeot 207 RC3/11Personal
SS4#59flag Demonte Olivier
- Beaume Elodie
iconBMW 323 Ti Compact1-VTA-3733/11Retired
SS5#63flag Grevesse Olivier
- Grevesse Michel
iconBMW 325i E303/11Retired
SS5#66flag Van Gool Stefaan
- Gryson Kimberly
iconCitroën Saxo VTS1-VFN-9474/12Retired
SS9#74flag Boët Vilmo
- Strotz David
iconOpel Corsa A GSi1-HHK-9143/9Retired
SS6#84flag Paquet Gauthier
- Demey Elise
iconPeugeot 205 Rallye3/8Lost wheel
SS5#88flag Delmoitiez Benjamin
- Krioneritis C.
iconCitroën AX GTI3/8Mechanical
SS9#89flag André Luc-Benjamin
- Gers Romain
iconPeugeot 106 Rallye3/8Retired
SS2#91flag Scauflaire Mickaël
- Dumonceau J.
iconCitroën Saxo VTS3/8Accident
SS2#96flag Bellemans Jean-François
- Gorez A.
iconPeugeot 106 GTI2/5Gearbox
SS8#98flag Blaise Cédric
- Thomas Youri
iconCitroën Saxo VTS2/5Mechanical
SS7#99flag Dubus Vincent
- Goris Gary
iconPeugeot 206 XS2/5Gearbox
SS7#103flag Peeters Jonathan
- Laudens Alexis
iconCitroën Saxo VTS2/5Mechanical
SS11#205flag America Michael
- Van De Maele C.
iconOpel Kadett GT/E1-NGP-162SR20Exhaust
SS5#206flag Schoenmakers Kris
- Schoenmakers Sven
iconOpel GTRGN-615SR20Transmission
SS10#259flag Potvin Didier
- Pouleau Dimitri
iconBMW 325i E30PH18Engine
SS4#261flag Lengelé Pierre
- Rousseau Etienne
iconFord Escort RS 2000 MKIIPH18Mechanical
SS8#262flag Despeghel Fabrice
- Jonckheere F.
iconOpel Ascona A1-VAN-341PH18Brakes
SS2#265flag Plater-Zyberk Thaddé
- Jadot A.
iconFord Escort RS 2000 MKI1-TRG-769PH18Mechanical
SS3#266flag Cosanni Mario
- Scouperman Valery
iconFiat RitmoPH17Engine
SS5#270flag Philips Patrick
- Bos Juha
iconAudi 501-OAA-971PH16Fuel leak
SS3#271flag Lacroix Christine
- Delaunoy Claude
iconAutobianchi A112PH16Clutch

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