43. Woodstoxx Motul Rally van Wervik 2017

VAS Div 1-2 #4VAS Div 3 #4VAS Historic #4VAS Youngtimer #4FIRC #3Pinto Cup #3
10. 6. 2017, Wervik • Scuderia Vervica • asphalt 96.92 km • Other years


44 (44 on list)
SS7 #2 flag Lefevere Andy
- Noppe Marc
icon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X 3I Mechanical
SS12 #11 flag Parmentier Bruno
- De Waele Koen
icon Ford Fiesta R5 3I Retired
SS8 #14 flag Ellis Johnnie
- Fowler Marc
icon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X 3I
SS6 #17 flag Delplace Fredericq
- Polfliet W.
icon Porsche 997 GT3 Cup 3.6 3I Retired
SS8 #20 flag Lerminez Jeoffrey
- Markey Danny
icon Subaru Impreza 555 3I Overheated engine
SS3 #21 flag Dolfen Steven
- Vandecasteele M.
icon Renault Clio R3 Maxi 3G Oil sump
SS12 #24 flag Vanwijnsberghe D.
- Lavaert J.
icon BMW M3 E30 5H8 Retired
SS7 #26 flag Vermeulen Alain
- Declerck Kurt
icon BMW M3 E30 5H8 Over time limit
SS4 #27 flag Debyser Chris
- Geerlandt F.
icon Opel Manta Transeurope 4H4 Driveshaft
SS2 #34 flag Jones Mark
- Hawkins Jonathan
icon BMW M3 E36 3I
Stuck in the ditch
SS4 #40 flag Brown Steve
- Vanwalleghem Steve
icon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII 3I Rolled
SS7 #45 flag Van Wanseele Jeroen
- Durie Kris
icon Ford Escort RS 2000 MKII 4H3 Oil leak
SS3 #48 flag Anckaert Christof
- Dierick F.
icon Ford Escort MK2 4H3 Carburettor
SS10 #50 flag Thomson Andrew
- Ansel Romain
icon Ford Sierra Sapphire 4x4 5H8
SS3 #54 flag Van Eecke Reinaud
- Vangheluwe M.
icon Renault Clio RS 2D Accident
SS7 #55 flag Vandenabeele Vincent
- Lepla E.
icon BMW M3 E90 3I Retired
SS4 #56 flag Gellinck Kris
- Crombez Kevin
icon BMW E36 3H Retired
SS10 #57 flag Lievens Brecht
- Carrette Bram
icon BMW M3 E36 3I Retired
SS4 #69 flag Verschaeve Dario
- Leys Jensy
icon BMW M3 E36 3I Retired
SS8 #77 flag Parmentier Steve
- Lampaert P.
icon Peugeot 205 3F Retired
SS12 #79 flag May David
- Briggs Barry
icon BMW 130i E81 3I Retired
SS11 #83 flag Dumortier S.
- Vandenkendelaere M.
icon BMW 325i E36 3H Retired
SS9 #88 flag Benouwt Frederik
- Dekimpe Emely
icon Peugeot 309 GTI 16 5H7 Retired
SS12 #89 flag Norman Elie
- Dekeyser Louis
icon Peugeot 309 GTI 5H7 Retired
SS3 #93 flag Lahousse David
- Boterman Rudi
icon Ford Escort MK2 4H3 Retired
SS7 #94 flag Temperville F.
- Van Eeckhoutte X.
icon Ford Escort RS 2000 MKII 4H3 Rear axle
SS1 #95 flag Lagache Christophe
- Clabau P.
icon Opel Ascona B 4H4 Retired
SS9 #96 flag Straub Michel
- Van De Ven Alex
icon Ford Escort RS 2000 MKII 4H3 Retired
SS12 #97 flag Raes Hendrik
- Pauwels Kurt
icon Ford Escort RS 1800 MKII 4H3 Retired
SS2 #100 flag Mylleville Patrick
- Fonteyne J.
icon Porsche 911 SC 4H4 Mechanical
SS12 #105 flag Spinnewyn C.
- Spinnewyn T.
icon Volkswagen Golf V TDi 2E Retired
SS4 #106 flag Lemaire Jorick
- Geldhof Kenny
icon BMW E36 2D Retired
SS12 #108 flag Coremans Wim
- Geenen Luc
icon BMW M3 E30 3H Retired
SS3 #117 flag Neyens Cathelin
- Desmet E.
icon Peugeot 106 2C Retired
SS6 #118 flag Vandeputte Thorben
- Durnez I.
icon Citroën Saxo 2C Retired
SS6 #120 flag Boddaert Bianca
- Van Damme Joke
icon Ford Fiesta R1 2C Retired
SS12 #123 flag Heijnen Jos
- Heijnen Jeroen
icon Volkswagen Golf IV 3G Retired
SS10 #124 flag Dodd Neil
- Egger-Wilks Laura
icon MG ZR 160 3G
Stuck in the ditch
SS11 #126 flag Allfrey Les
- Fellowes Keith
icon Peugeot 205 GTI 1.6 5H6
SS7 #127 flag Lambrecht Dick
- Brock Peggy
icon Opel Corsa A 5H6 Retired
SS6 #128 flag Raecke Roel
- Vanquaethem Sven
icon Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9 5H7 Retired
SS10 #129 flag Withouck Luc
- Vervaele Jordy
icon Porsche 924 4H4 Retired
SS6 #132 flag Ramboer Bjorn
- Ameel Lode
icon Citroën Saxo VTS 2C Retired
SS12 #134 flag Eeckhout Lieven
- Dupon Sarah
icon Opel Corsa A GSi 2C Retired

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