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Visit Conwy Cambrian Rally 2019

16. 2. 2019, Llandudno • gravel 84,20 km • Other years
Great Britain #1Great Britain Junior #1Great Britain Ladies #1Great Britain 2WD #1Great Britain Nat B Cup #1
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SS1 Clocaenog 1 - 7.82 km - (GMT+1 10:22 - 16. 2. 2019)

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flagMcCormack Martin - Mitchell Barney
'I really enjoyed that, fast slippy stage, good place to be on a Saturday morning.'
flagBogie David - Rowan John
'Probably trying to hard and too deep into junctions, tricky stage to get us going, hopefully will get easier.'
flagCave Tom - Bowen Dale
'A solid start, First right hander off the line was so so slippy we had a big moment there, that woke me up a bit, we had fun that was good.'
flagEdwards Matt - Walsh Patrick
'I don't think we left a lot in there, Traction felt good, Comfortable in the car'
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