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52. Vodafone Rally de Portugal 2018

17. 5. – 20. 5. 2018, Matosinhos • gravel 358,19 km • Other years
WRC #6WRC 2 #6JWRC #3WRC 3 #6Portugal #4Portugal 2L/2WD #4Peugeot Rally Cup Ibérica #1
Portuguese national championship and Peugeot Rally Cup Ibérica only counts until SS12 and SS9 respectively
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SS12 Amarante 1 - 37.60 km - (GMT+1 12:05 - 19. 5. 2018)

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#10flagMeeke Kris
- Nagle Paul
iconCitroën C3 WRCAccident


flagBergkvist Emil - Sjöberg Joakim
Rolled & wheel off
flagNeuville Thierry - Gilsoul Nicolas
"We made some small changes before the stage and obviously it is quite slippy in this one so I decided to push hard. It seems like the time is good. It is going to be rough this afternoon." / "Udělali jsme nějaké malé změny a rozhodli se tlačit. Odpoledne to bude rozbité."
flagEvans Elfyn - Barritt Daniel
"Everything is fine but I could tell it wasn't going so well but didn't know what to do to change it. Didn't get any traction in the second half of that one." / "Nevím, co změnit, v druhé půlce jsem neměl trakci."
flagSordo Dani - Del Barrio Carlos
"I do my best and I push in a good way. For me the stage was clean, I had a feeling like I would do well but Lappi is quite fast." / "Zajel jsem dobře, ale Lappi byl hodně rychlý."
flagLappi Esapekka - Ferm Janne
"Everything is achievable, but there is a long afternoon coming up. We were maybe 15sec shy of the podium before this one but we'll see what happens. It is very sandy, but is the same for everyone I guess." / "Je před námi náročné odpoledne. Jsem nějakých 15 sekund od pódia, tak uvidíme."
flagØstberg Mads - Eriksen Torstein
"It is not easy to catch Lappi, every car on the road is helping and to be honest I don't want to risk anything. I'm just here to finish, I'm increasing my speed but he's increasing his as well." / "Nechci honit Lappiho, jet o každé auto později pomáhá. Jsem tu od toho, abych dojel."
NV Sport no Rally de Portugal 2018
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