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23. Int. IQ Jänner Rallye 2005

Austria #1Czech Republic #1
6. 1. – 8. 1. 2005, Freistadt • asphalt - snow 289.36 km • Other years


57 (57 on list)
SS8#1flag Vojtěch Štěpán
- Ernst Michal
iconPeugeot 206 WRC1L3 7766A8Accident
SS19#3flag Baumschlager Raimund
- Zeltner Thomas
iconMitsubishi Carisma GT Evo VKI 389 BG
SS13#8flag Peták Josef
- Benešová Alena
iconRenault Clio S16003B1 0209A6Retired
SS10#11flag Vojtěch Tomáš
- Pašek Pavel
iconPeugeot 206 WRC1L3 6677A8Accident
SS12#14flag Cais Miroslav
- Ondrejčík Pavel
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo VII1Z3 1630PVTurbo
SS20#15flag Rosenberger Kris
- Schwarz Siegfried
iconSubaru Impreza STi N10PR03 SUBPVDifferential
SS6#20flag Barratt Natalie
- Williamson Carl
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo VIB6 NATPVAccident
SS10#21flag Saibel Mario
- Süss Mario
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo VIW 38235 MA8Turbo
SS4#22flag Holzmüller Johann
- Langthaler S.
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo VGD 911 CA8Mechanical
SS7#24flag Jandík M.
- Chrástecký R.
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo VII1U8 5635PVRetired
SS1#26flag Waldherr Andreas
- Jeitler Richard
iconVolkswagen Golf IV Kit CarH VW 537
SS18#27flag Valoušek Pavel jun.
- Scalvini P.
iconSuzuki Ignis S1600PU S 001A6Accident
SS16#28flag Kouřil Dušan
- Dolínek Vladimír
iconŠkoda Felicia Kit CarZLK 16-00A6Gearbox
SS8#29flag Kneifel Milan
- Blažek Jaroslav
iconŠkoda Felicia Kit Car1Z7 2497A6Accident
SS13#33flag Škola Robert
- Řihák Petr
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo VIIZG 57488PVCan't start engine
SS2#39flag Wittmann jr. Franz
- Monego T.
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo VIBGL HV 8PVDifferential
SS13#40flag Stengg, jun. Wilhelm
- Haas Petra
iconMitsubishi Carisma GT Evo VIHB 755 AVPVAccident
SS11#41flag Lippitsch Christian
- Klinger Jürgen
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo VIWN K 15PVAccident
SS9#45flag Javoš Jáva
- Denk Jakub
iconSubaru Impreza WRX2J1 7575PVGearbox
SS4#46flag Schiefermüller Karl
- Autengruber E.
iconSubaru Impreza WRX STiFR ZELL 1PVAccident
SS9#47flag Bergometti Pierluigi
- Sangalli Laura
iconSubaru Impreza STi N10BN 671 TSPVGearbox
SS8#48flag Andreis Riccardo
- Grassi Mauro
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo VIIBZ 208 KWPVRetired
SS10#49flag Marti Chris
- Marti Stephanie
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo VIBGL MD 8PVExcluded
SS4#50flag Wolff Toto
- Pöschl Gerald
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo VIIIGF 356 BXPVMechanical
SS17#57flag Kohlhofer Franz
- Hadolt Erwin
iconAudi UR QuattroWZ 9 LELH10Gearbox
SS2#58flag Musil Pavel
- Radina Josef
iconFord Escort RS Cosworth1J3 8842H10Mechanical
SS2#59flag Riegler Josef
- Berger Franz
iconMazda 323 GTXPE 48 BZH10Gearbox
SS10#60flag Benes Markus
- Wannenmacher Norbert
iconMazda 323 GT-RMD 86 YRH10Gearbox
SS7#63flag Gonzo Diego
- Pisani Paolo
iconOpel Corsa B GSiVC 640794A6Retired
SS14#68flag Fischerlehner Martin
- Jahn Dominik
iconŠkoda Octavia TDIFR 786 ARD9Gearbox
SS7#69flag Zelenka Tomáš
- Pelc Jaroslav
iconŠkoda Fabia TDi2A8 4328D9Steering
SS7#72flag Weissengruber Markus
- Puntschart W.
iconCitroën Saxo VTSN2Alternator
SS16#82flag Apfelthaler Oliver
- Gruber Peter
iconHonda Civic VTiN2Clutch
SS13#85flag Stejskal Václav sen.
- Král Josef
iconRenault Clio Sport1C5 3231N3Can't start engine
SS1#86flag Piatto Alberto
- Vacca Federico
iconRenault Clio SportN3Didn't start
SS3#92flag Einberger Heinz
- Stadler Hubert
iconMazda 323 GT-RFR TCF 6H10Gearbox
SS6#93flag Schrott Josef
- Kral Klaus
iconLancia Delta HF IntegraleSE 112 BAH10Electronics
SS17#96flag Kores Anton
- Kiesenebner Andreas
iconMazda 323 GT-RW TELAC 7H10Turbo
SS16#100flag Degelsegger Manfred
- Mayrhofer U.
iconMazda 323 GT-RH10Gearbox
SS15#102flag Grünsteidl Herbert
- Schmidt C.
iconBMW 2002 TiDAH GH 155H11Mechanical
SS9#103flag Koukola Josef
- Novák Luboš
iconHonda Civic Type-R EP31Z0 4892N3Medical reasons
SS10#105flag Fantini Marco
- Fantini Luigino
iconOpel Corsa A GSiTN 526601H10Mechanical
SS5#109flag Werner Wolfgang
- Witzmann Gottfried
iconSuzuki Swift GTi MK2N1Gearbox
SS2#110flag Jörl Günther
- Haid Wolfgang
iconPeugeot 106 RallyeWO 307 AKN1Accident damage
SS7#114flag Manzenreiter Kurt
- Ossberger Markus
iconŠkoda Favorit 136 LA5Clutch
SS6#122flag Hofecker Christian
- Cepicka Martin
iconAudi Coupé S2H10Accident
SS16#123flag Kienbacher Eduard
- Mittenhuber U.
iconMazda 323 GT-RH10Turbo
SS3#125flag Prammer Christian
- Manzenreiter T.
iconAudi Coupé S2H10Engine
SS3#126flag Kovar Walter
- Wassnig Nina-Irina
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo VIIW HOECO 1PVAccident
SS6#127flag Hadik András
- Kovács István
iconOpel Astra G OPCIYP-850N3Driveshaft
SS2#130flag Seitner Rene
- Gruber Achim
iconAudi QuattroH10Brakes
SS3#134flag Pfeiffenberger M.
- Sztachovics-Tomasini M.
iconSeat Ibiza TDIZE 857 FGD9Accident
SS1#135flag Szajky István
- Horváth Lajos
iconLada VAZ 2107EUJ-398A6Mechanical
SS18#136flag Danzinger Hannes
- Fuchs Alfred
iconVolkswagen Golf IV TDi Kit CarH VW 580
SS9#137flag Marek David
- Kříž Ladislav
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo VII1Z4 3004PVMechanical
SS18#139flag Macht Rudolf
- Bertl Jürgen
iconVolkswagen Polo GTiN2Mechanical
SS3#143flag Fišer Miroslav
- Středa Hynek
iconVolkswagen Golf GTi 16VKVK 12-01A7Mechanical

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