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5. Rallye Pardubice 2006

Volný pohár #3
16. 6. – 17. 6. 2006 • asphalt - gravel • Other years


14 (14 on list)
SS?#3flag Hendrich Daniel
- Jeřábková Jitka
iconSubaru Impreza WRX3S8 9394A4Retired
SS?#5flag Vodehnal Martin
- Vašátko Leoš
iconAudi Coupé S2A4Retired
SS?#15flag Špůr Jan
- Petr Pavel
iconLada VAZ 21106A3Retired
SS?#21flag Čermák Josef jun.
- Fišer Petr
iconOpel CorsaA2Retired
SS?#23flag Kastner Jaroslav
- Morkus Vlastimil
iconŠkoda FeliciaA2Retired
SS?#25flag Kovanda Jaromír
- Kolář Michal
iconŠkoda Favorit 136 LA1Retired
SS?#26flag Král Petr
- Martinů Lubomír jun.
iconŠkoda 130 RSH1Retired
SS?#30flag Pilař David
- Tesař Zdeněk
iconŠkoda FeliciaA1Retired
SS?#32flag Chalupný Jiří
- Jiroud Pavel
iconŠkoda 120 SA1Retired
SS?#33flag Kynčl Jan
- Kuča Jan
iconŠkoda 130 LA1Retired
SS?#34flag Stibor Petr
- Lindová Jana
iconŠkoda 1000 MBABD 50-47A1Retired
SS?#36flag Hruška Martin
- Rada Jiří
iconŠkoda FeliciaA1Retired
SS?#39flag Licek Tomáš
- Friedmannová Petra
iconŠkoda 130 RS1A6 5294H2Retired
SS?#47flag Mařík Jan sen.
- Kratochvíl Jan
iconWartburg 311H1Retired

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