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7. Rally of Turkey 2006

13. 10. – 15. 10. 2006 • gravel 350,92 km - (cancelled 69,00 km) • Other years
WRC #13JWRC #8Turkey #7


16 (16 on list)
SS19#1flag McRae Colin
- Grist Nicky
icon Citroën Xsara WRCA8Mechanical
SS15#15flag Kopecký Jan
- Schovánek Filip
icon Škoda Fabia WRCA8Accident
SS19#19flag Besler Mehmet
- Yilmaz Ozden
icon Ford Focus RS WRC '01A8Mechanical
SS19#35flag Andersson P.
- Andersson J.
icon Suzuki Swift S1600A6Excluded
SS18#43flag Mölder jr. Jaan
- Becker Katrin
icon Suzuki Ignis S1600A6Engine
SS10#61flag Sarihan Adnan
- Gücenmez Bahadir
icon Ford Focus RS WRC '01A8Mechanical
SS18#74flag Bostanci Güven
- Bostanci Vedat
icon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIIIN4Mechanical
SS3#76flag Pulat Bahri Sinan
- Saracoglu G.
icon Subaru Impreza STiN4Retired
SS12#86flag Kücüksari Adil
- Ayan Bilge
icon Renault Clio RagnottiN3Mechanical
SS9#89flag Erden Alkan
- Ekmekcioglu Alper
icon Peugeot 106 GTIA6Mechanical
SS9#92flag Ozal Hasan
- Ipkin Hakan
icon Fiat PalioN2Excluded
SS16#96flag Tuğlu Burak
- Yasar Ali
icon Fiat PalioN2Mechanical
SS10#98flag Diker Mithat
- Oral Erdal
icon Fiat PalioN2Excluded
SS10#99flag Honamli Serdar
- Ucak Birol
icon Fiat PalioN2Excluded
SS10#102flag Coksayar Didem
- Sahin Nesrin
icon Fiat PalioN2Mechanical
SS10#103flag Derici Süleyman
- Canpolat Taner
icon Fiat PalioN2Excluded
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