29. Rallye National de Haute-Provence 2017

France CupChallenge N2 Série #1
18. 3. – 19. 3. 2017, Manosque • asphalt 116.80 km • Other years


52 (52 on list)
SS2#4flag Blanc Jean-Fabien
- Sorba Guillaume
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo VIIIA8Mechanical
SS7#5flag Margaillan Matthieu
- Chioso A.
iconŠkoda Fabia R5R5Mechanical
SS3#8flag Saunier Bruno
- Galland M.
iconFiat Abarth Grande Punto S2000DL 639 WXA7SMechanical
SS4#15flag Estienne C.
- Ghibaudo-Arrighetti V.
iconPorsche 997 GT3GT10Mechanical
SS4#18flag Panagiotis Yannick
- Panagiotis V.
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo IXA8Mechanical
SS5#19flag Poizot Bruno
- Feraud Annie
iconBMW M3 E30DF-510-YZA8Mechanical
SS5#20flag Fontaine Benoît
- Peyronel Stéphane
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo VIA8Mechanical
SS4#22flag Leroy Jacky
- Porté Gabriel
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo IXA8Accident
SS3#25flag Aycard M.
- Sylvestre-a-la-Mariaz A.
iconSubaru ImprezaA8Accident
SS8#28flag Maestracci François
- Casanova S.
iconRenault Clio R3R3Mechanical
SS2#32flag Bianchinotti Bruno
- Roux François
iconRenault Clio R3R3Mechanical
SS7#33flag Joyeux Jérôme
- Joyeux-Bernardi L.
iconRenault Clio R3R3Accident
SS2#34flag Bérard Renaud
- Champeil David
iconRenault Clio R3R3Mechanical
SS4#41flag Troiano Thierry
- Troiano Valérie
iconCitroën C2 S1600AP-559-ZPA6KMechanical
SS3#42flag Farnaud Michel
- Cogno Patrick
iconCitroën Saxo Kit CarA6KPersonal
SS4#43flag Courchet Julien-Alexandre
- Pagnon R.
iconPeugeot 207 S2000DS 084 GDA7SMechanical
SS3#50flag Di Iorio Mario
- Di Iorio Martine
iconPeugeot 206 XSA6KMechanical
SS5#54flag Mottard Jordan
- Bole-Richard M.
iconPeugeot 208 R2R2Accident
SS1#55flag Haut-Labourdette Romain
- Tardito F.
iconPeugeot 208 R2R2Fire
SS2#56flag Meirone Robert
- Mouret Frédéric
iconPeugeot 208 R2R2Mechanical
SS3#58flag Fortunato Frédéric
- Neto Lionel
iconCitroën C2 R2R2Mechanical
SS2#65flag Benedetto Claude
- Benedetto Patricia
iconRenault Clio WilliamsA7Mechanical
SS6#66flag Durand Cédric
- Giraud Thierry
iconRenault Clio RSA7Mechanical
SS7#72flag Nicolas Jean-Michel
- Coppola Gilles
iconRenault Clio IIIF2/14Mechanical
SS2#73flag Muccini Franck
- Muccini Fabien
iconBMW 318 Ti CompactF2/14Mechanical
SS2#74flag Lagier Bruno
- Arnoux Laura
iconRenault Clio RSF2/14Mechanical
SS7#75flag Balestra Julien
- Party Frédéric
iconRenault 5 GT TurboF2/14Mechanical
SS5#76flag Cazin Christophe
- Fedricq Gérald
iconRenault Clio WilliamsF2/14Excluded
SS2#77flag Postel Christian
- Giraud Gaëtan
iconRenault Clio 16SF2/14Mechanical
SS1#82flag Santucci Nicolas
- Nardelli Ludivine
iconRenault Clio 16SF2/14Mechanical
SS8#86flag Pinto Adão
- Attalah Bryan
iconOpel Astra G5305 WV 13F2/14Mechanical
SS2#90flag Mellan Patrice
- Mellan Cédric
iconRenault Clio RagnottiN3Mechanical
SS8#92flag Jean Guillaume
- Eidel Christophe
iconRenault Clio RagnottiN3Accident
SS1#93flag Etienne Jean-Philippe
- Chateau Axel
iconPeugeot 206 RCN3Accident
SS1#95flag Bouchard Maxime
- Donat Rémy
iconRenault Clio RagnottiN3Mechanical
SS8#96flag Bertrand Romain
- Lavoisier Franck
iconRenault Clio RagnottiN3Mechanical
SS7#101flag Chabloz Paul
- Martin Maryline
iconRenault Clio RagnottiN3Mechanical
SS3#111flag Maero-Saunier Maurin
- Fabre C.
iconPeugeot 106 S16A6Mechanical
SS6#112flag Kolbé Julien
- Sogno Emilien
iconCitroën Saxo VTSA6Mechanical
SS3#115flag Meil Christophe
- Buczniewski Anthony
iconPeugeot 205 GTI 1.6F2/13Mechanical
SS2#118flag Deleuil Jean-Luc
- Deleuil Kévin
iconPeugeot 206 XSF2/13Mechanical
SS8#120flag Saint-Martin Julien
- Penedo Jonathan
iconPeugeot 106 RallyeA5Mechanical
SS3#123flag Prodon Florent
- Robert Bruno
iconCitroën Saxo VTSN2Mechanical
SS2#124flag Hayet Sylvain
- Hayet-Ferré Vanessa
iconPeugeot 106 S16N2Mechanical
SS3#127flag Rota Rémy
- Escartefigue Jules
iconPeugeot 106 S16N2Mechanical
SS4#128flag Avalle Thierry
- Castellan Guillaume
iconPeugeot 106 S16N2Accident
SS6#132flag Texier Tony
- Carabin Morgane
iconPeugeot 106 RallyeN2Mechanical
SS8#135flag Beysson Denis
- Beysson Alexia
iconPeugeot 205 GTI 1.6N2Mechanical
SS7#136flag Petitjean Léo
- Mora Nicolas
iconPeugeot 206 XSN2SAccident
SS2#146flag Ritzzo Alexandre
- Lacheray Cécilia
iconPeugeot 106 S16N2SMechanical
SS7#148flag Boisseranc Mickaël
- Dorche Vanessa
iconPeugeot 206 XSN2SRetired
SS4#150flag Salvan André
- Salvan Rémy
iconPeugeot 205 RallyeF2/12Mechanical

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Takamoto Katsuta’s run of consecutive World Rally Championship points finishes in 2022 looks to be over after he crashed out on Saturday’s penultimate stage of...


Any hopes Oliver Solberg had of retaking fifth place back from Takamoto Katsuta on Rally New Zealand took a severe knock on the first stage...


All three Hyundai Motorsport drivers have been handed 10-second time penalties for exceeding the maximum level of boost permitted for Friday’s final stage of Rally New...

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