11. Rallye National de la Noix de Grenoble 2016

France Cup
29. 10. 2016, Chatte • ASA Saint-Marcellinoise • asphalt 104.60 km • Other years


38 (38 on list)
SS7#3flag Lacomy Laurent
- Chene Emmanuel
iconCitroën DS3 R5DM-759-QHR5Accident
SS5#7flag Mornay Franck
- Guillaumont Emma
iconRenault Clio MaxiA7KMechanical
SS7#11flag Bovero Aurélien
- Provent Cédric
iconSubaru ImprezaA8Mechanical
SS7#12flag Rougemont Guy
- Bricot Cyril
iconBMW Z3MGT10Mechanical
SS9#20flag Poizot Thibaut
- Arnaud Eva
iconRenault Clio R3R3Mechanical
SS7#24flag Mollas David
- Charvaz Michaël
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX3579 YK 01N4Mechanical
SS7#30flag Mottuel-Bain P.
- Savarin-Pion L.
iconCitroën Saxo Kit CarA6KAccident
SS10#34flag Froment Lionel
- Charles Eric
iconPeugeot 206 XSA6KMechanical
SS4#36flag Picchioni Florian
- Rebut Julien
iconCitroën C2 R2R2Mechanical
SS3#38flag Motte Stanislas
- Renchet Marion
iconCitroën C2 R2R2Retired
SS3#44flag Hilario Loic
- Rahon Morgane
iconRenault Clio WilliamsA7Retired
SS7#47flag Picton Cédric
- Dupraz Guillaume
iconRenault Clio WilliamsA7Mechanical
SS4#51flag Muzy Ludovic
- Auger Denis
iconPeugeot 206 RCF2/14Mechanical
SS10#53flag Bret Nicolas
- Glasson-Blanchet T.
iconRenault Clio RSF2/14Mechanical
SS9#56flag Mazet Yannick
- Michel Elodie
iconRenault Clio WilliamsF2/14Mechanical
SS9#59flag Markovic Stefan
- Rapin Maxime
iconRenault Clio WilliamsF2/14Accident
SS7#60flag Durier Simon
- Durier Baptiste
iconPeugeot 206 S16F2/14Mechanical
SS8#62flag Bugnet Sébastien
- Echernier Sylvain
iconRenault Clio 16SF2/14Mechanical
SS7#71flag Dompnier Germain
- Alpettaz Andréa
iconPeugeot 206 RCN3Mechanical
SS4#76flag Revol Gaëtan
- Patouillard Fabien
iconRenault Clio RagnottiN3Mechanical
SS3#77flag Faure Alexandre
- Bossan Aurélien
iconRenault Clio WilliamsN3Accident
SS3#82flag Lods Nicolas
- Aurousseau Tommy
iconPeugeot 106 S16A6Accident
SS3#85flag Mazzilli Jean-Louis
- Tissot Yoann
iconPeugeot 106 S16F2/13Mechanical
SS10#86flag Michallat Jacky
- Michallat Lise
iconPeugeot 205 GTI 1.6F2/13Mechanical
SS10#93flag Sessa Stéphane
- Maniglier Fabienne
iconPeugeot 106 S16F2/13Accident
SS5#98flag Desmet Jocelyn
- Desmet Patrick
iconPeugeot 205 RallyeA5Mechanical
SS9#102flag Batier Vincent
- Allegret Pilot K.
iconPeugeot 106 XSIA5Mechanical
SS10#107flag Mallen Damien
- Bouvier Jérémy
iconCitroën Saxo VTSN2Mechanical
SS4#109flag Alaize Grégory
- Alaize Guillaume
iconPeugeot 106 S16N2Mechanical
SS2#114flag Neyret-Gigot Alexandre
- Filipe Sarah
iconPeugeot 106 S16N2Mechanical
SS5#116flag Duret Didier
- Duret Justine
iconCitroën Saxo VTSN2Mechanical
SS3#119flag Mauchamp Yannick
- Hailloud Manon
iconPeugeot 106 S16N2Mechanical
SS3#120flag Cloitre Nicolas
- Hilaire Jérémy
iconCitroën Saxo VTSN2Accident
SS2#127flag Aubert Sébastien
- Querol Jérémy
iconPeugeot 106 RallyeF2/12Accident
SS4#129flag Nieto Fabien
- Wawrzinczyk Floriane
iconCitroën AX SportF2/12Mechanical
SS2#132flag Audin Stéphane
- Caillet Julien
iconPeugeot 205 RallyeF2/12Mechanical
SS2#133flag Pavin Nicolas
- Burais René
iconTalbot Samba RallyeF2/12Mechanical
SS3#138flag Audet Dimitri
- Audet Patrick
iconPeugeot 106 S16F2/13Mechanical

Kalle Rovanperä joined a very unique club when he crossed that final finish-line of Rally New Zealand 2022. History will of course show that he...


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King Kalle – the World Rally Championship is now officially your kingdom. Victory on Rally New Zealand, boosted by a win on the powerstage, means...


Kalle Rovanperä and Jonne Halttunen have been crowned 2022 World Rally champions with victory on Rally New Zealand. Defeating outgoing champion Sébastien Ogier by X.X...


Kalle Rovanperä is one stage away from his chance to make history, with the Rally New Zealand powerstage offering him the opportunity to become the...

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